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50 Beautiful, Cute and Easy Natural Black Hairstyles

Sometimes you may run out of natural black hair styles ideas, and feel as if you’re stuck in a hair rut. Fear not, we have a lot of pictures that will give you major hair inspiration!

Do you know that feeling of being stuck on a particular look for too long? We can relate to that, and so we’ve searched through Instagram and made an amazing collection of the 50 trendiest and most elegant natural hairstyles for black women. With these images, you’ll never have to worry about which hairstyle to wear next.

1. Fulani Braids with Afro Puff Bun. Here’s a chic hairstyle for natural hair to flatter a true black beauty. It shows off your ‘fro to advantage. Another plus, your roots stay nice and protected.

2. Bantu Knots Hairstyle. When you need your hair super-stylish quickly, think Bantu knots. Whether your hair is long or short, this is one dope natural style for black hair you need to try.

3. Space Knots and Afro Curls Medley. Fashionistas are going to fall all da way in love with this fancy style blast. Space knots to get the hair out of your face and a free flow of long curls in the back. Add reverse braids and beads for a tribal touch.

4. Goddess Cornrow Braids. An elegant and super-chic natural hairstyle for classy black women. The style is easy, protective, and looks good for all occasions.

5. Braided Updo with Beads. Natural black women’s hairstyles are truly diverse; from simple and chic cornrows to grand and mesmeric braided updos. Stay true to the motherland with these gorgeous, intricately coiffured braids adorned with beads.

6. Braided Updo with Bangs. Braids with beads are captivating. For this updo, wooden beads were used to highlight the bangs. The outcome is a magnificent black hairstyle fit for a queen.

7. Funky Braided Mohawk. Show-stopping braided ‘hawk for melanin beauties. Picture yourself wearing your beautiful dress and a gorgeous updo like this. Yeah… that’s what we’re talking about.

8. Center-Parted Heart Braids. O-M-G! She literally killed it. The scalp work, the braid patterns, the baby hair…all on point. The makeup? Fire. A fantastic natural hairstyle for black women.

9. Trendy Faux Locs. If you are looking for fabulous hairstyles to do with natural hair, look no further. Faux locs, a sister to dreads, give you that unique locs look with extra sheen and a twisted appearance.

10. Big Natural Hair Bun Hairstyle. Whether as a quick fix or bridal hair for your big day, a sleek jumbo bun hairstyle is fabulous. Use a good styling gel to slick down your hair.

11. Cornrow Braids with Design. Cornrows to the world! For that authentic homegirl look, cornrows are best. Decorate with designs and beads to personalize your style.

12. Natural Hair Rope Twists. Ask your local braider to give you something similar to this hairstyle. You may need to attach hair extensions if your hair is short. Twists are protective and absolutely gorgeous.

13. Neat Micro Cornrows and Braided Ponytail. Treat your hair to a chic braids-and-ponytail hairstyle. The style may take some time to create, but it’s all worth it. After all, if you don’t pamper yourself, who will?

14. Edgy Braid-and-Drop Natural Hairstyle. Keeping it real is the real deal. Let your hair speak your style. You like it edgy, keep it edgy; you like it cool, go for cool. Feel free to choose natural black hairstyles that speak ‘you’.

15. Glossy Faux Locs. What do we love about black hairstyles for women? The versatility. You can practically change your look time after time. Locs are da bomb. If you don’t have them naturally, faux your way to it.

16. Snaky Blonde Cornrows. Think that cornrows are a plain hairstyle? Scratch that. Your cornrows can be as show-stopping as you want. There isn’t anything basic about these attractive blonde cornrows.

17. Knotless Braids in a High Ponytail. Knotless braids are all the rage at the moment. Inject more individuality into your braided hair by tweaking up your braids style. How about adding some cool face-framing ‘bangs’?

18. Braided Pineapple Updo. Looking at the beauty of these knotless braids and all the intricate details that went into it, girl you’ve got to flaunt this hair. A top knot updo like this draws just the right attention to your priceless braids.

19. Kinky Jumbo Twists. These jumbo twists are giving us some cool, funky vibes. The best part is that such styles for natural black hair hardly wear out. They get better day by day.

20. Voluminous Braided Ponytail. A ponytail hairstyle brushes your hair back and accentuates your facial features. A low braided ponytail is quick to create and looks amazing on natural black hair.

21. Braided Halo with Curly Bun. Here is another gorgeous style to do with your natural hair. Braiding a halo into your hair adds a lovely, feminine feel to your hairstyle. Define your curls in the back for a cute curly bun.

22. Twist Braids Mohawk. Protective hairstyles like twist braids can maintain your hair protected while it’s growing. Moisturize your scalp regularly to keep your hairstyle shiny and long-lasting.

23. Stitch Cornrows with High Ponytail. Use intricate patterns and thicker/thinner braids to make your hair stand out from the rest. Colored extensions that complement your natural hair color are another eye-catching detail you can add to your natural hair styles.

