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50 Screenshot-Worthy Short Layered Hairstyles

20. Short Curly Haircut. One of the most adorable ways to style short layered hair is to curl the ends upwards. The “flipped” short layers will hold great when the strands are cut short. If you want to get some inspiration from the 1960s and make it modern, go for this coif!

Deciding to go for one of the current short layered haircuts is a brave move – you can’t just hide your hair in a messy bun if you don’t like it! That’s why it’s important to be clear on how you want it to look. Yes, you can get ideas from your stylist, but without having done your homework, you may end up with a hairstyle that’s not what you wanted – and then there’s no turning back! Lucky for you, we have compiled an extensive list of short layered hairstyles that are very trendy right now to inspire you for your next cut!

Why to go for layers? Layering is an effortless way to shape and add fullness to fine thin hair, but it can also remove bulk from the ends, distribute and reduce volume in thick wavy hair. Layers can also be adapted to flatter almost any face shape, building a universal cut many modern women embrace. Plus, they add a youthful vibe to the look – and who could say no to looking younger?!

1. Layered Pixie with Bangs. No list of short layered haircuts would be complete without a layered pixie! The long, side swept bangs are ideal for adding dimension – and are perfect for round faces.

2. Beautiful Bangs. There’s nothing we don’t love about short hair and bangs – it’s the perfect combo! Especially if the hair is layered and tastefully textured.

3. Wispy Layered Bob Cut. Classic but still on-trend short layered hair. This effortless-looking style gives your hair texture and creates a smooth flow of each strand. It’s especially flattering for ladies who have thin or fine hair.

4. Long Layered Pixie Cut. Growing out your pixie doesn’t have to be painful. This super cute cut is stylish and easy – and will look particularly good on fine curly hair.

5. Edgy Feathered Bob. Making the ends of the layers thinner and fluffier, the feathered cut results in an edgy textured style. It’s one of the most sought-after short layered hairstyles because it can flatter any face shape and hair type.

6. Cute Short Bob. We’re huge fans of this modern look. Blonde highlights add more texture, and create an illusion of fullness, which is ideal for fine hair.

7. Neck-Length Wispy Bob. Similar to the regular A-Line, this type of short layered bob introduces the look of crisp straight hair with volume. Short layered haircuts for women bring more attention to your face, highlight your features, and make you look younger.

8. Short Layered Bob. When it comes to semi short bobs, making them angled can produce a look that’s both stylish, and playful!

9. Short Medium Blunt Bob. Feel weightless with one of the top picks of short layered haircuts in 2022. Style it sleek straight or tease some sections to create the illusion of airy hair tousled by the wind.

10. Textured Bob. Want a short cut, but don’t feel ready to give up your effortless beach waves yet? Textured layers will be the perfect solution. Since the cut helps generate an appearance of thickness, it’s also great for thin hair.

11. Stacked Layers. Stacked bobs are so on-trend right now! They look particularly flattering on wavy hair – and we’re in love with the bold, silver hair color.

12. Tomboy Pixie with Bangs. Are you after a haircut that’s very low-maintenance? There’s hardly anything easier than a pixie cut! This quirky tomboy look is ideal for short straight hair.

13. Platinum Pixie. Are you after low-maintenance haircuts? Then pixies will never disappoint! Pick layered haircuts for short hair to give it volume and stand out with this edgy yet elegant cut. Choose a platinum shade to make it more stunning!

14. Striking Red Layers. We’re strong believers that everyone should dye their hair red at least once in their life. Take a look at this front and back view – and tell us you’re not tempted to go for a chop with a full fringe, everything in a striking red?

15. Graduated Angled Bob. Graduated bobs are among the hottest trends of 2018 – particularly with highlights!

16. Razored Pixie. Razor cutting leaves the ends looking thinner and sharper as the opposite to the blunt look performed with scissors. Razoring is perfect for creating slightly messier looks.

17. Medium Layered Wavy Cut. If you’re not keen on trying very short-length haircuts, go for neck-length ‘dos that cover your nape and almost touch your shoulders. Don’t forget about some trendy bangs if you want to balance your face shape – soften an angular jawline or make a round face slimmer.

18. Sleek Layered Blonde Pixie Bob. If you have naturally soft and sleek hair, this beautiful layered cut will look stunning on you.

19. Cute and Quirky Layered Pixie. There’s a common misconception that pixies are best on blonde hair. Check out this super cute layered pixie with a side fringe on brown hair. Charming!

20. Short Curly Haircut. One of the most adorable ways to style short layered hair is to curl the ends upwards. The “flipped” short layers will hold great when the strands are cut short. If you want to get some inspiration from the 1960s and make it modern, go for this coif!

