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50 Perms That Can Change the Way You Look

50. Messy Dark Hair. Get a loose perm to give your hair more dimension, tousle it, and you’ll get an unforgettable look every day.

Digital perm has changed the game and eliminated those toxins that damaged your hair while you applied perm solutions. Now, thanks to today’s evolution in hairstyling you can perm hair without totally ruining it. Get ready for the new curly trends, ‘cause the perm is back!

Remember those times when all women had big curly hair and damaged it while pursuing perfect curls? When it comes to hairstyle comebacks, perm hair is king! Thankfully, technology has evolved over the years, and the chemicals used to perm your hair a couple of decades ago are no longer in use. Now, the process of getting permanent curly hair is not as invasive as it once was.

1. Perms for Fine Hair. Fine hair is hard to style, but with a perm that adds volume you can say goodbye to all of your hair struggles.

2. Bob with Wavy Perm. You love your bob haircut, but you also know how good it looks after you spend some time creating waves. Get a digital perm that will keep your locks curly as long as you want.

3. Auburn Perm Hairstyle. Perms for medium hair do a great job of bringing out the color of your hair and the shape of your cut, with beautiful texture included.

4. Natural Loose Perm. A bob haircut helps you frame your face nicely, and if you add some soft waves, your look will be unforgettable.

5. Light Perm for Thin Hair. Perms for thin hair can totally change the way a haircut looks on you. Volume is the key, and you can get it right away with less hair damage.

6. Curly Hair Perm. Bouncy curls that will stay in shape for a long time? Yes, please! Before perming, you can make some subtle highlights that will give your strands a more outstanding look.

7. Long Loose Perm. This hairdo looks absolutely mesmerizing. Long hair allows you to create multiple quick beautiful hairstyles on the base of curled hair.

Beautiful Loose Perm for Long Hair
By Katy

8. Tight Curls. Perms for long hair are fascinating. They add loads of volume and pretty texture to your hair.

9. Short Hair Perm. Even if you have short hair, perms are an excellent choice for you. Get the volume you’ve always craved for!

10. Wavy Hair with Cropped Bangs. Keep your bangs straight and create waves for the rest of your hair for a more dramatic look.

11. Curly Perm for Asymmetrical Bob. An asymmetrical bob with some well-defined curls gives your hair lots of dimension.

12. Slightly Wavy Hairstyle. Choose a natural color that suits your skin tone and create some large waves for a spectacular effect.

13. Curls with Highlights. Highlights enhance your hair texture, while those amazing perm waves create it and add a lot of volume. You can use hair wax for a beautiful wet look.

14. Tight Curls. Get your ringlets tight to obtain a flattering bouncy hairstyle that everybody will love. Say bye bye to straight hair!

15. Long Wet Perm Hairstyle. Want to achieve the “got out of the shower” look? Try loose curls and use loads of hair wax to style it.

16. Well-Defined Curls. Long tight curls are so good when you tousle them a little bit and apply a product to obtain a marvelous wet look.

17. Burgundy Bob. This is a beautiful bob haircut with curls inspired by Rihanna. Those spiral curls accentuate the powerful color.

18. Long Curly Perm. Remember those 80’s videos when all women had long and curly hair? Well, so you know, those hairstyles are back and cooler than ever.

19. Thin Hair Bob. Bobs are real lifesavers when it comes to face framing. Create some messy curls, and you’ll forget that you have thin hair.

20. Very Tight Curls. Get a multilayered perm that will genuinely make your hair stand out from the crowd.

21. Big Wet Curls. Wet looks can be very satisfying to see because they are shiny, textured and bouncy.

22. Wavy Hair Perm. A look like this is not easy to obtain, but it is definitely worth the struggle. We recommend you to visit a salon that can perform digital wavy curls for your ends.

23. Perm with Highlighted Curls. To get an even more outstanding look, add subtle highlights to your strands. Cut your hair in a V shape and let it cascade on your back.

24. Permanent Waves for Extra Long Hair. Long hair is so much better when it has volume and dimension! You’ll look like a real fairytale princess if you choose loose textured waves for your gorgeous long mane.

