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30 Most Enviable Purple Hair Ideas and Looks to Copy ASAP

4. Burgundy Purple Hair. Accentuates the expressive face of a natural brunette with dark eyes and either pale or olive skin. Makes you look young but not eccentric.

Purple hair color looks elegant, chic, and unusual. Thanks to the rich palette of shades to choose from, it can gracefully freshen your complexion, accentuate your eye color, and make you look younger.

This article will give you inspiration on how to style your purple hair whether it’s long or short, thick or thin, straight or curly. Browse through the selection of images below and pick the purple hair idea that fits best your age, complexion, and lifestyle!

1. Plum Purple Brown Hair. This is the most natural way of using purple. The plum color will shine bright under the sun and look barely there in your workplace.

Plum Dark Brown Hair with Subtle Purple Highlights
By Kali

2. Dusty Purple Hair Color. Combining several shades of purple prolongs the longevity of your hair color. It won’t lose its appeal when the color starts to wash out.

3. Multicolored with Purple Hair Highlights. With your hair down you’ll look like a mermaid. In a braid, your hair will show off a cute rainbow effect.

4. Burgundy Purple Hair. Accentuates the expressive face of a natural brunette with dark eyes and either pale or olive skin. Makes you look young but not eccentric.

5. Platinum Purple Hair. This coloring scheme looks dramatic and mysterious. It creates a stunning impression in life and in photos. Pair it with elegant dresses and full makeup.

6. Cosmic Violet Hair Against Dark Base. This space-inspired textured lob gains tons of depth in addition to the bold color by combining a dark cool-tone base with seamlessly woven purple and blue shades.

7. Pastel Purple Hair. This soft transition of shades looks feminine and eye-catching at the same time. It gives volume to thin hair and creates a spectacular shimmer in a braid.

8. Rich Purple Hair with Bordeaux Flair. If you think of something closer to the red end of the purple spectrum, this stunningly dimensional balayage accentuating the wave pattern might be your best pick.

9. Deep Dark Purple Hair. Perfect for straight thick hair. The smooth geometric haircut looks confident and expressive together with a bright color.

10. Purple Streaks in Hair. You may try both light and dark hair with purple highlights. Purple streaks look spectacular on long hair and in waves or curls. You can choose the same shade of purple for all the streaks or combine 2-3 different shades.

11. Silver Purple Hair. You can create extra volume in the back of the head by adding a bit of purple to your silver hair. Purple gives an attractive depth to silver.

12. Amethyst Waves with Barely-There Highlights. This girl doesn’t rely on purple hair dye only and adds the tiniest ribbons of highlights to the fancy color scheme to get some splashes of pale lavender and better shine in her locks.

13. Light Lilac Hair with Ashy Feel. A good work of AirTouch balayage paired with a root smudge has turned these initially brown strands into a dreamy, slivery purple style that oozes Arctic cold and looks amazingly deep at the roots.

14. Half Black Half Purple Hair. With this hairstyle deep roots look exquisite, so you won’t have to see your hairdresser every month. Also, it’s an ideal option for high ponytails.

15. Ash Purple Hair. This combination looks premium, especially if you have olive skin. It works best with full makeup and eyelash extensions, creating a cinematographic look.

16. Pink and Purple Hair. The longer your hair, the chicer this hairstyle looks. If your hair is thin, it’s better to curl it. If it’s thick, you may leave it straight.

17. Gray Purple Hair. The delicate combination of gray and purple looks classy and refined. Ideal for medium length hair with moderate waves.

18. Red and Purple Hair. If you’re an artist or just a passionate personality, this could be your everyday hairstyle. If not, try it out for parties, weddings, or other special occasions.

19. Purple Balayage with Metallic Sheen. This vibrant style fluently transitions from a deep brunette shade to a plum-tinted purple hair color enriched with sparkles throughout the mid-length to produce eye-catching fluorescence.

20. Purple Hair Dye with a Vintage Flair. Enjoy retro romantic vibes with a modern twist. Purple looks flamboyant on asymmetrical medium length haircuts with moderate waves.

21. Dusty Mix of Purple and Pink. If you are looking for less flamboyant purple hair ideas, this gorgeous blend of muted blue and red hues should immediately draw your attention to the exquisite feel it radiates.

22. Lush Indigo Shade for Long Waves. Don’t hesitate to go for this rich purple shade if you have a medium-to-dark complexion with cool undertones since bluish hues work better than reds in this case.

23. Silver Blonde Meets Purple Color Scheme. Here is a bombshell alternative to pastel purple hair — get the brightness of purple reduced by some streaks of blonde and then mix and match the colors by styling your hair in various ways.

24. Neon Purple Pink Hair. Ideal for young ladies with porcelain skin. You will keep looking classy even if you cut your hair, no matter how short.

25. Black and Purple Hair. If you use this color scheme, you’ll easily style your hair both for casual and special occasions. It works equally impressive with straight and wavy hair.

26. Deep Orchid Shade with Blue Tint. This deep royal shade alone would be enough for us to turn, well, purple with envy, but the bluish glow bursting from underneath makes the style truly show-stopping.

27. Black Hair with Bright Purple Money Piece. This style wows us with a dramatic purple color palette, starting with midnight violet at the roots and going into electric indigo at the ends and around the face.

28. Unicorn-Inspired Light Purple Hair. This fairy style embraces a whole bunch of chalk tones, ranging from periwinkle and mauve to rose gold and fuchsia, all intertwined with a light-reflecting blonde for added brilliance.

29. Smokey Purple on Brunette Base. You might not believe it, but you can arrive at an ethereal shade of violet like this just by toning your medium brown base with proper hair gloss and no color lifting applied.

30. Vivid Purple All Over. Here is proof that fair-skinned girls can pull off not only pale shades of lilac and periwinkle but also brighter purple hues, provided they have the right undertones and are not too dark or bold to overpower the porcelain complexion.

As you can see, purple hair color isn’t restricted to just one particular haircut or hair texture. You can switch completely to purple hair or just add a few colorful streaks to your usual hairstyle with a natural hair color. With so many shades and coloring techniques available, you’ll easily choose the one that looks best on you.

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