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50 Layered Bob Haircuts You Will Want to Try ASAP

Ema Globyte

50. Rounded Honey Blonde Bob. We love a good textured stacked bob with dimension!

If you’ve had longer hair all your life, a layered bob is perfect for a change in your style. This bob can be edgy or feminine – depending on your desire and style! Hopefully this list has given you some inspo to go for a big chop.

Who says a bob always has to be blunt? You can rock a layered bob no matter what face shape or hair texture you have. Find the right layered bob haircut for you in the list below!

1. Medium Layered Bob. A longer bob that is a bit past your shoulders is still considered a bob and can be just as chic and volumizing as the classic bob.

2. Messy Layered Bob. The way the waves are twisted in different directions classify this look as messy and sexy. Curl your hair to get extra volume and movement if your hair looks too plain and lifeless.

3. Beachy Bob. Blonde mixed with brown in this look immediately remind of beach hair with beautiful loose waves. They aren’t meant to be perfect but they are definitely chic.

4. A-Line Bob. A basic A-line cut can be so stylish when worn straight and a bit tousled like this one!

5. A-Line Bob with Layers. An a-line cut will instantly frame your cheekbones. Try this style with straight hair or waves.

6. Choppy Layered Bob. Go for this look if you’re daring – a chopped cut will instantly give you that volume and texture you’ve been missing. You can wear this look straight or wavy with any face shape.

7. Layered Asymmetrical Bob. Messiness and asymmetry added to a bob shape creates a dynamic and effortless hairstyle you’ll love to wear every day.

8. Inverted Bob Haircut with Layers. If you can’t seem to part with your long hair, try an inverted cut so that you can have shorter pieces in the back and longer face-framing pieces in the front.

Inverted Bob with Layers
By Lisa

9. Wavy Long Layered Bob. We love a good choppy bob cut because it’s current and a breeze to style. This one also boasts a great toasted color.

10. Stacked Layered bob. Stacked layers add height and volume to your hair and create a dynamic shape. Vary the angle of your bob depending on how edgy you want your look to be.

11. Shoulder Length Bob with Layers. When your hair grows to that awkward length, cut about an inch or two so you can get a cute shoulder-grazing cut. It’s easy to style and can be worn wavy, curly, or straight.

12. Shaggy Layers. A shaggy layered bob is super chic and edgy. Play around with dry shampoo to boost texture and volume.

13. Uneven Blonde Bob. If you want a layered bob for thin hair – this is it. You can get texture and additional thickness through uneven choppy layers. Wear this cut slightly wavy or curly, and it will be beautiful.

14. Straight Bob. Another great option for ladies with thin hair. To take care of your hair, make sure to apply a heat protectant before styling with heat.

15. Blonde Layered Bob. A beach-ready bob with razored layers is a cool idea for summer girls. A bronde color and barely there waves would be welcome.

16. Chunky Choppy Waves. To get these loose waves, curl your hair in bigger pieces for about 10 seconds with a medium sized curling iron. Spray a dry shampoo or finishing spray for additional shine.

17. Straight Bob. Straight hair doesn’t have to be boring – add a leave-in conditioner before styling so you can keep the added shine. This look works for any face shape and hair type.

18. Angled Bob with Layers. An angled cut allows you to enjoy that extra length while having a shorter style overall. Blowing out your hair will show off the true cut perfectly!

19. Sweet Short Layered Bob. Experiment with looser waves that give off a sweet vibe to your style. Start curling your hair at mid-shaft and finger comb it at the end to loosen the curls.

20. Rounded Stacked Bob. Here’s a neat short look for thicker hair. It’s a good choice for slim, petite ladies.

21. Angled Balayage Bob. Switch up an angled cut by adding a balayage affect. You can have the highlight color you want with the bob cut you want – the best of both worlds.

22. Soft Wavy Layered Bob. To get these effortless waves, curl some pieces around a curling barrel for about 10 seconds. A sweet beige highlight color can be perfect for summer when you want to add a playful vibe to your look.

23. Platinum Stacked Cut. We love this super chic short cut – it can change your image and elevate your look.

24. Angled Burgundy Cut. The layered bob for thick hair has a lot of texture and a perfectly built shape with chunky stacked layers in the back and extra length in the front.

25. Layered Graduated Bob. A great thing about this cut is that you can customize the bob to fit your style and face shape. A graduated bob helps you adjust the length and distribute the volume.

26. Blunt Mid-Length Layered Bob. Bluntness means accuracy, but you can throw in some choppy surface layers for a less perfect look. The collarbone length cut is a chic change to the traditional bob.

27. Side-Parted Curled Choppy Cut. The tousled look is so chic and sexy that you can pair it with very simple casual outfits and look gorgeous.

28. Ashy Short Layered Bob with Bangs. Having highlights with a layered cut can give you room to play around with dimension and texture. If you don’t want to commit to front bangs, side bangs are always an option.

29. Textured Waves. Thick-haired ladies will love this bob because the shorter cut will immediately bring texture and movement back into your locks.

30. Brown Angled Cut. Keep your hair sleek by straightening it and adding a leave in conditioner when styling so you can keep it frizz-free.

31. Shaggy Bob with Blunt Bangs. We love chic short bangs that we can style with curly or straight hair!

32. Chin-Length Layered Bob. Structured and full of texture, this cut is ultra modern and universally flattering. Try it straight or wavy for added height and dynamics.

33. Layered Inverted Bob. When blow drying your hair go for bouncy ends to give you a chic, flirty look.

34. Gray Bob. Calling all thin-haired ladies! If you are struggling with getting that volume and texture, try a bob with layers and dimensional highlights!

35. Layered Bobbed Haircut. Side bangs or a fringe can add extra height and volume to play with.

36. Blonde Stacked Bob. Pair accuracy with messiness and blend in a delicious color cocktail to achieve an outstanding look for the new season.

37. Thick Waves. Balayage waves are so cool because you can see the transition between your natural color and the highlights in the same wave. We love how effortless these transitions are.

38. Cool Long Layered Bob. Regardless of weather or season, this color will always be in style and super chic.

39. Shadow Roots and Feathered Layers. If you’ve had long hair for most of your life, this cut will be super dramatic but life-changing because of the long layers. You’ll have that texture and volume you might have been missing.

40. Edgy Razored Bob. Black will always be popular, and these longer layers with a razor sharp cut elevate the style even more.

41. Chic Gray Blonde Layers. We can’t get enough of these effortless waves that take minimum styling time!

42. Wavy Blunt Bob. Using a wave mousse can encourage texture and volume in your hair if you don’t want to use any heat!

43. Angled Cut with Blonde Balayage. We love this sleek cut! It can bring out your cheekbones in an instant.

44. Bob with Choppy Layers. Long layers work well on any face shape and hair type!

45. Side-Parted Lob. This angled cut is spiced with shattered choppy layers – we can’t help but love it 100x more!

46. Short Bob with Layers. A cut that continues your jawline will instantly frame your face, and it can be worn straight and curly.

47. Shoulder-Length Blonde Bob. The best thing about a shoulder-length cut is its length and shape that let you wear it loose, half up or in a cute updo.

48. Angled Layers. Thick-haired ladies will gravitate towards this look because it can add texture and show off your thick locks with this angled cut.

49. Silver Bob. A color this beautiful deserves a style just as chic!

50. Rounded Honey Blonde Bob. We love a good textured stacked bob with dimension!

If you’ve had longer hair all your life, a layered bob is perfect for a change in your style. This bob can be edgy or feminine – depending on your desire and style! Hopefully this list has given you some inspo to go for a big chop.