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40 Wedding Guest Hairstyles That Are Trendy This Season

This article looks at the best wedding guest hairstyles for your friend or family member’s special day. Being on-trend and unique, one of these hairstyles will definitely help you create a great look!

So, how should you wear your hair as a wedding guest? Must it be a high updo, a half up, or maybe loose curls? This year there is no main trend you have to follow. Your hairstyle must be comfortable to wear and cute. Romantic and natural-looking styles are most popular.

We have gathered 40 hairstyles for wedding guests including all lengths and wedding themes that are trendy in 2022. Check out them, save the best ideas, and feel free to copy one of them when the big day arrives.

1. Blonde Textured Updo. Textured hair in an updo has a natural, beautiful look that works especially well when paired with big fashionable earrings.

2. Wedding Guest Hairstyle for a Bob. This wavy style proves that short hairstyles for wedding guest can be fun and flirty. Twisted braids give it an extra, beautiful twist.

3. Glamorous Curly Ponytail. If you can’t decide whether to wear your hair up or down, this is a beautiful example of a wedding hairstyle that looks almost like a half updo. Voluminous curly wedding guest hairstyles are our favorites. They have such a romantic feel!

4. High Bun with Wispy Pieces. A glamorous example of a hair bun that is perfect for a special occasion. Give your hair a dramatic lift. Pearls fit wedding parties like no other jewelry!

5. Long Wavy Floral Hairstyle. An elegant, pretty, and feminine hair design is a popular choice for wedding guests with long hair. Messiness pairs well with stunning floral hair accessories.

6. Hollywood Waves. Embrace your long rich locks with beautiful glamorous curls like these. Go big with your waves for a vintage, Hollywood look.

7. Neat Braided Up Do. A creative and unique style that offers a modern take on the traditional low bun updo style. The braids are always a stunning choice for a wedding guest hairstyle.

8. Oversized Curly Up Style. Gorgeous and glamorous, this hairstyle feels retro yet modern with its on-trend design. A simple updo with dramatic curls creates a super-stylish look. A winner among natural curly wedding guest hairstyles!

9. Low Wavy Ponytail. Ponytail hairstyles for wedding guest are a growing trend and with wavy locks, it is an attractive and elegant option. A great fit for formal occasions!

10. Swirled Low Bun. This beautiful updo is an elegant, attractive choice for weddings of all possible themes. Ideal for both medium and long, wavy and straight hair. The only thing you need for this design is a skillful stylist specializing in bridal updos.

11. Braided Updo for Highlighted Hair. With boho fashion back in trend, you can add some thick braids to your hairdo. This updo is a stunning choice if you need a modern, stylish look that is also comfy.

12. Sleek Straight Hair Updo. A simple yet effective hairstyle, this straight hair updo look is elegant and sophisticated for the big day. Easy to do yourself, it will also last the whole wedding evening.

13. Low Updo Indian Wedding Guest Hairstyle. Beautiful for those attending an Indian wedding, this style will suit medium or long hair. A modern, romantic style like this one will look gorgeous on both curly and straight hair. Accessories are a must to complete this look.

Curly Low Updo for Indian Wedding
By Anna

14. Thick Hair Ponytail. The high ponytail hairstyle is a great choice for thick hair. An elegant and glam look is guaranteed! Show off your curls and your thick hair with this gorgeous upstyle if you like maximum attention.

15. Braided Half Updo Wedding Guest Hairstyle. This beautiful hairstyle with a boho feel is a quite simple half updo with attractive braids that give the style some texture. A modern take on the classic half-up bun.

16. Double Braids and Low Bun. The beautiful messy look with two side braids is perfect for all hair lengths and hair textures. If your hair lacks length or thickness, a hairstylist will use modern extensions that are very easy to install and take out.

17. French Roll with a Braid. Give your hair some volume with this updo idea. An upstyle with a braided detail, this is a stylish option if you are in search of wedding guest hairstyles for thin hair.

18. Medium-Length Updo. Transform medium-length hair into an elegant updo with this beautiful style. A traditional, classy look, this is an appealing option for medium length wedding guest hairstyles that really make a statement.

19. High Up-Swept Updo. Tame those thick tresses with this gorgeous updo. The twisted bun is stylish and looks stunning in ash blonde hair color. Leave some strands loose for a carefree feel.

20. Natural Afro Updo for a Wedding Guest. Kinky twist styles are among fashion trends now. This hairstyle takes this popular trend and delivers an elegant updo. With a natural feel, this afro hairstyle looks beautiful and creative. The right choice for a wedding.

