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30 Stunning Incarnations of Passion Twists to Steal for Your 2023 Look

Although passion twists are not new to the protective style scene, they are still in because of the inherent carefree yet artistic vibes they have. Read on to find out what passion twists are, how they are done, and how to style them in 2023.

What Are Passion Twists?

Similar to faux locs and regular twists, passion twist hairstyles are created with hair extensions wrapped around and blended with natural strands. However, this style uses synthetic Water Wave or Bohemian Curl extensions to build a non-uniform curly texture that chimes better with African-American hair types and feels more natural while having a touch of messiness required for effortless Bohemian chic.

How long does a passion twist take to do? It can be anything between four and eight hours, depending on your desired length and thickness. But after spending a good portion of your day on the installation, you will be able to rock the style for up to eight weeks, provided you follow maintenance recommendations. Besides, you can choose from many variations – from a passion twist bob to uber-long ropes of hair, and we will illustrate some of your options.

30 Trendy and Beautiful Ideas of Passion Twists

So, welcome to the mesmerizing realm of passion twists. We hope these 30 photos will inspire your next hair transformation with this captivating and on-trend hairstyle.

1. Passion Twists with a Double Portion of Blonde. Dip-dye coloring is just the thing if you want your braiding to stand out from other crochet passion twist hairstyles.

2. Center-Parted Passion Twist Braids. This waist-length style keeps it simple and lets the irregular twists flow down along the face to land a multi-layered look around the bottom.

3. Twirly Passion Twists with Large Sections. By playing with your parting and regulating how tightly you braid the extension hair for passion twist, you can arrive at unique and customized looks time and again.

4. Large Passion Twist Hairstyle. Although the massive size of these twists is enough to strike the eye, the style takes it a step further and adds a side parting to the pack.

5. Brightly Colored Passion Twist Hairstyle. This girl definitely prefers doing things in a big way and combines loose curls, golden accents, and dramatic thickness in one style.

6. Passion Twists Downdo. Despite the fact that water wave passion twist hair is used for this protective style to give it a curlier texture, you can still opt for a neater pattern, as illustrated by this voluminous hairstyle.

7. Short Passion Twist Hairstyle with a Bun. While you may think that a shorter version of passion twists will deprive you of styling options, this high bun with face-framing ropes proves the contrary.

8. Yellow Gold Passion Twists with a Top Knot. Long passion twist hairstyles come with built-in drama, which can be maximized by spooling the twists into a massive top knot.

9. Half-Up Pony Passion Twist Hairstyle. Passion twists look gorgeous in half-pony hairstyles, but this iteration gets a little something extra by letting the long front pieces cascade down.

10. Merlot Red Passion Twists. Don’t shy away from bold colors when deciding what hair to use for passion twist hairstyles, yet do consider your skin tone to choose the most flattering shade.

11. Mid-Length Jumbo Passion Twist Do. Swapping length for thickness is another way to find your perfect passion twist style and step into the spotlight.

12. Passion Twist Hair with Criss-Cross Braiding. Here is a great trick for girls wishing to elevate their passion twist styles — just combine twisting with a bit of criss-cross braiding.

13. Lavish Passion Twist Pony. We cannot deny passion twist styles are stunning, but pulling the long ropes into a high pony somehow adds pizzazz to your look.

14. Perfectly Imperfect Medium Passion Twist Hairstyle. This style radiates texture with its irregular curly pattern and, thus, clearly shows that your twists don’t need any extra length or size to shine out.

15. Highlighted Criss-Cross Passion Twist Hairstyle. It won’t hurt to add some pops of color to your twists while showing off your facial features with the help of intricate braiding in the front.

16. Half Up Half Down with Passion Twist Braiding. This cute half-up style is made of super shiny erratic twists gathered on the crown to create tons of volume.

17. Chunky Passion Twists with Curls. Make sure to scroll through passion twist tutorials to find out how to insert loose curls into your braiding for more texture, fullness, and boho chic vibes.

18. Tightly Wrapped Passion Twists. It’s really surprising how you can end up in a totally different look while using the same freetress hair extensions, and the tighter pattern of these screw-like twists is a game-changer.

19. Ombre Passion Twists. This fun style gracefully transitions from natural black at the roots through brown passion twists in the mid-length to golden blonde coils at the ends.

20. Intertwined Passion Twists with Gold Accents. This style suggests creating a fuller look on the top of the head with another way of braiding and incorporates a few golden strands to make a statement.

21. Bohemian Passion Twist Hairstyle. This striking combo of fluffed twists and loose locks inserted into the ropes of hair at different levels oozes nonchalance and free-spirited vibes.

22. V-Shaped Knotless Passion Twists. Girls wondering how to do passion twist hairstyles for the most natural look should take this pic for inspiration and ask for knotless braiding.

23. Medium Layered Passion Twist Hairstyle. By choosing twists of a smaller size, you get a more flexible, extremely natural, and fuller-looking style, such as this mass of pretty snaky strands.

24. Messy Passion Twists in Dusty Red. We love how the muted shade of red here plays with the messy finish of the twists to deliver an attention-grabbing and rebellious style.

25. Uniform Passion Twists with Creamy Highlights. This smart style breaks the uniformity of the passion twists with beige strands, which is the perfect color palette for the girl’s cool complexion.

26. Massy Passion Twists with a Plush Feel. The curly pattern of this style makes it feel extremely full, soft, and touchable, not to mention the shine it delivers.

27. Blonde Passion Twist Hairstyle with Curls. Not only does this style get zest thanks to the blonde extensions, but it also gains better bounce with corkscrew ringlets at the bottom.

28. Jumbo Passion Twists with Asymmetry. These outstanding velvety twists are initially installed to create plenty of volume on the crown with the help of the large size and side parting.

29. Ultra-Long Half Locs Half Passion Twists. This striking style brings together the usual method of passion twists installation and wrapping hair around the roots used for creating faux locs.

30. Small-Size Passion Twists with Splashes of Red. How long does passion twist last? That’s the question that can convince you to opt for a petite style like this since smaller passion twists tend to last longer.

Upon scrolling through our collection of passion twist hairstyles, you cannot deny the fact that this protective style is stunning and super versatile since it can be tailored to your preferences in terms of length, size, pattern, and color. Give it a try, and get a wave of likes from your followers on your Instagram page!

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