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How to get rid of static hair?

Static electricity in my hair is driving me crazy! How can I get rid of it? Nothing seems to work (e.g. damp brush, different hairsprays). Are there any secret methods to stop it?

What causes hair static?

Static electricity in hair can appear anytime. But in winter it happens more often: the air in the rooms is very dry, and the hair suffers from constant temperature fluctuations, it lacks moisture and always comes into contact with synthetics. In fact, almost all our clothes, including hats, contain synthetic threads. In addition, locks are very closely pressed to each other under the hat, and static electricity simply can’t but occur, so the situation seems hopeless.

Improper and insufficient hair care also contributes to the generation of static electricity – this is due to the natural features of the hair structure. It’s known that the scales of healthy hair fit closely to each other, which means that the static electricity in them accumulates to a lesser degree. And another matter is sick and weakened hair, exhausted by dyes, curlers, hairdressing procedures, and all sorts of chemical products – even in shampoos that we use every day, there are very few (or no) natural ingredients. But you shouldn’t put up with it – you can and should fight this unpleasant physical phenomenon.

There are some simple recommendations to get rid of this problem at home.

How to get rid of static electricity in hair?

  • The easiest and most common way out of the situation is buying an anti-static spray. You can buy it in any store with hair products. Anti-frizz spray conditioners help to relieve tension in hair and make it softer and more manageable.

  • If the anti-static spray doesn’t help, which is unlikely, then try to apply a styling hairspray on your clean hairbrush and brush your hair in the usual way.

  • You can also use an ordinary hand or face cream. Just rub a little cream in your palms, and then run your hands through your hair. It is necessary to take just a little bit of cream, otherwise, your hair may become greasy and unattractive.

  • Lavender essential oils can also come in handy. Use a pipette to take a few drops of oil and dissolve them in a mug of water. Pour water into a spray bottle and treat your hair, letting it air-dry without the help of a hairdryer.

  • Always use balms, hair masks, or dry oils to moisturize and nourish the hair. This will help get rid of the static electricity in winter.

  • If your hairbrush is made of plastic, change it to a comb, made of natural materials.

  • Use a humidifier. Low humidity leads to hair drying and provokes increased static electricity in hair. If you don’t have a humidifier and can’t buy it – just put a bottle with water near the radiator.

  • Choose shampoos containing silicone or keratin. These substances will help create an invisible film that protects the hair from static electricity. And don’t forget about a conditioner – it will help to close the cuticle layer and make the hair smoother.

If you follow these simple tips, the problem of static electricity and frizzy hair will stop bothering you!

Featured Image: Alexander Krivitskiy

by Donna Sullivan
Donna is a hairstylist with 8 years of experience. Ask her about any hair-related problem (haircuts, hairstyles, colorings, hair care) and get a pro advice!