21. Curly Downdo with Pearls. Go big and glamorous with this beautiful style reminiscent of fairy tale princesses. With gorgeous defined curls, the ponytail with pearly pins is a girly, out-of-this-world look for wedding guests.

22. Wavy French Roll Updo. This wavy updo will add shape to your locks even if they are on the thinner side. The hairstyle is perfect for short-to-medium hair lengths and looks especially stunning on highlighted strands.

23. Summery Bow Updo. Add a youthful touch to your hairstyle with a cute bow. Such an informal updo is a perfect example of the comfortable summer wedding guest hairstyles. All hair is styled away from the face but the hairstyle still looks festive.

24. Thick Pull-Through Braid. Those who like braids will love this idea that uses pull-through ponytails to create the ultimate boho vibe. A great twist on the traditional (but sometimes boring) chunky braid.

25. Half-Up Knotted Ponytail. A unique half-up half-down ponytail design that would work with short-to-medium lengths. Curl your hair into loose waves, tie a knot, and fix everything with hairpins. No additional jewelry is needed.

26. Wavy Two-Bun Updo. Add some volume to your hair with this wavy updo. The style is elegant and modern, with some traditional charm. Looks stunning with wavy hair but would work well with other hair types.

Elegant Wavy Bun with Added Volume
By Vera

27. Relaxed Topsy Tail Braid. A pull-through plait is a braid with a difference, and this design instantly gives a modern feel to the whole look. This braid works well and looks stunning with longer-length locks, so if you need more length, ask your hairstylist to add extensions.

28. Waves and Twists Updo. Creating curly waves is a great way to add volume to your hair and make a stunning look for a wedding guest. With those feminine romantic waves, this updo is a timeless style that would suit women of any age – be it the mother of the bride, the mother of the groom, a bridesmaid, or any other guest.

29. Black Hair Wavy Updo. In this gorgeous black color tone, this stylish hair design is perfect for a formal occasion. When looking at wedding guest hairstyles for black hair, consider this cute idea – it gathers waves into an effortless upstyle.

30. Short Wavy French Roll. This style adds your hair some character and appeal. With the hair tightly fitted into a French roll updo, this would work with both short and longer lengths.

French Roll Updo for Shorter Hair
By Vera

31. Hollywood Finger Waves. Go ultra-glam with this design which is eye-catching and oozes Hollywood vibes. The polished waves create a beautiful look and are easy to achieve with the right tools.

32. Twisted Crown Braid Updo. A twisted crown braid is also trending this wedding season. The best wedding guest updo hairstyles are those that are easy to wear and look feminine and thematic. Crown braids meet all these criteria.

33. Wavy Waterfall-Like Half Updo. A pretty and elegant design, it can become a great option for the new wedding season. With twisted floral detailing, this style is pretty with straight or wavy hair. Too many curls will look not so good in this case.

34. Textured Big Nape Bun. With plenty of texture, this beautiful style is a great way to let your curly hair stand out. Any hair length will look good in this updo. Hoop earrings fit here well.

35. Textured Braided Downdo. A creative and unique design with braids and twists. It’s a cute style with plenty of texture and delicate details.

36. Short Hair Updo. A popular choice for those with short hair, this solution is simple yet effective. Ideal for those with straight or curly shorter hair hoping to achieve a polished look.

37. Low Bun with Wavy Wisps. This bouncy updo is a creative and cool style with a romantic feel that focuses on your gorgeous waves. A simply stunning wedding guest hairstyle related to a boho theme.

38. Textured Beachy Waves. One of the latest trends is wedding guest hairstyles down. Textured waves, beautiful ombre, and elegant twists make it a perfect half updo for a boho-theme wedding.

39. Vintage Loose Wavy Updo Hairstyle. A beautiful wedding guest hairstyle is not just a hyper-trendy look. Sometimes all you need is a vintage hairstyle with a bouffant to complete your outfit. Letting the waves naturally sit in a voluminous design is best for medium-length and long hair.

Wedding Guest Vintage Updo
By Lahm

40. Cute Easy Wedding Guest Hairstyle. When you are looking for beautiful wedding guest hairstyles diy that you can create on the wedding morning, this is an inspiring design that is easy to copy. Make soft curls, create a small bouffant on the crown, add several hair barrettes and you have a perfect simple look.

These cute wedding guest hairstyles offer unique and tasteful choices that will help you to look beautiful in the upcoming wedding season. Ideal for short, medium, and long hair, you can create these wedding guest hairstyles on the big day, then complete the look with a stunning outfit and be sure that you look gorg and your hairstyle stays put till the end of the party. We hope you liked the ideas and saved some of them to one of your Pinterest boards. Enjoy the upcoming wedding with a beautiful hairstyle!

by Editors
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