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30 Most Beautiful Ideas of Face-Framing Highlights

7. Chunky Caramel Front Highlights. These caramel blonde face-framing highlights look beautiful on the long brunette hair. If you’re a natural blonde, a lighter shade of blonde is guaranteed to look amazing.

Opting for face-framing highlights is never a bad idea when it comes to updating your hairstyle. Not only are they relatively low-maintenance and inexpensive, but they also come in so many shades and finishes that you will find something to flatter every face shape, skin tone, and hair color.

Not sure what face-framing highlights are? In short, they are sections of highlighted hair concentrated around your face so that they brighten your eyes and skin tone. These are a quick flattering tune-up any woman can try to go for a glow-up.

1. Brunette with Blonde Front Highlights. If you’re wondering what face-framing highlights will look best on brunette hair, you can’t go wrong with beige blonde. Go heavy around the face and subtle everywhere else.

2. Peachy Face Framing Highlights on Dark Hair. This brown hair gains much better shine and definition with light-reflecting caramel pieces placed near the face and toward the bottom while the peachy tone perfectly chimes with the girl’s warm complexion.

3. Ashy Streaks in the Front. Here is a nice way to spice up the trendy mushroom hair color — it adds a brighter blonde to the muted taupe shade and brings dynamics into the barely-there waves.

4. Mushroom Brown Hair with Ashy Face-Framing Highlights. These cool-toned blonde ribbons around the face blend perfectly into the overall muted scheme yet create a bit of brightness for the dark color to pop and shimmer with brown and gray hues.

5. Chunky Face Framing Highlights for Medium Brown. This girl keeps her brown base natural-looking but spotlights the face with chunky blonde pieces to maximize the effect and enhance the dimension in the upper part.

6. Blonde Front Highlights on Black Hair. Face-framing highlights on dark hair can come in many colors, but we definitely like the contrast of blonde and black. The placement of these money pieces doesn’t start directly at the roots but just an inch or two lower to really bring focus to the eyes.

7. Chunky Caramel Front Highlights. These caramel blonde face-framing highlights look beautiful on the long brunette hair. If you’re a natural blonde, a lighter shade of blonde is guaranteed to look amazing.

8. Mesmerizing Balayage with Bright Front Highlights. Let your locks seamlessly transition from dark roots through ash brown lengths to champagne blonde ends while keeping a couple of front tresses on the brighter side.

9. Inverted Bob with Face-Framing Highlights. Are you a woman with a modern brunette bob haircut? The thin blonde face-framing highlights ensure the first thing anyone notices on you is your gorgeous eyes.

10. Blonde Highlighted Front Streaks in Very Dark Hair. Here’s another perfect example of blonde face-framing highlights on dark hair. These are most noticeable up front but they also highlight the hair’s wavy texture throughout the length.

11. Naturally Sun-Kissed Brown with Delicate Front Hair Streaks. Going just two or three levels lighter will get you to a totally natural-looking light brown with medium blonde highlights on the sides.

12. Brunette with Caramel Face-Framing Highlights. For brunette women, warm caramel front highlights bring a little light to the face. Style your look by leaving the top of the hair straight, curling the middle, and straightening the bottom.

13. Choppy Buttery Blonde Layers with a Zing. These front hair highlights beautifully illuminate the face and then spread its brightening magic towards intensely layered ends to enhance the play of blonde shades.

14. Dark Chocolate Bronde with Tiny Face-Framing Pieces. The next blonde before and after transformation clearly shows how the “less is more” rule works by turning the dull base color into a rich shade of dark chocolate filled with flickers.

15. Lived-In Medium Brown to Honey Blonde Transition. A masterfully done face-framing balayage works absolutely fine with bangs, making them melt into side tresses effortlessly while delivering the desired dimensional effect of hair contouring.

16. Contrasting Face Framing Highlights for Dark Hair. Vise versa, you can infuse your dark tresses with tiny strips of blonde from the face down to arrive at more impressive depth and texture throughout the mid-length.

17. Dainty Smokey Highlights on Dark Hair. If you are looking for cool tones but without going too ashy, you should consider pairing an iced brunette hue with a toned-down sandy blonde like the balayage sported by this beauty.

18. Dreamy Face Framing Balayage for Blondes. Lighter ribbons near the face are not for brunettes only, and wide but carefully blended pearly blonde pieces inserted into sandy locks can land an airy-fairy look like this.

19. High-Contrast Money Piece Against Black Base. Well, this striking scheme offers an approach that is contrary to natural blending but the placement still allows for linking the money piece with the blonde on the ends.

20. Youthful Ash Blonde Front Highlights. The ash blonde face-framing highlights almost look gray but don’t cross the line on the beautiful long hair.

21. Chunky Face-Framing Highlights with Creamy Feel. Although these face-framing pieces are rather wide, they don’t look splashy even against the dark brown roots due to the right mix of hues.

22. Subtle Hazel-Colored Highlights. While high-contrast schemes look really eye-popping, you are free to stay within a brown color palette with highlights just 2-3 tones higher than your base color, which will still frame your face beautifully and add sparkle to your strands breezily.

23. Tender Balayage with Around-the-Face Highlights. There is nothing sharp and garish in this color job since it is aimed at keeping the overall look neutral yet illuminated and dimensional.

24. Golden Blonde Face Framing with Ashy Feel. That’s why we love near-the-face highlights: they can connect your preferred hair color with the shade that complements your skin tone best, for example, by giving a bit of warmth to otherwise ashy strands.

Dark Hair with Ashy Blonde Face Framing
By Mick

25. Front Highlights for Expensive Brunette. “Expensive brunette” is the hottest trend, and this is one of its cute versions — rich, dimensional, effortless-looking, and forgiving to root grow-out.

26. Mid-Length Bronde with a Pop of Blonde. If you prefer to keep your hair neither blonde nor brunette but don’t mind gaining some extra attention for your facial features, this hairstyle definitely deserves to get to your mood board.

27. The Lightest Touch of Blonde in the Front. Unlike many other styles in our collection, this version doesn’t pair the light blonde in the front with matching strips throughout the hair but sets it against tiny babylights.

28. Beige Blonde Balayage with Platinum Money Pieces. This hair plays with multiple brown, beige, and blonde hues to wow us with tons of depth and texture while stealing no attention from the face.

29. High-Contrast Ash Blonde Front Highlights. To add some lightness to a brunette hairstyle, try ash blonde face-framing highlights. Those locks will look extra gorgeous when styled in waves.

30. 3D Brown with Golden Highlights. Here, the dark brown shade is meticulously infused with subtle highlights to bring out shine and volume and then vibrantly accentuated with glimmering gold around the face.

The best thing about face-framing highlights is that they’re suitable for anyone, easy to manage and inexpensive to maintain, and can be added to your current hairstyle in a multitude of ways. From thin and minimal to chunky and contrasting, face-framing highlights in the right shade will be a beautiful addition to your current hair color.

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