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40 Drool-Worthy Silver Hair Color Styles

Nkeiruka Obiwulu

Are you looking for silver hair ideas to try during your next salon visit? No wonder why women like it so much, as it’s edgy, mysterious, and obviously stylish. Why wouldn’t anyone want it?

Here are some totally amazing hairstyles in 40 shades of silver that you won’t be able to say “no” to.

1. Brown Hair with Silver Highlights. Add a great deal of dimension with chunky silver blonde highlights. Keep them natural looking with a purple shampoo for silver hair.

Are you looking for silver hair ideas to try during your next salon visit? No wonder why women like it so much, as it’s edgy, mysterious, and obviously stylish. Why wouldn’t anyone want it?

Here are some totally amazing hairstyles in 40 shades of silver that you won’t be able to say “no” to.

1. Brown Hair with Silver Highlights. Add a great deal of dimension with chunky silver blonde highlights. Keep them natural looking with a purple shampoo for silver hair.

2. Silver Hairstyle with Dark Roots. Can’t go wrong with a high contrast silver balayage for brunettes. The volume is to die for.

3. Dark Smokey Silver Hair. A cool, edgy shade of dark brown with chunky silver highlights added throughout offers a breathtaking hair color idea you may want to try out!

4. Black Hair with Silver Streaks. A perfect balance of blacks, blondes, and whites creates a nice dimension that looks just as well straight, as it does in loose beachy curls.

5. Platinum Silver Hair with Barely-There Root Melt. This beautiful ice queen wears her stunning blonde close to its purest shade, with only a dab of ash and barely visible shadow at the roots, which creates some depth and also aids in softening demarcation as the hair grows out.

6. Metallic Silver Hair for Brown Base. This gorgeous color looks 3D in the daylight. How can you say no to that? The smooth transition from dark roots also lets you live your silver life fuss-free.

7. Ash Brown and Silver Balayage Hair. Thanks to the variety of shades, you can choose not one but several hues of silver to create a cool multidimensional feel for your balayage.

Silver Balayage for Brown Hair
By Migo

8. Rose Mauve Long Silver Hair. A warmer reddish take on cool gray and silver shades that sparkles nicely thanks to silver highlights throughout the length.

9. Platinum Silver Hair. Need a fascinating hairstyle sparkling in all shades of gray? Opt for a silver balayage in brighter hues like platinum silver. Such pastel silver highlights on dark hair leave an effect that can only be described as cherubic.

10. Highlighted Silver Blonde Hair. Silver blonde hair is another variety of silver hair that looks super cute. It pairs well with most shades of natural hair colors. Another plus is that it needs less upkeep than platinum silver hair.

11. Silver Money Piece Highlights. Brighten up your dull brunette hair with exquisite strands of silver highlights. Here is a fascinating silver hair coloring idea: introduce bright silver money pieces in the front and get that desirable va-va-voom effect.

12. Rooty Gun Metal Gray. This dark gray shade enriched with a bluish tint infuses the straight hair with extra dimension by letting the deeper base peep out from under the main color and placing a few lighter streaks on the surface around the perimeter.

13. Choppy Silver Hair. The smokey silver balayage spilled on this hair adds a luminous luster to it. It looks even more enticing on the disconnected choppy cut.

14. Shorter Silver Gray Hair. A grayish silver balayage will add a respectable, classy flair to your look. The softness of the color and its exquisite appearance offer you that seemingly effortless elegance. Silver white hair also yields the same adorable results.

15. Silver and Ash Blonde. Silver is exquisite, and that means it requires good care and maintenance. Silver hair dye washes out easily, so wash your hair with colder water and avoid frequent washes.

16. Silver Brown Hair. This is one silver hair color that can never pass by without being noticed. Try this out if you have a cool or neutral skin tone. Icy shades of silver are most enthralling on medium and short hair.

17. Silver Ombre Hair. In order to find the best shade that will work with your hair, you can play around with an ombre. The cascading colors will give you an idea of what specific tone you’ll want to go with the next time you visit the salon.

18. Dark Blonde and Silver Hairstyle. If it seems impossible to choose a shade of blonde, try merging a few of your favorites. Take darker tones as a base, while adding highlighted strands throughout.

19. Short Shiny Silver Hair. Cool and stunning, the icy silver hair is easy on the eyes and a perfect fashion statement for any party. You don’t even need to style it in a special way since the color is enough of a head-turner.

