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What is a Rezo cut and how to style it?

Ema Globyte

2. Salt-and-Pepper Curly Hair Rezo Cut. It’s awesome when older ladies aren’t afraid of showing off their gray hair. These Rezo cut before and after pictures show how the hairstyle makes you visibly younger and more graceful.

Do I need to get a Rezo cut? How to know if it is flattering for my type of hair?

The Rezo haircut is one of the most popular curly cuts nowadays. However, it is often confused with other similar cuts. Let’s dive into this and find out what defines the Rezo cut and what type of hair it fits best.

What Is a Rezo Cut?

The Rezo cut is a technique done on dry hair that allows you to create mega volume and enhance the beauty of your curls. This cut can only be done on ladies with naturally wavy and curly hair starting with the 2B type. To get the Rezo cut, you will need to have your locks sectioned in V’s and cut in triangles and circles to get the round shape. The haircut is easily maintained, and you won’t have to visit your stylist more often than once in 3-6 months.

Rezo Vs. Deva Cut

It’s safe to say that the Rezo cut and the Deva cut are pretty similar and are often mixed up. However, there’s a clear difference between the two: after the Deva cut your curls frame your face, while after the Rezo your hair preserves an even length around your head.

Rezo Cut Vs Diametrix Cut

Another hairstyle that people often take for the Rezo cut is the Diametrix cut. The latter features the inner layer sliding technique that the Rezo doesn’t have. The Diametrix cut was created for women who are not fond of the Rezo’s pyramid shape, which is often the case for girls with really curly hair.

Should You Get a Rezo Cut?

As we’ve mentioned before, the Rezo cut is an amazing option for all girls with different curl types. If you need to make your locks more voluminous and defined, find a good Rezo-certified hairstylist and enjoy the result!

1. Shaggy Bob Rezo. We love a Rezo cut for its versatility. All is possible with this hairstyle, whether you want to look more elegant or add a rock’n’roll vibe to your appearance. It doesn’t even require much styling, especially if you have naturally thick locks.

2. Salt-and-Pepper Curly Hair Rezo Cut. It’s awesome when older ladies aren’t afraid of showing off their gray hair. These Rezo cut before and after pictures show how the hairstyle makes you visibly younger and more graceful.

3. Large-Curls Rezo. What’s great about the Rezo is that you can rock the cut, regardless of the size and shape of your curls. Whether you have smaller or larger ringlets – we promise the result will blow your mind.

4. Neat Comb-Over Rezo. If you have really thick, long locks that are hard to brush, you know that they often turn into a heavy mess. However, once you get a Rezo cut, you’ll see how much healthier and prettier your hair looks.

5. Side-Parted Rezo Cut for Brunettes. Apart from being beautifully shaped, these chocolate brown locks gain additional volume around the crown thanks to the deep side part and enhanced curl pattern right from the roots.

6. Inverted Bob with Rezo Curls. A long bob that starts with shorter layers in the back and gradually gets longer to the front plays well with both loose spirals and big curls full of definition.

7. Rooty Blonde Rezo Hairstyle with Springy Curls. Girls with 3-type curls may start googling “Rezo cut near me” right after spotting this picture, but we also want you to pay special attention to the depth-adding color job.

8. Short Thick Rezo Bob. It might be quite difficult for a lot of girls to add volume to their bob haircut, and that’s what the Rezo is for. It makes your shorter hair seem healthy, chic, elegant, and this haircut is perfect for any occasion.

9. Rezo Curls Packed into Bob. Here we have petite curls adorably shaped into a rounded short bob, which is complemented with a set of playful center-parted bangs and polished to metallic shine.

10. Defined Rezo Curls. Tight blonde locks like these would shine like pure gold! Boost your volume by shaking your curls and feel them bounce and softly embrace your neck and shoulders.

11. Shoulder-Length Rezo Hair Cut for Big Curls. This curly hair is thick and heavy enough to deliver plenty of headache with the bulk if it wasn’t for the careful layering which leaves nothing but lift and bounce.

