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50 Short Shag Hairstyles That Will Stun You

2. Wavy styling matches perfectly with the unkempt nature of the shaggy bob. The cut displayed here is inverted and tousled into a complete mess!

Short, messy cuts are great for all hair types, but can definitely accentuate the wispiness of thinner hair. These punk-rock, yet feminine styles are sure to wow. Keep reading for fifty great examples of shaggy, wispy cuts.

Short shag haircuts are perfectly suited to women who are young in spirit. Shaggy haircuts are created by razoring, resulting in lots of texture and a messy layered look. This hairstyle can be paired with a bold, statement color for a stand-out vibe or with soft, feminine hues to generate a balanced, laid-back look. You choose!

With all the different ways to adopt this layered style, there’s sure to be a cut for everyone. Find yours below!

1. The hairdo displayed below is a great illustration of the bedhead done right. This mullet-style shag is boyish and bold.

2. Wavy styling matches perfectly with the unkempt nature of the shaggy bob. The cut displayed here is inverted and tousled into a complete mess!

3. A shaggy bob works well with naturally wavy hair, as razored layers complement the natural texture of such locks. Enhancing this with a mousse on damp hair can further accentuate waves.

4. The density of the bottom layer in the haircut presented is maintained to preserve the thickness of the cut. The texturizing on the top layers produces the right amount of shagginess for a casual hairstyle.

5. The following unique cut stands out with its movement-generating layers for fine, flat hair. Cute, isn’t it?

6. The shaggy pixie can be recommended to young ladies and at the same time it works for women over 50 and more. The short cut is elegant and polished but has a relaxed feel from its unkempt layering and texture.

7. A chin-length shaggy bob with bangs requires a little extra styling, however, it has tons of body and texture to work with.

8. Short shag haircuts have the potential to be full of texture and dimension. Adding some shine-boosting highlights can further enhance this feature.

9. Wedge haircuts are like a shorter version of the classic bob. Incorporating some shaggy layering takes this haircut from prim to punk.

10. The texture of this boyish haircut is crisp, sharp, and bedhead-chic. If your hair is straight and fine, consider this one, as it’s a worthy option among numerous go-to short shag hairstyles.

11. Short shag cuts can range anywhere between the pixie length to the medium bob length. The shaggy, short length haircut has an androgynous feel that’s balanced by a feminine pastel purple color.

12. A short shag is not limited to fine hair. A perfect example of a cropped shag for thick hair is pictured here.

13. An ombre paired with a shaggy crop makes for an ultimate low-maintenance duo. Lots of texture promises an easy styling routine, while the ombre color requires little or none touch ups.

14. The back view of this pixie with shaggy layers demonstrates just how airy and wispy razored cuts can be. Pay attention to the asymmetrical cut across the neck. It’s a little detail that customizes your cut.

15. Side swept bangs on a lofty pixie are an edgy take on professional hairstyles. The spikiness of this cut can be toned down by soft makeup.

16. The men’s style haircut for women can be balanced with femininity or enhanced for a full-blown androgynous look. A tapering technique is used to garner height in the crown.

17. The flirty bob here is elegant and sexy. Incorporating some loose waves in the hair accentuates the girliness of the look.

18. The steep angle on this inverted bob is innovative and sophisticated. To tone down the shagginess of the haircut, simply flat iron locks for a sleek, straight style.

19. A piece-y, surfer-inspired look can be achieved without even going to the beach! A sea salt spray texturizes the hair and gives it the straight-from-the-beach vibe in no time.

20. An inverted pixie with long face-framing bangs builds a cool, punk-inspired look on fine straight hair. Opt for a beautiful blonde, like this gorgeous caramel balayage to end up with something unique.

21. A wedge pixie is great for all ages but it’s particularly loved by women in their 30s and 40s. By this age they accumulate the perfect amount of class and feel ready for fashion-forward styling.

