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Is rose water good for hair?

What does rose water do for hair? How to make it at home?

Sure, we appreciate the fascinating smell of this herbal distillate and accept that it’s worth wearing as a mist on our tresses, but are there any health benefits of using rose water for hair? Should you be worried about its side effects, and can you leave rose water in your hair? Well, all the questions are covered below.

What Is Rose Water?

Rose water is a product obtained from the buds of volatile oil-bearing hybrid roses. In the commercial manufacture of rose water, freshly harvested petals are put into a container filled with cold water to be properly mixed and then heated with steam to the boiling point. The flower mass is distilled, and the vapor saturated with rose oil is cooled down to form the primary distillate. Subsequently, it is separated into primary rose oil and secondary distillate (which is actually pure rose hydrolate) consisting of water-soluble components, mainly terpenes and phenyl ethyl alcohol. To obtain more wholesome rose water, a certain portion of the primary rose oil is added to the hydrolate.

Rose Water Benefits for Hair

Let’s move on to the benefits of using rose water for your hair.

– Scalp treatment

Rose-based products are proven to deliver antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, thus fixing certain skin conditions by inhibiting pathogenic activity. This makes rose water good for eliminating dandruff, not to mention its mild astringency that soothes an itchy scalp. And since a healthy scalp is an essential condition for our follicles to work properly, we can speak about certain positive effects of rose water for hair growth among other things.

– Hair hydration

Do you know why hair care experts often recommend rose water for locs? It’s because the water is slightly acidic just like apple cider vinegar, which makes it pH-friendly to our strands. A healthy pH balance works to close the hair cuticle, contributing to moisture retention. This property is especially beneficial for dreads and natural curls prone to dryness and hair fall. It’s a good reason to use rose water for hair loss prevention, particularly when wearing hairstyles with dreads.

– Gentle cleansing

Let’s explore other rose water uses associated with its pH of 4.0 to 5.0. Guess what pH levels are recommended by dermatologists to keep our skin clean while retaining its natural barrier functions? Right, the same numbers. Combine this with the above-mentioned astringency to get a perfect cleansing solution for oily locks. But actually, it’s suitable for all hair types by providing gentle exfoliation of build-up sticking to our otherwise raised cuticles.

– Easy detangling

The moisturizing effects of the water go hand in hand with the smoothness of the cuticle it delivers. Obviously, this allows embracing the product as an effective detangler to prevent hair breakage while facilitating our hair care routine.

– Vitamins supply

How does rose water work towards stronger tresses? In many ways, in fact, and one of them is by delivering a bunch of vitamins and other bioactive substances. This rose petal hydrolate contains vitamins B5 and B3 to improve skin’s moister barrier; vitamins C and E with their antioxidant properties; vitamin A that boosts cell growth and adds to sebum production.

How to Make Rose Water for Hair

You may find out where to buy rose water or take our simple recipe and do it yourself. The main thing is to choose the right raw material for your DIY rose water since it should be organic and strong-smelling to do any good. Actually, dried petals are also suitable for homemade rose water, but freshly harvested buds are certainly the best pick.

– Wash the petals and put them in a pot.

– Pore distilled water just to cover the roses.

– Cover the pot with a lid and simmer the flowers for about half an hour.

– Let the water cool down and strain it to remove the petals.

– Pour the remedy into a spray bottle.

How long does rose water last? When stored in a fridge, it will serve you for a month; if kept on a shelf in your bathroom, it will preserve its qualities for a week.

How to Incorporate Rose Water in Your Beauty Routine

Now, let’s shed light on how to use rose water for different hair goals:

– To cleanse

Create your own rose water shampoo by adding the remedy into your regular product for a more pH-balanced solution.

– To hydrate

Mix rosewater and glycerin in equal portions to work the mixture into your tresses and let it sit for 30 minutes.

– To detangle

Use rose water spray for hair detangling after shampooing your locks as usual.

– To decrease frizz

You can tame your mane by spraying rose water into it before going out.

– To repair damaged hair

Enrich rose water with vitamin E and jojoba oil (1 cup of the water, 1 capsule of the vitamin and a few drops of the oil), massage it into your damp locks and scalp, and wait for 10-15 minutes before shampooing.

Rose Water for Natural Hair

Sure we have a couple of dedicated recipes for naturally curly girls:

– Employ rose water for curly hair to make it soft, smooth, and shiny. Add 3 tbsps of coconut oil to 1 cup of the hydrolate, blend them, and apply to your curls as a live-in conditioner or overnight treatment. You can replace it with a rose water and olive oil combination for low porosity hair.

– Blend the same amount of aloe vera and rose water for hair conditioning – just spritz the mix into your curls and leave it there. It would be a great idea to make rose water with essential oil of your choice to enhance the effect (rosemary or lavender oils would be a nice option).

– If your scalp is itchy, use a mix of rose water and tea tree oil for hair treatment – add a few drops of the oil into your rose water rinse after shampooing.

Rose Water Side Effects

Since the hydrolate is much softer than the primary concentrate, we can enjoy rose oil benefits for hair with a low risk of side effects. But to eliminate the slightest possibility of allergy, do a self patch test before applying the remedy.

Where to Buy Rose Water for Hair

If you don’t want to make the rose water at home and intend to buy it, these products available on the market have the best reviews:

– Heritage Store Rose Petals Rosewater Mist

– Carol’s Daughter Cactus Rose Water Volume Spray

– Baja Basics Rose Water Spray.

We are glad to reveal all the benefits of using rose water for hair and think now you will be inspired to add our tips to your beauty routine. Make this herbal water yourself or buy a ready-made product – you will benefit anyway.

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