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30 Charming Strawberry Blonde Hair Color Ideas

2. Strawberry Blonde with Front Highlights. Strawberry blonde hair color is among the most captivating blondes. It has a deliciously cool hint of strawberry color. Pair it with highlights in a lighter blonde shade in the front for extra pizazz.

Strawberry blonde hair is something that every girl wants to try at least once in her color-changing journey. Want to spice things up a little bit? We’ve got a few irresistible strawberry blonde hair color ideas for you to try out.

Go through these 30 unique styles, and maybe you will find a shade to suit your fancy!

1. Strawberry Hair with Blonde Highlights. A warm tone that will suit all fair-skinned girls! Also, it makes your hair look like a cinnamon bun!

2. Strawberry Blonde with Front Highlights. Strawberry blonde hair color is among the most captivating blondes. It has a deliciously cool hint of strawberry color. Pair it with highlights in a lighter blonde shade in the front for extra pizazz.

3. Strawberry Hair with High-Contrast Face Frame. Brunettes will be happy to learn they can keep the base color close to their natural shade while having contrasting highlights glazed with spicy ginger to gain the desired blush.

4. Dark Strawberry Blonde Hair. The chocolate swirl solution is a perfect place to start for all ex-brunettes who feel like switching to the lighter side of the color spectrum.

5. Light Strawberry Blonde Hair. Thanks to highlights and lowlights, getting a shade like this one suits any skin tone and looks great with curls, or straight.

6. Strawberry Blonde Red Hair. For the times when you want something hot and fierce, go for some spice with a reddish strawberry blonde hair color.

7. Strawberry Blonde Hair and Blue Eyes. Name a better match than glossy reddish blonde hair and lovely blue eyes; we’ll sit here and wait.

8. Platinum and Strawberry Blonde. Given that platinum is a pretty chic color in itself, it becomes even chicer with an added shade of dusty strawberry!

9. Soft Copper Strawberry Blonde. If you want a more intense color, a softened copper tone takes your strawberry-blonde hair to a whole new level. Style with loose curls to make the tiny blonde highlights stand out.

10. Strawberry Blonde Copper Hair. Strawberry-blonde is definitely one of those shades that perfectly pairs with most hair colors. Highlight a couple of random tresses to change up your look a little.

11. Red and Blonde Ombre Hair. Not quite an ombre technically, this color job gives a nice example of a strawberry gradient — from the depth-boosting copper at the roots to the dimensional peachy streaks on the bottom.

12. Strawberry Blonde Hair with Highlights. The creamy honey-blonde highlights are the perfect addition to caramel brown hair that you won’t be able to get enough of!

13. Lived-In Strawberry Blonde Hair. Although red shades are the fastest to fade out, this mix of blonde and brown glossed with subtle honey gold will look natural and fresh for many weeks with just minor upkeep.

14. Bright Strawberry Blonde. For the hair that captures attention and interest, a balayage in this marvelous shade would do. Such bright strawberry blonde hair can never go unnoticed.

15. Illuminating Strawberry Blonde Balayage. This almost ginger hair is masterfully hand-painted to give the strands better shimmer and enhance movement — all through the splashes of tremendous light-reflecting gold popping here and there.

16. Bronde Hair with Strawberry Blonde Highlights. This color scheme is the perfect choice for a brunette-to-blonde transition since it feels totally natural and looks extremely dimensional with the ribbons of golden blonde placed against the deep chestnut base.

17. Dusty Red with Pink Undertones. There is a shade for every skin tone on the strawberry blonde hair color chart, and this muted auburn style with face-framing highlights has enough pink in it to flawlessly suit cooler complexions.

18. Strawberry Brown Hair Coloring. Looking for highlights that would bring life to your brunette hair? Search no further. A high-quality strawberry blonde hair dye and a good colorist – and you’ll have your order delivered hot.

19. Light Strawberry Blonde with Highlights. Just imagine your long or medium-length mane in the warm, sun-kissed glow of this fantastic strawberry blonde! That’s something worth looking forward to, right? We think so too. The invitingly warm appearance of the strawberry color, glamorous blunt cut, and subtle highlights at the ends make this delectable strawberry blonde hair so A-mazing.

20. Waist-Length Strawberry Hair. If you have a long mane, you’re probably used to your hair drawing attention. Make it good one. Opt for a strawberry blonde hair color to turn that attention into attraction. Get some waves in your hair for maximum effect.

21. Light Strawberry Blonde with Added Shine. A peachy blonde shade would flatter the fair skin and blue eyes of this girl in any case, but adding barely-there highlights towards the ends is a real find for the extra gloss they deliver.

22. Streaky Reddish Blonde Hair. Why don’t you have some fun by spicing up your copper hair with bright blonde pieces which will bring in the 90s vibes and make the overall look more dynamic and dimensional?

23. Dark Strawberry Blonde with Red Undertones. This style comes with an elaborate blend of brown, orangy, and reddish hues to land a versatile color scheme that will play well with both warm and cool complexions.

24. Radiant Ginger with a Hint of Rose Gold. While you can surely find a strawberry blonde hair dye with a glossy effect, you will hardly be able to replicate these glowing rose gold insertions without the help of a fine hand.

25. Strawberry Blonde Highlights. Get the special look reserved for screen divas alone. That look says “I’m fabulous”. Strawberry blonde highlights on brown hair are spot-on gorgeous. The mix of brown and red hues yields a hair color that fits fair-to-medium skin tones.

26. Coppery Strawberry Blonde Hair Color. This straight copper hair comes to life with a few paler bits peeping out from under the base and making the whole scheme more dimensional and luminous.

27. Reddish Blonde. The true strawberry blonde hair is very rare. We think this hair is as close to the real McCoy as it can be. The shade is bright and coppery, with a delightful reddish tinge.

28. Saturated Strawberry Hair with Highlights. If you are looking for a poppier take on the color trend, follow this girl’s lead and go for a vibrant red that is handsomely interlaced with golden blonde strips.

29. Dark Reddish Blonde Hair with Money Highlights. Summer doesn’t have to come, you can create summer any time. A warm, fun, and flirty hairstyle like hers puts you in the summer mood. This lovely combination of a reddish strawberry blonde balayage on a golden blonde base is just the right hairstyle for all seasons.

30. Soft Red to Blonde Melt. Strawberry blonde comes in many iterations, which allows you to decide how much red and blonde you want to have in your mane, and it’s absolutely OK to keep the style on the lighter side.

Hopefully, one of these carefully selected strawberry blonde hair color ideas has helped you to make the right decision and you’ll be rocking a new, exciting shade in no time!

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