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50 Current Medium Haircuts for Thick Hair to Inspire You

Thick hair is truly a blessing. Full and shiny, any look is sure to flatter. However, every chick needs a great canvas to work with! Choosing the right medium length cuts and upgrading them with flattering colors will inevitably lead you to your new self you’ll love. We’ve compiled 50 different medium hairstyles for thick hair to inspire you for your next big look.

1. A violet hair color is a perfect bold hue to opt for when you have dark medium locks. Treat your thick wavy hair with it for a laidback yet never boring style.

2. Brown and cool blonde balayage is a low maintenance color that lasts. However, it still suggests some additional care for keeping the blonde intact. Purple shampoos prevent unwanted brass from creeping in!

3. Beautiful golden and caramel highlights on a dark base are nice for warmer months. Long razored layers create movement and dimension within medium hair.

4. Shaggy cuts are ideal for those with very thick, coarse hair, as the layering removes the bulk that weighs locks down.

5. Bangs are hard to pull off on coarser hair types. A stylist can utilize thinning shears to ensure your straight fringe doesn’t come out uncontrolled.

6. Shag layers should be a go-to for those seeking a rocker-chic cut.

7. Wispy styles are difficult to achieve on thicker-textured locks. If a messy, bedhead hairstyle is one of your preferable choices, consider asking your stylist to employ a razoring technique when cutting your locks.

8. If you have a golden undertone in your skin, shoot for a coppery balayage. This can be a transition to a more honey blonde highlight, or a permanent style!

9. Big, voluminous curls generate beautiful movement. For a more refined wave, use a clip on curling iron to shape some pretty ringlets, gently finger-comb, and spritz with a shine spray.

10. A medium length bob with beach waves is the flawless look for thick hair. It’s refined, yet messy, with lots of volume.

11. Face-framing highlights always draw attention to a beautiful face and complement a well-layered mid-length cut.

12. A swooping side fringe allows building the height to visually elongate a round face, but also lets you accentuate the angles in your face. Pick the length of your side swept bangs according to whether you want to highlight your cheekbones or jawline.

13. An extra volume on the crown creates a rounded shape that is lovely balanced by the angled front pieces of this cute messy lob.

14. The tousled hairstyle accentuates the fullness of thick hair, while the razored layers add dimension and messiness.

15. The coarse nature of thicker tresses is the perfect base for an edgy a-line cut.

16. Silver-toned hair is the new pastel! When choosing a gray balayage, make sure to prep hair with deep conditioning treatments to minimize the damage.

17. Uniform curls on medium thick hair prevent it from looking drab. It can also accentuate highlights in your locks – and who wouldn’t want to show off their perfect balayage job?

18. Medium haircuts for thick hair can include almost any style. However, it’s recommended to get layers to give your texture a new lease of life.

19. Shags are well suited to coarser hair types, especially when accentuated with lowlights and nice chunky highlights.

20. Controlled frizzy hair is in! Don’t be afraid to tousle your locks with your fingers to achieve that coveted bed-head inspired vibe.

21. Thick hair is often very durable and can stand the damage of the intensive lightening sessions necessary to accomplish a pure white or platinum blonde.

22. Curling the ends of your hair under creates a very feminine, flowy hairstyle. Simply use a straightening iron and bend the ends in, towards your face.

23. Here’s a pretty and simple medium layered bob hairstyle for every day. Wrap midshafts around a thick-barreled iron, leaving ends and roots out. Finish with a humidity sealant and light-to-medium hold hairspray.

24. A medium haircut for thick hair is not complete without piece-y layers. Sporadic highlights, even the subtlest ones, can further emphasize the varying lengths.

25. Subtle warm highlights bring the feel of summer into any season.

26. The dark ebony black hair color enhances the shine of thick hair. Adding in consistent deep conditioning treatments to your routine maintains the gloss and everlasting silky feel.

27. Heatless waves are a great way to bring texture to day two or three hair without any damage. Braid hair using two or three sections, depending on how textured you want your locks to be. Sleep on them overnight and wake up to a carefree style!

28. A great blowout creates ideal voluminous curls for medium bobs with layers. Round-brushing and allowing hair to set makes for a long-lasting hairstyle.

29. Cutting hair below the collarbone makes it easier to style it without all the hassle that comes along with extra long thick locks.

30. Thick, curly hair requires an experienced stylist, as the wrong shape and layering can cause the hair to look poofy and bulky.

31. Blue-toned blacks complement fairer, cooler complexions. To spice up the fancy color, incorporate a modest messy wave into the hair.

32. Babylights on the upper sections of the hair generate depth without damaging the hair, like a full lightening process would.

33. Mixing bright, sporadic platinum streaks with warmer, golden tones on an ash brown base makes for a sun-kissed, delicate hairstyle.

34. Want to fake a vacation glow? Take the plunge with some new subtle highlights and a tan-in-a-bottle!

35. For the sought-after reflective locks, maintain a consistent hair care routine that employs the use of a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, protein-fortifying deep conditioning, and leave in serums or oils.

36. Side swept fringes are modern, contemporary, and can easily camouflage some skin imperfections if needed. When cutting bangs on thick hair, it’s better to make them longer and thin out the ends.

37. Choppy medium bobs are a long-lasting trend that will work for everyone – no matter your personal style.

38. Coarse hair is inherently voluminous. However, if you find yourself having a flat hair day, don’t be afraid to add some volumizing mousse, blowdry using a round brush, and tousle hair for a hairstyle filled with body.

39. To try a cute feathered look for your thick, straight hair, request razored layers and blowdry them away from the face.

40. Modern trends are all about “the simpler the better”. If you’re looking for an in-trend look, all you have to do is go for a straightforward cut with layers and let your styling do the talking.

41. Shaggy, choppy cuts are best suited to those who like a boho-chic vibe.

42. Want a messy hairstyle but don’t like the bed-head trend? This bob mixes the best of refined glossiness and messy waves for a more balanced look.

43. Pin-straight, silky locks have been recently popularized by the Kardashians with their 70s Cher-inspired hair. This long bob has all the silkiness without the dramatic length!

44. Thick, curly hair looks its best when layered correctly. To prevent frizzy, unkempt flyaways, always detangle while your hair is wet and use dry oils to keep locks moisturized.

45. A thick long bob with a classy balayage is the preferred hairstyle of young, professional women. On a night out after office, a messy curl can switch a polished haircut to a laid-back look.

46. Long, feathered layers are traditional in medium, below-the-collarbone cuts. Blowdrying hair with a round brush can create a windswept feel and accentuate the layering.

47. Wispy layers paired with beach-inspired waves turn into a simple, tousled style on thick hair.

48. A bob with point-cut ends makes for a full yet weightless hairstyle.

49. Face-framing layers give you an opportunity to style your hair to perfectly flatter your features.

50. A punk-rock-inspired shag is a great way to incorporate some unkempt movement into your locks.

Thick hair has a great styling potential compared to thinner textures, and looks very flattering in a wide range of medium hairstyles from shags, to choppy bobs, and shoulder layered hairstyles. Hope you liked these 50 medium hairstyles for thick hair. Take advantage of your beautiful locks and go for an out-of-the-box look!

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