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20 Life-Affirming Pixie Haircuts for Older Women Over 50 and 60

Although short hair is believed to have a killer rejuvenating effect, nothing seems more challenging than choosing pixie haircuts for older women. Longer hairstyles serve as a safety blanket hiding age-related imperfections, while pixie crops require shedding this protective layer. Nothing of the kind! We are going to prove that pixie cuts will make you look younger if properly customized.

So, let’s check out what type of pixies women over 50 like to wear this year most of all.

1. Highlighted Pixie with Dramatic Definition. Although this crop is cut close to the scalp on the sides, it doesn’t lack texture or body, thanks to the lifted crown, choppy bangs, and well-defined pieces of hair throughout the top.

2. Elegant Pixie with a High Crown. Despite the recent “effortless styling” trend, pixie haircuts for women over 60 don’t need to be all messy. This soft and rounded cut freshens up the face with delicate highlights and has some wispy pieces to feel textured.

3. Choppy Pixie Cut for Over 60. If you prefer messy styling and don’t want to tinker with polishing your look, a good portion of choppiness all around the perimeter will be your best choice.

4. Two-Tone Pixie for Straight Hair. Going a tone or two lighter at the top brings some depth into over 60 pixie haircuts for straight tresses and saves them from looking bulky even without much thinning out.

5. Sassy Silver Pixie with Multiple Layers. Ladies with rather thick hair can accommodate short volume-boosting layers without their cut looking sparse.

6. Low-Maintenance Blonde Pixie with Layered Bangs. Thin hair pixie haircuts for fine hair over 60 deliver texture and volume, but not all of them are as easy to style as this wispy crop which requires only air-drying and a styling product that won’t weigh your hair down.

7. Asymmetric Pixie with Long See-Through Bangs. If you are not a fan of very short pixie cuts for older women, try on a longer version with funky asymmetry and wispy bangs that pair well with glasses.

8. Delicately Textured Icy Pixie. This dainty style proves that modern pixie cuts for seniors can be both neat and textured, with some feathering applied in the right places and to the right extent.

9. Gray Pixie Transformed into Big Hair. Teasing the tresses up and pulling them back is a good move for those who want to gain volume at the top and open up the face to avoid overshadowing, especially when wearing glasses.

10. Short Pixie with Barely-There Spikes. Spikes fit well into pixie haircuts and short hairstyles for fine hair over 60, as they turn up the volume, but you can tone them down a bit for a softer look.

11. Cool Pixie Cut with Micro Bangs. Think pixie cuts for older women cannot be fun? This version combines choppy baby bangs with a kind of mohawk in the front while staying neat and smooth on the sides and back.

12. Pompadour Pixie with a Wave. We have already mentioned that pixie haircuts for older women with glasses shouldn’t overshadow the face, but they also need enough volume to balance large frames.

13. Short Sides Long Top Pixie with Movement. These before and after photos show how smart styling can add dynamics and chic to otherwise basic white pixie cuts, particularly, at the growing-out stage.

14. Edgy Pixie with Curls Pushed Forward. Hairstylists recommend curly pixie haircuts for older black women with natural texture and mature Caucasian ladies with permed locks, as the style comes with built-in bounce and a playful feel.

15. Heavily Feathered Long Pixie. Layering and thinning the ends out is crucial when it comes to pixie cuts for thick hair over 60 since they remove extra weight and release bounce while building the shape and texture.

16. Tidy Crop with a Micro Fringe. The iconic Ginnifer Goodwin’s chop can be a source of inspiration when choosing super short pixie haircuts for older women — it’s fancy, low-maintenance, and flexible in styling.

17. Sleek Bowl Cut Pixie for Fine Hair. The modern take on the bowl cut leaves plenty of tresses in the front to create fullness and plays with layers on the sides and back to add volume and texture to the formula.

18. Voluminous Salt and Pepper Pixie Cut. This pompadour style requires pretty much blow-drying, but its elegance spiced up with dimension and movement is definitely worth the effort.

19. No-Frills Pixie with Highlights. This simple cut promises easy styling for thick hair, yet its thinned-out and highlighted pieces around the face work fine to soften and brighten it up.

20. Full Buttery Blond Pixie with Deep Side Parting. That’s why you may want to leave long tresses on the crown when getting a pixie crop — for this wonderful lift and body made effortlessly.

As we can see, pixie haircuts for older women range from super short crops to almost bob-length coiffures, with all kinds of finishes and styling options only expanding your opportunities. So, don’t hesitate and take the plunge, and we hope to admire your fresh chop on Instagram soon!

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