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30 Most Beautiful Ideas of Face-Framing Highlights

Opting for face-framing highlights is never a bad idea when it comes to updating your hairstyle. Not only are they relatively low-maintenance and inexpensive, but they also come in so many shades and finishes that you will find something to flatter every face shape, skin tone, and hair color.

Not sure what face-framing highlights are? In short, they are sections of highlighted hair concentrated around your face so that they brighten your eyes and skin tone. These are a quick flattering tune-up any woman can try to go for a glow-up.

1. Chunky Caramel Front Highlights. These caramel blonde face-framing highlights look beautiful on the long brunette hair. If you’re a natural blonde, a lighter shade of blonde is guaranteed to look amazing.

2. Brunette with Caramel Face-Framing Highlights. For brunette women, warm caramel front highlights bring a little light to the face. Style your look by leaving the top of the hair straight, curling the middle, and straightening the bottom.

3. Beach Babe with Money Pieces. Be the ultimate beach babe with blonde chunky face-framing highlights this summer. Get the look by choosing highlights around your face two or three levels lighter than your base color.

4. Fem Punk White Blonde Front Highlights. The face-framing highlights on dark hair offer a feminine punk vibe in platinum blonde. Pair the platinum with dark brown or black hair for the ultimate rock-chic style.

5. Blunt Bob with Front Highlights. The cute bluntly cut bob is muted light brown but the front hair streaks in blonde liven it up, proving that just a touch of blonde can give your hair a whole new look.

6. Auburn Hair with Strawberry Money Pieces. If strawberry blonde hair isn’t a perfect summer hair color, we don’t know what is. Try adding face-framing highlights in blonde to your long auburn hair.

7. Inverted Bob with Face-Framing Highlights. Are you a woman with a modern brunette bob haircut? The thin blonde face-framing highlights ensure the first thing anyone notices on you is your gorgeous eyes.

8. Blonde Front Highlights on Black Hair. Face-framing highlights on dark hair can come in many colors, but we definitely like the contrast of blonde and black. The placement of these money pieces doesn’t start directly at the roots but just an inch or two lower to really bring focus to the eyes.

9. Curtain Bangs with Face-Framing Highlights. On a brunette haircut with curtain bangs, try ash blonde face-framing highlights. The two colors are very work-friendly and look adorable on thin hair with lots of layering.

10. Balayage Front Highlights. What do you get when you add balayage face-framing highlights to long locks? The ultimate money piece hairstyle that will turn heads everywhere you go. Try some heatless waves to make your hair look thicker.

11. Bronde Lob Highlighted Around the Face. Very light blonde face-framing highlights on light brown hair will stun when paired with an angled lob haircut parted in the center.

12. Blonde Front Pieces on Black Hair. Try golden blonde face-framing highlights on black hair to flatter medium skin tones and dark eyes. Straighten locks and opt for a blunt cut with a center part to get an instant sleek style.

13. Delicate Sun-Kissed Highlights in the Front. Nothing says summer like sun-kissed face-framing highlights and if you add them to dark hair with layers, we promise you’ll be the belle of the beach!

Sun-Kissed Highlights for Dark Hair
By Mika

14. Long Strawberry Blonde Hairstyle with Face-Framing. Going strawberry blonde for the summer? You’ll want to add chunky face-framing highlights in blonde for that summer glow-up. Sprinkle also some highlights through the ends to blend the two colors.

15. Brunette with Blonde Front Highlights. If you’re wondering what face-framing highlights will look best on brunette hair, you can’t go wrong with beige blonde. Go heavy around the face and subtle everywhere else.

16. Blonde Highlighted Front Streaks in Very Dark Hair. Here’s another perfect example of blonde face-framing highlights on dark hair. These are most noticeable up front but they also highlight the hair’s wavy texture throughout the length.

17. Short Hair with Face-Framing Highlights. The chunky blonde face-framing highlights on short hair make a boring mom haircut soccer field chic. Load the hair up with thick waves.

18. Youthful Ash Blonde Front Highlights. The ash blonde face-framing highlights almost look gray but don’t cross the line on the beautiful long hair.

19. From Blah to Brown with Front Highlights. Liven up that boring mousy hair color with face-framing highlights on brown hair. Adding a subtle blonde is all it takes.

20. Chunky and Punky Front Highlights. If your style is punk, you’ll love what chunky face-framing highlights can do. Try them in blonde on your black hair for a major transformation.

21. Blonde Highlights Near the Face. Placing thick medium blonde highlights around the face on dark hair is another beautiful contrast that flatters any skin tone.

22. Caramel Blonde Face-Framing Highlights. Take a look at how stunning caramel face-framing highlights on black hair are! They look best with medium to dark skin tones.

23. Subtle Ash Bronde Front Highlights. The front hair highlights on long dark brown hair pictured here are very subtle but still play a part in lightening up the face.

24. Warm Brown Hairstyle with Blonde Front Highlights. For all the women out there who choose to rock classic brown hair, face-framing highlights in a medium blonde would make a great addition!

25. Ash Blonde Face-Framing Highlights. The placement of face-framing highlights can make or break your hairstyle. Here is dark hair with scattered ash blonde and gray highlights, an uncommon pairing that works wonders.

26. Caramel Streaks Around the Face on Brown Hair. Caramel face-framing highlights on brunette hair are a woman’s best friend. When in the sun, the color combo will shine beautifully.

27. Sleek Subtle Blonde Money Pieces. When you’re not looking for an in-your-face hairstyle upgrade, try soft blonde face-framing highlights on dark hair.

28. Blonde Mermaid Hair with Soft Face-Framing. Whether you’re a natural blonde or not, face-framing highlights in blonde just a shade or two lighter than your base color get you one step closer to mermaid hair.

29. High-Contrast Ash Blonde Front Highlights. To add some lightness to a brunette hairstyle, try ash blonde face-framing highlights. Those locks will look extra gorgeous when styled in waves.

30. Natural Blonde Face-Framing Highlights. If your hair needs brightening, definitely try chunky face-framing highlights in one of the natural blonde shades. You’ll instantly fall in love with your new hair color although the change is minor.

The best thing about face-framing highlights is that they’re suitable for anyone, easy to manage and inexpensive to maintain, and can be added to your current hairstyle in a multitude of ways. From thin and minimal to chunky and contrasting, face-framing highlights in the right shade will be a beautiful addition to your current hair color.

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