25. Spiral Perm. Add volume to your short bob haircut with a perm that makes your mane so luxurious.

26. Inverted Curly Bob Hairstyle. A bob haircut combined with a modern perm can make miracles for your hair. Keep your front strands longer and your back hair cut around your neckline.

27. Blonde Loose Perm. Who doesn’t want gorgeous long voluminous hair? Add some layers, balayage highlights, and loose perm waves to get this perfection.

28. Messy Curly Ends. We can’t get enough of this hairstyle! A digital perm on the ends looks very natural. Nobody would guess this is actually a perm.

29. Layered Perm. Frame your face with a beautiful layered haircut and an easy perm for your locks. You can wear your bangs swept to one side or split in the middle.

Medium Layered Haircut with Perm Waves
By Sima

30. Natural Perm. Let your curls be messy and natural-looking. Dye your hair a natural color and add some highlights to make it stand out even more.

31. Medium Perm for Thin Hair. Wavy perms for medium length hair will solve the problem of a thin mane with no volume. You can either let it loose or create all sorts of hairstyles like the wet look.

32. Straight Hair Perm. Getting a perm doesn’t mean getting only curly hair. You can choose a digital perm that will only add a light wavy touch to your ends.

33. Tight Curl Perm. Outstanding, this is the proper word to describe a hairstyle like this! It gives you all the volume a perm can get!

34. Beach Wave Perm. Imagine you can wake up with hair like this every day. You will say this isn’t possible but guess what, you can now have it! You won’t even remember what a bad hair day looks like!

35. Wavy Perm. Need an everyday elegant touch? Why style it every morning when you can just get a digital perm that looks the way you wanted.

36. Bob with Permanent Curls. Black hair color reflects light and gives your face a better frame than any other colors. Create a perm that makes your shade look even better!

37. Ombre Perm. Curls get along well with ombre hairstyles, and you should get one right away.

38. Permanent Curly Hair. Choose a bright highlight color to give your curls a shiny and vivid look.

39. Afro Perm. If you’ve always envied black American women with natural hair, you had all the right reasons to feel so. Now, believe it or not, you can get their look in a very short time.

40. Long Wet Waxed Hair. It can take you a whole day to create this look on a regular basis. No need to make it only on special occasions. Get a perm and some hair wax, and you’ll get ready within 5 minutes!

41. Curly Hair with Micro Bangs. Aiming for a more dramatic look? Keep your hair long, create a soft perm, and cut your bangs short. Now get ready to receive some compliments!

42. Large Chunky Curls on the Ends. Make your hair shine with an awesome hairstyle! Opt for some midshaft-to-ends curls, and you’ll look like you are heading to the red carpet.

43. Dark Red Wavy Hairstyle. Red colors really highlight curls and waves! You can see for yourself and we guarantee that you’ll love this hairstyle.

44. Medium Perm Hair with Highlights. Give your curls that sun-kissed touch with a subtle balayage that astonishingly highlights your mane.

45. Loose Perm. Wavy texture gives a nice touch to almost all hairstyles, but it certainly looks spectacular on long dark hair.

46. Frizzy Messy Bob with Thin Highlights. Want to give dimension to your hair? Create a full perm and blend in some thin blonde highlights to emphasize your curly hair.

47. Messy Curly Bob. Messy looks are very trendy these days and quite easy to obtain. To draw more attention to your hair, you can create some permanent waves that will give your bob a soft, romantic touch.

48. Long Dark Red Ombre Hair. Perfect hair has never been easier to get. Imagine that you can have a look like this every day without doing anything special.

49. Curls Cascade. All women love to have a long cascade of curls, and we see why!

50. Messy Dark Hair. Get a loose perm to give your hair more dimension, tousle it, and you’ll get an unforgettable look every day.

Digital perm has changed the game and eliminated those toxins that damaged your hair while you applied perm solutions. Now, thanks to today’s evolution in hairstyling you can perm hair without totally ruining it. Get ready for the new curly trends, ‘cause the perm is back!

by Andreea Haba
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