20. Short Bob Silver Hair. Classy meets sassy on this stunning rounded bob. Endeavor to use purple shampoo to wash your silver hair. It’ll help to maintain the beauty and brightness of your silver locks for a long time.

21. Long Wavy Hair with Silver Highlights. If gorgeous hair had a particular hair color, it’d be silver dyed hair. A mix of silver and brunette colors like in the picture below gives a certain glitzy feel to the wavy hair. Leave your roots their natural dark shade to create a remarkable contrast.

22. Dark Silver Hair. Add dimension to your hair with a dark silver color and ask your hair colorist for full highlights. They are also easier to maintain than a solid metallic shade of silver.

23. Silver Hair with Dark Roots. Leaving roots darker is a genial hair hack. When your original hair color shows, you don’t need to bleach your hair again. Instead, you can embrace it fully and make it a part of a breathtaking hairstyle.

24. Silver Ash Blonde Color Melt. This smooth hair color job starts with natural silver at the roots and melts it into a darker multitone gray toward the ends. A great way to save straight hair from feeling limp while also delivering artistic gray blending and giving dimension to the thinning strands.

25. Blonde Bob with Silver Pieces. If chosen and placed right, silver is age-defying. Whether natural gray silver hair or the result of silver hair dye, silver balayage hair always looks delectable. Goes well on both long and short hair lengths.

Short Blonde Hair with Silver Balayage
By Eric

26. Super-Dimensional Silver Highlights. DIY fans wave your hands in the air. Please note that silver hair coloring is a bit tricky and not something you should try to pull off on your own. To achieve a lovely silver balayage as beautiful as hers, you will really need the help of a professional colorist. But the result is mmmm…

27. Medium Metallic Silver Hair. Silver hair color isn’t a color to DIY. Work with a professional stylist to achieve a wonderful result like these resplendent metallic silver locks.

28. Silver Hair Color with Lowlights. To make your silver color more dimensional, add some natural lowlights so that your hair can catch more light and gain depth.

29. Platinum Silver Hair. For a creative coloring that looks like a metallic hair color, go for platinum. If you’re craving for an edgier look, try a two-tone color where the under-layer is dark. It can be dark silver, dark gray, or purple, for example.

30. Long Silver Gray Locks. Rather than dyeing long hair a solid gray, consider throwing in gray highlights into your natural hair color. Silver highlights look stupendously good on black or brunette hair.

31. Silver Purple Hair with Babylights. Add something special to your blonde hair with patchy lilac highlights that will undeniably spice up the look.

32. Short Silver Hair. Pixie cuts have been created to show off your inner edginess. Make it stand out even more with a cool grayish color stretch.

33. Muted Dark Hair with Silver Ombre. Mixing and matching darker shades of brown with ashy tones is a brilliant styling idea! Try it out, and don’t forget to ask for those cute money pieces.

34. Smokey Brunette Hair with Silver Balayage. This dreamy color scheme is a perfect choice for brunettes who wish to embrace silver hair yet remain on the darker side. It seamlessly blends the smokey base with ash blonde highlights which get a bit brighter toward the ends and around the face.

35. Silver Hair with Bluish Highlights. Get this edgy creative cut to show off your bold and fierce side! The soft blondes allow you to play with just about any color.

36. Deep Purple Hair with Silver Ombre. The layered long hair looks magical in shades of purple and lavender. To make the volume even more impressive, add subtle silver highlights to the ends.

37. Silver Balayage. A trendy alternative to ombre, balayage is a freehand technique for a seamless blend. So, if you want a more natural coloring, pick balayage to attain a soft silver color transition.

38. Silver Brown Hair Color. If you prefer to keep your natural hair color, but still want a change – adding a few highlights or using a silver hair toner can be the perfect option.

39. Brunette Hair with Silver Foilyage. A nice blend of ashy and silver highlights with your natural light browns gives a multidimensional head-turning feel.

40. Silver Hair with Dark Roots. If you’re after something low-maintenance but super pretty – here’s your best option. Beautiful grays work well with warm skin tones, and the root grow out is fuss-free!

As you may have noticed, silver hair is a ton of fun. There are shades for any skin tone, hair texture, and length, plus you have an option to play with additional fashionable colors. So, is that not enough to convert you to the silver side?