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30 Cute and Easy Messy Bun Ideas with Pictures and Video Instructions

Nkeiruka Obiwulu

Do you think you have neither an idea of how to do a messy bun nor the required skill to face up to the challenge? All things are difficult before they are easy, but in fact, that’s not the case with a messy bun since its irregular nature is initially all-forgiving.

30 Trendiest Messy Buns for 2024, How to Do a Messy Bun

We have a nice gang of girls who are going to prove that messy buns are fun, diverse, and not difficult to style, especially with a choice of tutorials right at your fingertips.

1. Easy Messy Bun for Long Hair. The main trick of this style is doing a pull-through pony in the front to secure the volume, while the bun is made of a high pony fixed with a clear elastic.

Check out the messy bun tutorial.

2. Two Messy Buns at the Nape. This stunning style couples elaborate braiding with two effortless buns created from the braids’ loose ends pulled partway through elastics and shaped as loops.

Instructions on how to make this triple braided messy bun.

3. Crochet Messy Bun for a Black Girl. This gal turns her short hair into a voluminous curly pouf by crocheting hair extensions around the base of her high pony and securing the spirals with a hair scrunchie.

A curly messy bun tutorial.

4. Cute Messy Buns Made of Side Braids. Part your hair, work a volumizing mousse through it, do some French braiding on both sides, and wrap your loose ends around the braids’ bases.

This easy tutorial is here.

5. High Messy Bun for Straight Hair. Adding dimension to smooth straight hair may seem like a trickier task, but this messy top bun derived from a high pony is as easy as one-two-three.

Here you will find the step-by-step instructions.

6. Large Messy Bun without Bobby Pins. This style requires a reliable elastic and a certain twist of the wrist since you will need to wrap your hair around the elastic before fixing the bun on the crown.

Learn how to do a messy bun that became viral.

7. Low Messy Bun with a Scarf. This girl shows how to do a messy bun with long hair using a scarf —part your hair at the nape, make a couple of knots by twisting the tresses with the scarf, and tie the ends under the bun.

You will find the instructions here.

8. French-Twisted Messy Hair Bun. Here, the thick locks are first tightly twisted and secured with pins and then loosely styled over the twist to lend a disheveled feel.

Check out how to create this 2-minute 90`s inspired messy French roll bun.

9. Upside Down Braid and Messy Bun. It all starts with braiding towards the crown, where the rest of the hair is pulled through a hair elastic and a bit polished with the help of bobby pins.

Get the tutorial on the upside-down braid with a top bun here.

10. Tousled Low Chignon with Side Braids. Here we learn how to make a messy bun for a special occasion by carefully sectioning the hair and creatively twisting the pieces in different directions.

Check out the video tutorial.

11. Intertwined Half-Up Messy Bun. You don’t need advanced styling skills to master this romantic hairstyle, but some patience and accuracy are required for twisting and pulling the hair in the right way.

Check out the thorough instructions.

12. Textured Updo with High Bun. If you wonder how to do a messy bun with thin hair, you should arm yourself with a hair tie and take a lesson from this handy girl.

Follow these instructions.

13. Loose Messy Space Buns for Beginner Stylists. Although this style looks too perfect for someone who is not a pro in styling, you can cope with it – just get enough bobby pins at hand.

Need the tutorial? Check out this YouTube video.

14. Playful Messy Bun with a Scarf Headband. The fun part of this dimensional updo is how the curled ends of the hair are masqueraded as a bouncy fringe.

Follow the link to get instructions.

15. Undone Wrapped Around Messy Bun. You can arrive at such a full and textured chignon even with fine hair, provided you have taken care of grit and bulk by applying some texture powder.

Check out a video tutorial.

16. Soft and Massive High Messy Bun. Like many other messy bun hairstyles, this updo requires dry shampoo preps and two invisibobbles to hold the bun in place.

Learn how to recreate this cute messy bun.

17. Wedding Messy Bun with Stacked Braid. Those who have grasped French braiding can add another plait to the pack and stuff the rest of the hair under an elastic to get such a stunning style. How exactly? Check out the video tutorial.

18. Intricately Looped Low Messy Bun. In case you don’t know how to do a low messy bun with long and bulky hair, this girl bundles it up to give you a clue.

Find everything you need to know in her video.

19. High Messy Bun for Medium Hair. This shoulder-length hair messy bun is done from a ponytail covered with hair, secured with an elastic, crisscrossed, and tucked under the base.

You can find all the instructions for the special occasion messy bun in this video.

20. Quick No-Frills Top Knot. It’s amazing how a mess of hair is transformed into a nice bun with just a couple of twists inside and around an elastic.

DIY by following the instructions.

21. Fancy Chignon with Braiding. Unlike other messy buns from our collection, this one is not wrapped around the base but rolled up to join the crown braid.

Click the link and get the tutorial.

22. Messy Bun with Loose Ends. Girls with thin hair will appreciate this style that adds volume around the perimeter by simply tying two pigtails in the back and leaving the ends loose.

This video explains the trick.

23. Loopy High Bun. Actually, this updo is not only extremely voluminous but also super simple since you need only three wraps with a hair tie and some dry shampoo for texture.

This oversized messy bun tutorial definitely deserves attention!

24. Curly Messy Bun with Bangs. Here is how to use natural frizz and bulk to your advantage —just gather the curls on the top of your head and tame them with a hair tie while leaving the bangs out.

The video is here.

Messy Bun for Natural Curls
By Lisa

25. Twisted Messy Bun for Thick Hair. Girls with a good head of hair will be glad to know that they can get such a lovely top knot with one sweep literally.

The explanation is here.

26. Carefree Bun with Romantic Tendrils. If you want to achieve a softer look, make sure to handsomely curl your face-framing pieces instead of letting them stick out.

A video tutorial for super-long hair.

27. Casual Two-Tier Top Knot. The key to this upstyle is volume gained with a bit of teasing before you start crisscrossing and wrapping the two parts of your initial ponytail.

The link to the YouTube video tutorial.

28. Edgy Short Hair Messy Loop Bun. With her hair as short as a lob, this girl gives us valuable advice on gaining maximum volume and hiding short hair pieces when crafting a top knot.

Messy bun for short hair tutorial.

29. Quick Chignon for Short Hair. Here is a great tip on how to do a messy bun with short hair — by getting a pony, pulling it half way through the hair tie, and tucking the ends into the loop.

Very short hair messy bun hack.

30. Double Knotted Messy Bun. Long-haired girls will love this tip: when you have plenty of length left after doing a top knot, you can roll the hair into another bun.

The tutorial.

Although you may fail to master a chosen style on the first try, don’t give up and try another messy bun tutorial since practice makes perfect. But we are pretty sure it won’t be long until we see your photos with buns of all kinds on Instagram. See you there!