22. This simple, boyish cut is feminized by delicate layering and effective high- and lowlights. Styling the hair requires a small amount of pomade and tousling.

23. Thick hair suggests much more layering than thin strands because of its density. The cut pictured is a perfect example of shagginess on a thicker texture.

24. A well-done blowout on razored layers creates texture without looking like you’ve just woken up.

25. On a subtly layered cut, you can achieve the illusion of shag by simply ruffling your hair with hands. This builds a refined messiness without distinct choppy layers.

26. To achieve the right tousled wave style, use a sea-salt spray. The shaggy bob cut is the most suitable base for lovely beach waves.

27. Want a slightly messy style, but don’t like the look of a full shag? Flat iron hair to remove frizz and bend some sections in different directions to complete a messy, yet still put together look.

28. Defining your curls while still embracing a slightly disheveled look produces an effortless, yet polished vibe.

29. The long face-framing tendrils of this haircut draw attention to the beautiful features of your face. The platinum blonde stands out and dramatizes the unique style.

30. The short, razored “emo” cut is ideal for those looking to embrace an androgynous style.

31. This jagged layered hairstyle boasts cute messy waves. The inverted shape of the cut is enhanced by trendy gray highlights.

32. A diffuser is the best tool to use when trying to accomplish an undone, naturally curly look. Being a must-have for curly girls, diffusers can be easily attached to your blow-dryer.

33. Crops with in-between lengths are unique and stand out among traditional haircuts. Adding piece-y layering and graduated bangs, you may get a quirky style popular with the younger crowd.

34. Inverted bobs and shaggy layers are a textbook match. The blonde in this example gives the trend-setting style a classy vibe.

35. An undercut is a statement detail that pairs well with the punk-rock style of short shags.

36. Long face-framing pieces of the a-line haircut accentuate the angle of the cut while also adding softness. A voluminous curl increases body and movement.

37. Reminiscent of Hayley William’s rocker shag bob, this copper-toned hairstyle exudes boldness and an “I don’t give a damn” feel.

38. Lots of texture from soft layers throughout the cut creates the perfect canvas for a beautiful blowout.

39. 2021 is the year of unique hairstyles. This ultra-short straight fringe is an unusual detail for those looking to make a statement.

40. Short shaggy styles perfectly accentuate one’s facial features. A cut with a deep, swooping fringe allows you to conceal a large forehead and draw attention to the lips.

41. Textured bobs with non-trivial angling are good for women who want to maintain their professionalism and stay on-trend.

42. This shaggy lob is piece-y and full of body – a perfect solution for thinner haired ladies.

43. The shaggy bob for thicker hair pictured here is tousled and unkempt without coming off too messy.

44. This square shaped bob is one-length and textured with light layering that gives it a windswept feel.

45. The ruffled pixie cut is an elegant and stylish way to pull off the shaggy trend for short hair. A mahogany brown color complements warm skin tones.

46. Razored layers added to an accurately shaped bob let the texture of your hair shine through a fairly structured cut. Beachy waves and subtle highlights are pretty bonuses.

47. An a-line style pixie not only brings together 2 cuts, it can combine 2 textures, 2 colors and 2 lengths.

48. A high contrast ombre or balayage on a textured haircut is contemporary and low-maintenance. With these styles all over Instagram, you’re sure to be the envy of your friends.

49. Sometimes simple is the way to go. This hairstyle is just about a modest color with minimal layering and tousled styling.

50. The beautiful wavy hairstyle is complemented by a sophisticated and expensive-looking color. A little bit of gloss on beachy waves evokes an effortless, yet flawless feel.

With all the variety of hairstyles available, it can be hard to find the right women’s cuts – simple and flattering yet with a customized touch. We’ve tried to do the down-and-dirty hard work for you by scouring Instagram for the most distinctive cuts and styles that you can take with you to the salon today. Don’t forget to share some of your favorite short shag haircuts with your friends!

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