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What are the best bob haircuts for older women with thin hair?

Hello, I am 55 and got a bob style, but I don’t feel good in it and my hair is thin too. I want to cut it again and don’t know how and what style to choose.

Everyone knows that with age our hair changes: it loses its volume and becomes thinner, but is there any chance for women over 50 to look stylish and elegant? Absolutely yes, because bob haircuts for older women can make ladies look younger and enhance their best features.

Which hair length is better?

Speaking about bob style haircuts for older women, somebody can think that this hairstyle is boring, but that’s not true as it can be of different lengths.

Simple short bob haircuts for older women are a perfect option because they make the face look younger and fresher. Moreover, this haircut is absolutely versatile as it can flatter every face shape.

Asymmetric medium length bob haircuts for older women will visually make a round face slimmer and more oval.

Bob for Older Women with Round Faces and Thin Hair
By Fred

And women with narrow faces should choose long bob haircuts as they can smooth out the sharpness of their features, adding femininity and tenderness to their looks.

What styles of bob haircuts are perfect for women over 50?

Classic bob haircuts for older women will allow experimenting with the appearance and will also compliment any outfit style.

If an old woman wants to look awesome with a little tinge of rebellion, an inverted bobbed haircut will be a perfect choice, as on the one hand, it makes a woman stylish and modern, and on the other hand, this kind of bob for women aged 50+ adds them femininity. Inverted bob haircuts for older women look classy and are very popular even among celebrities.

If you love straight hair, you can choose layered bob haircuts for older women: this style adds volume to the hair and makes it look thick and well-groomed.

Stacked bob haircuts for older women look similar to classic bobs but the difference is in the layered back – this cut is one of the favorites among women at any age because it has infinite varieties and gives a sexy and trendy look.

The main advantage of bob haircuts with bangs for older women is that it will look cute with any hair type, even if it’s very thin hair.

Reverse bobs for older women became popular back in 2015 when the classic type of this hairstyle was cut angled with elongated front pieces. When choosing this hairstyle, it’s essential to think about adding more volume at the crown and making it shorter in the back. Besides, the reverse bob is considered to be a low-maintenance haircut, which makes it a perfect option as a new hairstyle.

Bobs for older women with straight hair look both feminine and bold. The hairstyle is suitable for hair of any thickness and it allows spending minimum time on styling.

Shoulder length bob haircuts for older women look perfect both on straight and wavy hair, letting you experiment with different hairstyles each time you want a change.

Bob haircuts for older women with round faces

It’s not recommended for ladies with round faces to choose short bob cuts as they will visually add some pounds. So, it’s better to choose between a medium bob and a long bob.

Very often older women complain that in most articles specialists recommend and show only short haircuts for ladies over 50. The bob is the golden mean between super short and long hairstyles. You can still create braids, buns and ponytails out of it, and it is low-maintenance, as it doesn`t require as much hair care as hair past the shoulders. Moreover, there is an ideal bob haircut for every face shape and every hair type, including thinning hair.

Every woman can pull off a bob haircut! Hope you liked bob haircuts for older women we have shown you above, let us know in the comments below!

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