21. Delicate Feathered Pixie-Bob. This short layer cut shapes your head in a graceful, dainty manner. You can also choose to get wispy cuts to make the strands appear lighter. Dye your hair blonde or pastel to complete the look.

22. Choppy Layered Pixie. A short length choppy, textured look is another ultimate trend right now. All you need is a drop of pomade – and you’re good to roll!

23. Layered Curls. Naturally curly hair is an asset! It means your hair naturally has texture and all you need to do is guide it in the right direction. We love this awesome, subtly messy pixie for curly hair. It’ll look equally good permed!

24. Tapered Pixie with Jagged Layers. Looking for a hairstyle that stands out? How about these quirky and stylish razor cut layers? We love the contrast between the long bangs and hair that’s short on top.

25. Feathered Long Pixie. If you’re looking to cut your hair short without going really short, throw in some longer razored layers throughout the cut. They’ll add length while still keeping the haircut visually interesting and edgy.

26. Dimensional Blonde. Brightening mid-shaft highlights, wispy layers, and the perfect beach waves. Don’t you love it?

27. Asymmetrical Pixie. Another gorgeous pixie cut that looks awesome on dark hair. Keep some of the length, while officially joining the pixie club!

28. Warm Brown Textured Bob. We can’t get enough of these beautiful warm tones. The color combination brings this layered haircut to life!

29. Cropped Pixie Cut. Cute and practical – what more could you ask for from a hairstyle?

30. Effortless Multi Layered Waves. The balayage is beautiful. It looks good on any hair length – especially when paired with breezy beach waves!

31. Asymmetrical Layered Bob. Three words: major hair envy.

32. Choppy Layered Cut. A choppy haircut is a great, low-maintenance option for wavy hair. Doesn’t it look so effortlessly cool?

33. Burgundy Layered Pixie. Burgundy deserves to be added to your wish list of hair colors to experiment with!

34. Short Messy Layered Bob. Cute and sexy at the same time, this bob is an appealing option for anyone looking to go for short layered hair.

35. Graduated Bob for Thick Hair. Inverted bobs will never go out of style! Plus, it’s one of the best hairstyles for square faces.

36. Textured Copper Waves. One of our absolute favorites: stunning copper highlights on the delicious dark brown base. So beautiful!

37. Gorgeous A-Line Bob. If you’re looking for a hairstyle that’s a little more extravagant, then you’ll love this stunning A-line bob with apricot highlights. There’s nothing quite so glamorous!

38. Short Layered Bob on Dark Hair. Razored layers are the best way to create movement in hair – and make the look lighter and more interesting.

39. Short Rounded Bob. Add subtle layers to your accurate bob to spice up the look a little!

40. Longer Layered Pixie. This hairstyle boasts a lovely tapered shape and a variety of lengths for a structured look full of texture. In this case a solid dark color is the best choice in order not to distract from the dominant shape and texture.

41. Pink and Silver Highlights. The perfect color combination to please those looking for a sweet hair makeover!

42. Messy Long Pixie. Isn’t this a cool cut? We adore the texture and the straight-outta-bed look!

43. Chic Bob for Thick Hair. For women with thick dark brown hair, a similar look with a layered back would add sophistication, and help distribute the thickness. It’s a classic short layered hairstyle!

44. Airy Blonde Layered Bob. The stunning style pictured here will flatter heart-shaped and oval faces.

45. Short Shaggy Pixie. This is probably one of the best short no-fuss hairstyles!

46. Layered Platinum Blonde Bob. It’s hard not to admire the icy blonde look. If you’re considering a short-to-medium cut and want to experiment with cool blonde shades – this one’s for you.

47. Modern Pixie with Long Bangs. The angled over the ear bangs are a nice addition to the longer layers covering the undercut

48. Edgy Undercut Pixie. This pixie cut is super easy to style, a nice find for ladies on the go.

49. Textured Piecey Bob. Whether you’re growing out your pixie or just considering a shorter hairstyle – the following short piece-y bob is undeniably gorgeous!

50. Inverted Bob with Highlights. Last but not least, check out this dreamy blunt bob. Major hair inspiration!

Short layered haircuts are absolutely stunning! Whether you decide to go for a pixie or a bob, bangs or no bangs – layers will add fun and movement to your new hairstyle, and help create a customized look that’s ideal for your face shape, hair type and figure. Finally, not only will you be sporting one of the trendiest haircuts of today – but you’ll also be able to style it in under 10 minutes! Ideal.

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