24. Two-Tone Dreads Hairstyle. The enthralling beauty of dreadlocks doesn’t leave you indifferent. There are many fascinating ways to style your dreads. Try sweeping your medium locs to a side. Arrange the rest of your dreads on the crown and tie them with a shiny golden thread.

25. Black Yarn Hairstyle. With wool or yarn, your braider can create this simple but truly elegant natural hairstyle. The style is protective and can last for more than 4 weeks. Keep your scalp neat by cleaning it often.

26. Stitch Braids with Design. This is an easy braided hairstyle that can be made with your natural hair. Lay your baby hairs down for a more ravishing look.

27. Loc Pigtails. For loc lovers, here is a great way to rock your long dreads. These loc pigtails save you from the stress of styling your hair daily and lend you a youthful vibe.

28. Half Up Half Down. Looking for princess hairstyles to do with natural hair? The curly half up half down hairstyle is one of them. You’ll instantly look like royalty.

29. Braids with Curls. One of the trendiest black hairstyles for women of class. The jumbo top knot lends you extra height. Drop down some curls for a fascinating finish.

30. Angled Cornrows. Here is a fashion tip: instead of braiding your cornrows straight to the back, try angling them to one side or braid a little off-center. You’ll be thrilled at the fantastic difference this little change can make.

31. Tuck Updo for Senegalese Twists. If your natural hair is not long enough to create this elegant black hairstyle, you can make up whatever is lacking in length with extensions.

32. Cute Stitch Braids. Hairstyles like this one prove that you don’t have to spend many hours in a salon to get the chicest natural black women’s hairstyles.

33. Feed-In Braids and Ponytail. Hair extensions are normally used to create this type of braids. Extensions are fed in during the braiding process. Cornrows that transition into braids provide appealing styling options.

34. Braided Mohawk. A ‘hawk with braids is one of the trending natural styles for black hair. The cornrowed sides give a semblance of an undercut.

35. Goddess Braids with Added Color. Never underestimate the power of adding a little bit of color to your braids. It delivers pizazz to your natural hairstyles.

36. Twisted Faux Locs. Black locs are for bold and classy babes. Whether faux or natural, they can be styled to look party-ready or office-appropriate. These twisted locs can be packed in a cute short ponytail.

37. Wavy Cornrows to the Top. A great way to keep your hair well-protected. This get-up-and-go hairstyle for natural hair has got a lot of benefits – it stays new for long and you can wear it with pleasure and comfort.

38. Band Braids with Curls. You gotta love this hairstyle with natural hair. The creative braids in the front highlight your face while pushing your ‘fro curls out of your face. The flow of curly locks in the back is awesome!

39. Chunky Natural Flat Twists. We’re in love with the look of this type of cornrows on natural, kinky hair. It may not last as long as the traditional cornrows, but it’s super-gorgeous while it lasts.

40. Short Layered Twists. Who said you have to choose only one type of braids? A combination of single twist braids and flat twists makes a really fascinating pair. Accessorize with cuffs and beads for more glam.

41. Polished Tribal Braids. Of course, our list of styles for natural hair cannot be complete without super-cute tribal braids like these. The hairstyle is always a hit, no matter the shape of your face.

42. Very Cool Distressed Locs. The cool Bohemian vibes of this style are alluring. To take the volume high, mix two colors. Brown and black? Yes, please.

43. Black Kinky Updo. This natural hairstyle just gives you this elegant, confident look that you need to walk down the aisle or the red carpet, as the case may be. Ask our celebrity sisters, and they’ll say “yes” to this.

44. Sleek Braided Mohawk. To make your natural hair updo stay good for days, consider using styling gel to hold your hair down. You’ll get to wear it for a week or more before you’ll need to visit the salon again.

45. Braided Space Buns. Medium-size stitch braids terminating in single braids make the base for this cute hairstyle. Style the hair into two space buns for a sultry, chic look.

46. Eye-Catching Afro Wrap. We are in love with this natural hairstyle for a reason. You can adapt it to suit your preference. Feel free to adorn it as you like.

47. Voluminous Short Twist Braids. Here is a protective style to keep you looking fabulous during those times when you need to give your hair some breathing space. It doesn’t put much stress on your roots and lets you rest from all the pulls and strains.

48. Clap Cornrows. Named after the image it evokes, two hands clasped together, this braided style looks cute and fresh. If you have a round face, this lifted updo shape will definitely flatter you.

49. Stitch Braids to a Nape Bun. Y’all know that bun hairstyles ooze elegance. Add some cultural flair and braid your hair to the back before styling a bun. A low braided bun looks sexy in a sporty way.

50. Extra-Tall Top Knot Updo. When it comes to creating hairstyles with natural hair, it’s all about your imagination. You can tweak, combine, and rearrange styles to come up with a trendsetting hairdo.

These natural black hair styles are as cool as they’re glamorous, agree? Screenshot your picks or better still, bookmark this page. We regularly update the content, and more brilliant natural black hair ideas are yet to come!

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