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20 Life-Affirming Pixie Haircuts for Older Women Over 50 and 60

Ema Globyte

2. Elegant Pixie with a High Crown. Despite the recent “effortless styling” trend, pixie haircuts for women over 60 don’t need to be all messy. This soft and rounded cut freshens up the face with delicate highlights and has some wispy pieces to feel textured.

Although short hair is believed to have a killer rejuvenating effect, nothing seems more challenging than choosing pixie haircuts for older women. Longer hairstyles serve as a safety blanket hiding age-related imperfections, while pixie crops require shedding this protective layer. Nothing of the kind! We are going to prove that pixie cuts will make you look younger if properly customized.

So, let’s check out what type of pixies women over 50 like to wear this year most of all.

1. Highlighted Pixie with Dramatic Definition. Although this crop is cut close to the scalp on the sides, it doesn’t lack texture or body, thanks to the lifted crown, choppy bangs, and well-defined pieces of hair throughout the top.

2. Elegant Pixie with a High Crown. Despite the recent “effortless styling” trend, pixie haircuts for women over 60 don’t need to be all messy. This soft and rounded cut freshens up the face with delicate highlights and has some wispy pieces to feel textured.

3. Brunette Pixie with Choppy Bangs. Pixie haircuts for older women are often cut longer around the nape and temples to deliver a softer feel, but you can give a little extra zhuzh to your look with choppy bangs.

4. Shaved Back and Sides with Comb Over. When wearing your pixie with glasses, you may want to avoid overwhelming your face, and closely cropped temples complemented with top strands lifted and swept to one side will serve the goal.

5. Mussed Up Platinum Pixie. If you prioritize low maintenance in pixie haircuts for women over 60, a shorter version with a lot of texture tailored to your hair type will ensure much freedom in styling.

6. High-Contrast Volume Up Top. Ladies with a heart-shaped or round face can balance out their wide cheeks by adding height at the top of the head and making it pop thanks to a high-impact color scheme.

7. Two-Tone Pixie Mullet. Longer pixie cuts for women over 60 provide a kind of safety blanket to cover the neck and build a soft face frame, still leaving much room to play with color and texture.

8. Elegant Side-Swept Pixie. By maintaining a bit more length on the top and sides, pixie hairstyles for older women create a feminine look, with movement and texture instilled through side-swept styling and a choppy finish.

9. Shaggy Pixie with Blonde Highlights. Plus-size women should have no scruple in chopping off their length and opening up the face, the more so as they can balance their build with the right volume at the top.

10. Strawberry Blonde Pixie with Face Framing. A layered side-swept fringe like this is a great addition to pixie haircuts for older women with glasses since it draws attention to the cheekbones and doesn’t overwhelm the face.

11. Naturally Gray Feathered Pixie. The pictures of this light and flexible style show that even very short pixie cuts allow you to enjoy versatility in styling if they are tailored to your hair type, of course.

12. Smokey Pixie for Gray Hair. Thanks to gray blending incorporated into pixie hairstyles, women over 60 can add dimension to thinning hair, with beige, silver, and darker gray hues beautifully mixed and matched.

13. Shaggy Pixie for Thick Hair over 60. Here is proof that pixie cuts for older women can deal successfully with a mane remaining thick despite your age by releasing the hair from extra weight and giving it a rejuvenating boost.

14. Disheveled Salt-and-Pepper Pixie Cut. This style is kept neat in the back and on the sides for easy styling yet it gains some playfulness and added volume with the strands tousled on the crown.

15. Sassy Lavender-Tinted Crop. We are totally in love with this fancy-colored, face-hugging crop spiced up with jaggy bangs and encourage hairdressers to bring more whimsical shades and bold details into pixie cuts for older women.

16. Cool Pixie with Micro Bangs. Micro bangs offer a daring addition to pixie haircuts for women over 50, which is especially flattering for ladies with high cheekbones and oval or triangle face shapes.

17. Silver Pixie with Roasted Tips. The best pixie haircuts and short hairstyles for fine hair over 60 use not only layering but also coloring to add dimension to the sparse strands, which is perfectly done here with creatively placed lowlights.

18. Voluminous Feathery Pixie. Ladies wishing to conceal that their hair is thinning around the part should follow this woman’s example and wear their pixie with crown strands lifted, feathered, and pulled forward.

19. Edgy Messy Pixie with Spikes. Boyish crops can be kept shorter on the back and sides but made choppier on the crown to bring playfulness and serious youthful vibes into older females’ looks.

20. Neat Highlighted Crop. Women with their hair on the thinner side will benefit from an added depth with a darker shade on the bottom and a lightweight fringe creating fullness in the front.

As we can see, pixie haircuts for older women range from super short crops to almost bob-length coiffures, with all kinds of finishes and styling options only expanding your opportunities. So, don’t hesitate and take the plunge, and we hope to admire your fresh chop on Instagram soon!