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40 Drool-Worthy Silver Hair Color Styles

Are you looking for silver hair ideas to try during your next salon visit? No wonder why women like it so much, as it’s edgy, mysterious, and obviously stylish. Why wouldn’t anyone want it?

Here are some totally amazing hairstyles in 40 shades of silver that you won’t be able to say “no” to.

1. Brown Hair with Silver Highlights. Add a great deal of dimension with chunky silver blonde highlights. Keep them natural looking with a purple shampoo for silver hair.

2. Silver Hair with Dark Roots. If you’re after something low-maintenance but super pretty – here’s your best option. Beautiful grays work well with warm skin tones, and the root grow out is fuss-free!

3. Short Silver Hair. Pixie cuts have been created to show off your inner edginess. Make it stand out even more with a cool grayish color stretch.

4. Silver Hairstyle with Dark Roots. Can’t go wrong with a high contrast silver balayage for brunettes. The volume is to die for.

5. Dark Smokey Silver Hair. A cool, edgy shade of dark brown with chunky silver highlights added throughout offers a breathtaking hair color idea you may want to try out!

6. Metallic Silver Hair for Brown Base. This gorgeous color looks 3D in the daylight. How can you say no to that? The smooth transition from dark roots also lets you live your silver life fuss-free.

7. Black Hair with Silver Streaks. A perfect balance of blacks, blondes, and whites creates a nice dimension that looks just as well straight, as it does in loose beachy curls.

8. Rose Mauve Long Silver Hair. A warmer reddish take on cool gray and silver shades that sparkles nicely thanks to silver highlights throughout the length.

9. Silver Brown Hair Color. If you prefer to keep your natural hair color, but still want a change – adding a few highlights or using a silver hair toner can be the perfect option.

10. Ash Brown and Silver Balayage Hair. Thanks to the variety of shades, you can choose not one but several hues of silver to create a cool multidimensional feel for your balayage.

Silver Balayage for Brown Hair
By Migo

11. Brunette Hair with Silver Foilyage. A nice blend of ashy and silver highlights with your natural light browns gives a multidimensional head-turning feel.

12. Silver Gray Hair Balayage. Super stylish and irresistible hairdo. Thanks to lowlights, you get the extra volume boost, while the color creates an absolutely mysterious feeling.

13. Silver Purple Hair with Babylights. Add something special to your blonde hair with patchy lilac highlights that will undeniably spice up the look.

14. Ash Brown to Soft Silver Ombre Hair. If ash brown wasn’t trendy enough for you, adding another fashionable touch with wide subtle silver streaks in hair will do the trick just fine.

15. Deep Purple Hair with Silver Ombre. The layered long hair looks magical in shades of purple and lavender. To make the volume even more impressive, add subtle silver highlights to the ends.

16. Dusty Silver Lavender Hair. A non-traditional tinted silver hair dye option. You can make it more reddish or rather lean to blues. Play and enjoy it!

17. Silver Color for Women with Curly Hair. A head full of thick perfect shoulder-length curls only gets better in silver shades that uniquely highlight every ringlet.

18. Dark Blonde and Silver Hairstyle. If it seems impossible to choose a shade of blonde, try merging a few of your favorites. Take darker tones as a base, while adding highlighted strands throughout.

19. Muted Dark Hair with Silver Ombre. Mixing and matching darker shades of brown with ashy tones is a brilliant styling idea! Try it out, and don’t forget to ask for those cute money pieces.

20. Silver Blue Hair. Keep them guessing with ever-changing holographic shades of blue and silver in your ready-for-summer hair!

21. Silver Gray Hair Color. When you have tried out just about everything, going for a mild rooted blend of grays and silver is definitely something to explore.

22. Silver Hair with Lilac Undertone. Spring colors are feminine and refreshing. So, how about toning your platinum hair with soft tones of lilac?

23. Pure Platinum Silver Hair Color. The perfect shade of blonde to highlight your cooler skin tone and eye color. Bluish undertones in your hair will counteract the reds in your skin, making it a match made in heaven.

24. Black and Silver Hair Ombre. Get the dark witchy feel with this mysterious ombre. The dusty grays look fantastic, while you easily grow your natural roots out.

25. Silver Blonde Hair Color. Another sweet option is to color coordinate your skin with your hair. Cool undertones help your pale skin glow in a whole new way!

26. Silver Pink Hair Color. The best summer idea for hot festival days. Besides, natural blondes might get a very cool grow out later on.

27. Silver Curly Hair. Warmer tones of blonde mixed with platinum or silver not only work great for naturally curly hair but complement your brown eyes as well.

28. Smokey Lilac Silver Hair. The light, smokey shade of silver will be an absolutely amazing addition to your overall romantic look.

Cute Lilac Silver Hair Color
By Kim

29. Silver White Hair. With silver whites, you’ll always have that “ready for anything” look, be that the red carpet occasion or just a grocery run.

30. Pearly Silver Hair Color. Adding some highlights and lowlights in cool blonde and silver creates more dimension and volume in a style like this.

31. Dark Silver Hair Balayage. Make colors dance in your luscious mane. With face-framing purplish highlights and dusty, almost black roots, you are sure to steal away all the compliments.

32. Rosy, Silver, and Purple Hair. Muted pastel tones of purple, warm pinks, and silver in between create a wonderful dimension to help you bring your unicorn dreams to life.

33. Silver Hair Color with Dark Skin. A very modern way to express yourself is through contrasts! Experiment with light silver tones, and you’ll see how well they complement your dark skin.

34. Silver Highlights on Light Hair. Ashy hair is a perfect option for girls with warm or tanned skin. Plus, with the right amount of silver highlights, your hair will sparkle 24/7!

35. Silver Hair with Bluish Highlights. Get this edgy creative cut to show off your bold and fierce side! The soft blondes allow you to play with just about any color.

36. Silver and Blue Hair. For those who are not afraid of big changes, go for black and blue roots and a deep regal gray balayage with pastel highlights for added dimension.

37. Platinum Silver Hair Color. This color is fit for the true Ice Queen. Bring this idea to your stylist so they can plan out your transformation!

38. Silver Gray Hair with Blue Highlights. Having a gray base is great for allowing you to experiment with additional colors! Why not try some pastel blue patches throughout your hair?

39. Partial Silver Highlights. Smooth color blending and a combination of cool grayish shades of blonde will absolutely complement our beautiful older ladies.

40. Silver Ash Hair Color. When you want to go lighter, it’s only a matter of time when you fall into the trap of amazing icy-ashy blondes. Why not start your journey there?

As you may have noticed, silver hair is a ton of fun. There are shades for any skin tone, hair texture, and length, plus you have an option to play with additional fashionable colors. So, is that not enough to convert you to the silver side?

by Editors
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