12. Volumizing Rezo Hair Style for Wavy Hair. This is excellent evidence that the Rezo technique is the right choice for 2b hair since it turns the naturally weak pattern into well-defined and dimensional locks.

13. Rezo with Highlights and Lowlights. Hair is definitely one of the first things that people pay attention to. The healthier, prettier, and more voluminous your locks are, the more compliments you get. Have your hair cut into more layers until you get the desired result.

14. Rezo Curly Cut with Layered Bangs. This perfectly rounded cut works fine to balance the somewhat elongated face shape, while the wispy bangs direct attention to the eyes without overwhelming the look.

15. Wavy Bob for Gray Hair. Professionally done Rezo haircuts can invoke lift and volume even in graying hair despite its age-related changes like thinning, frizz, and limpness.

16. Easy-to-Style Rezo Cut. While the original Rezo is quite hard to do yourself, you can go for a light DIY Rezo cut version, especially if you’re not willing to get the famous round shape of the Rezo. Youtube tutorials help to get basic skills for this popular haircut.

17. Smokey Waves with Root Smudge. Rezo cut before and after pictures will totally convince you that this technique is up to the task of rejuvenating waves lying flat at the roots.

18. Rounded Honey Brown Rezo Haircut. Girls with warm complexion should never miss out on the opportunity to add some glow to their skin with honey blonde highlights, all the more so because they create extra depth in the hair.

19. Soft Rezo Cut with Side Bangs. The smart volume distribution is a game-changer for girls with round faces, and this cut visually stretches the face with the added height and tapered ends while keeping the body on the sides.

20. Ice Queen Curls. With some TLC from your side, rezo cuts can take your curls to the next level and make them look fuller and healthier, even if you bleach them to the lightest blonde like that.

21. Long Combed-Over Rezo Cut Hairstyle. While the Rëzo cut technique is invented specifically to induce volume in curly manes, getting an extra lift with a deep side part would do no harm, the more so that longer locks can be weighed down.

22. Salt-and-Pepper Mid-Length Rezo Hairstyle. You will definitely want to find a Rezo cut certified stylist nearby to get your locks as handsomely structured as the large bouncy curls of this beautiful lady.

23. Bobbed Curls with Wispy Finish. Why don’t you give a new twist to your curly bob by letting your hairdresser work through it with a razor for removed weight and a wild shaggy finish?

24. Lavish Soft Curls with Subtle Highlights. Apart from finding a hairdresser familiar with the technique, you should consider adding Rezo cut products to your hair routine if you crave silky spirals like those.

25. Fun Bobbed Rezo Haircut. Besides the distinct shape, stunning bounce, and tons of movement, we cannot fail to praise the fun splashes of gold which bring even more dimension out of this brunette bob.

26. Golden Blonde Shoulder-Length Spirals. Those who wish to get the most out of this method need to prep for a Rezo cut by shampooing their hair, as the cut is done on dry locks, and your stylist needs to see the texture and pattern without any build-up.

27. Heart-Shaped Rezo Cut Curly Hair. The technique works fine for every curl and wave type, so it can tame even chunky locks and stack them nicely all the way down.

28. Wispy Mocha Brown Curls. The best thing is that you don’t need to worry about how to style a Rezo cut since it is crafted to allow different partings, straightening, blowouts, and whatnot.

29. Delicately Highlighted Rezo Cut Wavy Hair. This dirty blonde style clearly shows what a wonderful curl-improving effect you can achieve when masterful coloring and cutting go hand in hand.

30. Even-Length Curls with Highlights. How is the Rezo cut done to create a totally even feel around the entire head? It’s all thanks to unique sectioning and a circular cutting approach based on your curl type and head shape.

Without a doubt, curly hair is a real blessing. There are just so many hairstyles for girls with curly locks, but the Rezo haircut is probably one of those that can be called universal. So, if you’re lucky enough to have wavy or curly hair, google a Rezo cut salon near you to find out where to get a Rezo cut and try it out!