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30 Inspiring Layered Haircuts for Older Women Who Want a Fresh Look

Serena Piper

Are layers flattering for senior women? Yes! You can effortlessly sport trendy shags, ‘90s layers, and butterfly cuts in your 50s, 60s, and 70s, as the good old layered haircuts for older women are those that take into account age-related changes mature females are going through!

Actually, layers can do wonders on ladies 50+, emphasizing appealing features, balancing different face shapes, bringing more volume into the hair, and camouflaging signs of hair loss if any. We have a nice selection of long and short layered hairstyles that also deal with grayness, either hiding it or celebrating the silver. From bright blonde layers to layered hairstyles for black hair, senior women will find inspiration for different hair colors and textures below.

1. Swept Over Blonde Layered Hair. If you want to give your hair an instant lift, try and recreate the oomph of the ‘90s supermodel blowout with a mix of face-framing and shoulder-length layers.

2. Medium-Length Honey Brown Wolf Cut. Add honey highlights to your brown shag to warm up the skin and enhance the play of light in your wild, multi-tiered strands.

3. Gray Layered Bob. We can’t get enough of short layered bob hairstyles for senior women, as they are timeless and versatile while never failing to deliver movement and volume.

4. A Mix of Shades on Bouncy Layers. Embracing grayness can be fun when you fill a combo of short and long layers with a crazy mix of brown, silver, charcoal, and beige.

5. Short Bob with Feathery Finish. Layered hairstyles for women with fine hair won’t seem scanty with most of the body maintained on the bottom and spiced up with feathery layers on the crown.

6. Soft Shag with White Gray Balayage. This mid-length cut adds a bit of brightness to the naturally gray hair and incorporates its frizzy texture into the shaggy finish.

7. Sassy Wind-Blown Shag. With a cut full of choppy layers and honey highlights, you are sure to feel a rejuvenating boost complemented by lots of freedom in styling.

8. Delicate Layers with Golden Highlights. Can you believe that medium-length layered hairstyles can be as dreamy as this set of face-framing pieces giving off a soft golden glow?

9. A Cascade of Flicky Layers. Style your thinned-out ends with a blow-dryer and a round brush to get the maximum volume and movement from fine-hair layered hairstyles.

10. Burgundy Layers with Blended Curtain Bangs. Curtain bangs are known for playing well with long layers, but senior ladies will arrive at a softer look if blending them with side bits styled away from the face.

11. Neat Bixie in Custom Beige Blonde. Here, a muted beige shade is tailored to beautifully emphasize the elegance of the pixie bob neatly stacked on the bottom and feathered around the perimeter.

12. Layered Honey and Blonde Blend. While we can’t but admire layered thick hair, layered hairstyles can be taken to the next level by creative gray blending combining warm and cool shades.

13. Blonde Rockstar Shag. Retro styles are back and in a big way, so channel your inner rebel through a modern wolf cut with shaggy curtain bangs radiating strong ‘80s vibes.

14. Long-Hair Octopus Cut with Off-Center Parting. Ladies with long faces will love the balancing width created by the face-framing layers of the octopus cut, and a side part will also help to break the length of the face.

15. Graduated Front Layers. Women with their hair on the thinner side will want to retain most of the body by placing layers along the face and only subtle layering throughout the length.

16. Seriously Flipped-Out Midi Cut. Keep your length just above the shoulder if you want to enjoy a good bounce produced by frequent bottom layers and flippy styling.

17. Messy Layered Greige Bob. This is one of the low-maintenance hairstyles that require neither precise styling nor frequent root touch-ups.

18. Gunmetal Gray Butterfly Layers. Ladies with cool complexion can toy around with a host of ashy hues, including a dark gray with extra sheen added through silvery highlights.

19. Airy Shoulder-Length Layers. You can safely keep your bottom strands blunt for a fuller feel around the ends, yet volumize your hair with butterfly layers in the mid-length.

20. Long Layers for Straight Hair. A mane of straight hair can look bulky and lay flat at the roots unless it is lightened and structured with a combo of face-framing and longer layers.

21. Side Bangs and Flicked Ends. You can visually diminish a chubby face by giving it a voluminous frame, which is totally doable with a light color scheme and a set of disconnected layers.

22. Icy Blonde Bixie with Fun Details. If you want to turn a regular bixie into an exceptional hairstyle, opt for a bolder shade, choppy texture, and a play of lengths.

23. Medium Layers with a Fancy-Colored Money Piece. As pastel colors keep trending, it’s a great idea to add a pop of brightness around the face with a delicate lavender hue.

24. Illuminating Face Frame. Ladies embracing their gray side may end up looking washed out when going too ashy, which can be easily fixed with highlights placed throughout the front layers.

25. Streaky Mid-Length Layers. Both fine and thin hair will benefit from the dimension created by alternated gray and beige, which also brings dynamics into the subtly layered hairstyle.

26. Short Salt and Pepper Bob. Bobs are never out of style, and they are easily customizable for thick hair, giving it shape and triggering movement with uneven and textured layers.

27. Feathered Layers and Sweeping Bangs. A side-swept fringe is a useful addition to layered hairstyles for women with round faces since it adds angles and draws attention away from the cheeks.

28. Choppy Crop with Metallic Sheen. These short choppy layers incorporate highlights and lowlights to melt together silver and gold for a low-maintenance look that eagerly picks up the glint of sunlight.

29. Shoulder-Grazing Hair with Wispy Layers. Keep your layers on the wispier side if you want to invoke movement and get texture without losing much of the hair length and body.

30. Soft Face-Framing and Subtle Layering for Long Hair. Masterfully layered long hairstyles for women over 50 have the power to invigorate limp strands and flatteringly soften facial features.

Sure enough, layered hairstyles for older women can address many age-related issues, from volumizing hair that starts thinning to lifting the facial contour with smartly cut bangs and side tresses. Don’t hesitate to take a reference photo from our vast collection and head to a salon for a refreshing look.