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50 Beautiful Caramel Highlights Hairstyles You Need to Try ASAP

Freshen up your look by adding caramel highlights to your hair. Long-haired and short-haired girls should try caramel highlights or a caramel hair color at least once, the result will exceed all expectations, really. The best thing about modern highlights is that you can have thicker highlights or thinner pieces – it depends on your personal preference. Options are endless.

Here’s a list of beautiful caramel highlight hairstyles for you to choose from:

1. Dark Brown Hair with Caramel Highlights. Transitioning from your dark hair to a caramel color is meant to be effortless. Your stylist should choose a darker shade of caramel in between your natural hair color and the actual caramel shade for the perfect fade effect.

2. Brown Hair with Caramel Highlights and Lowlights. You can play with different shades of brown and caramel to update your natural hair color.

3. Creamy Caramel Highlights. Show off the nuances of your caramel color with light waves. Curl your hair with a medium-sized curling barrel for about 10 – 15 seconds.

4. Glossy Honey Caramel Highlights. Big curls help add volume and texture to your hair, and the honey caramel hair color brings depth to your locks.

5. Golden Caramel Waves. If you feel you look dull with your natural ash brown hair color, muted golden caramel highlights will work best for your skin tone.

6. Short Waves with Dark Caramel Highlights. You can still rock highlights with short hair – it could be as subtle as peek-a-boo highlights or as evident as a full head of highlights – don’t let the length stop you!

7. Chocolate Brown Hair with Caramel Highlights. Long layers and shiny balayage highlights help thicken long hair and bring it back to life.

8. Subtle Caramel Balayage Highlights. For a smoother transition from your natural hair color to the highlight color, go for a subtle balayage style. It will look sophisticated and effortlessly blended!

9. Salted Caramel Waves. Brighten up your complexion and give your hair a reset with a bright caramel color.

10. Sun-Kissed Brunette with Caramel Highlights. Getting a perfect shade of caramel that complements your skin tone is key to this style.

11. Sunset Caramel Highlights on Dark Hair. Have your highlight color start at the lower half of your hair so you can have an effortless transition that looks gorgeous on all hair types.

12. Golden Waves. That golden blonde highlight color mixed with the caramel is awesome!

13. Rich Bronze Balayage. There’s something about nailing the perfect bronze shade that makes having highlights 100x better. Have light waves or keep the style straight to show the shiny color.

14. Medium Brown Hair with Caramel Highlights. Try a choppy medium cut to help bring your hair back to life.

15. Super Long Balayage Hair. The best thing about having long hair is that you can have different shades of caramel effortlessly blended. Curl your hair with a big curling iron for a more textured hairstyle.

16. Messy Honey Caramel Highlights. To achieve an extra messy look, spray dry shampoo on your hair before curling so you can get height and texture in your waves.

17. Tangerine Highlights. Yes, this still counts as a caramel brown color, and we are obsessed with it!

18. Mocha Hair Color with Caramel Highlights. Enjoy your favorite coffee flavors in your hair for a beautiful face-framing look!

19. Angled Lob with Beige Caramel Balayage. To get these loose, beachy waves, curl your hair lightly with a medium sized barrel in the same direction. Finger comb your hair after curling to get this smooth, loose midshaft wave.

20. Beautiful Brown Balayage. For a sleek, shiny look, use a leave-in conditioner and heat protectant spray before you straighten your hair.

21. Chic Short Hair with Caramel Highlights and Bangs. Having subtle highlights with a short cut adds depth to your hairstyle.

22. Balayage with Chunky Highlights. Combine a darker shade of caramel with a lighter one to create the dimensional balayage effect.

23. Beach Waves with Honey Highlights. To get the beachy, messy look, spray a bit of dry shampoo after you lightly curl your hair and finger comb when the hairstyle is complete.

24. Beautiful Curly Caramel Highlights. Look at that volume?! To get extra height, create tighter curls and hold hair on the curling iron for about 20 seconds.

25. Chestnut Hair with Caramel Highlights. A richer, darker shade of caramel will look beautiful on chestnut/ medium brown hair!

26. Balayage Curls. A blonder/lighter shade of caramel looks beautiful with milk chocolate curls for an effortlessly chic look.

27. Warm Honey Highlights. Warm up your appearance with a shade of honey that works with your skin undertone whether it is pink, yellow, or beige.

28. Caramel Peekaboo Highlights. You see how the caramel color is barely there but yet it makes such a difference in the hair texture and shine? We love it.

29. Ruby Caramel Waves. There’s a tinge of red mixed into the brown color that automatically draws us in, and we love this twist on the caramel highlight look!

30. Maple Brown Hair Color with Caramel Highlights. Maple brown lengths with caramel highlights will brighten your fair complexion.

31. Caramel Brown Medium Curls. We’re obsessed with this length because it gives you so much room to mix highlight colors to find your perfect combo.

32. Toasted Brown Waves. A shade that works all year round regardless of the season!

33. Choppy Lob with Creamy Caramel Highlights. A choppy cut automatically brings life and texture back into your hair with one swift chop. Play up the texture with curls or keep it straight for a chic look.

34. Blended Caramel Waves. Highlights that graze only the top layer of your hair generate depth and dress up the look even if your hairstyle is very simple.

35. Cashmere Honey Highlights. Bring warmth back into your hair with a fresh caramel hair color that has a bit of blonde and red in it.

36. Rich Caramel Highlights. The base and highlights work together to create the perfect color flattering for your complexion.

37. Mid-Length Golden Caramel Waves. Don’t let your mid-length hair go to waste because you think it’s at an awkward length! Try loose waves like these ones and add extra volume with dry shampoo once you finish curling.

38. Long Blended Caramel Locks. We love this longer length because it gives you a chance to show how beautifully caramel highlights blend with your natural color.

39. Gorgeous Caramel Brown Curls. These ombre curls joining the two brown colors in a 50/50 proportion are delicate and feminine.

40. Luminescent Caramel Highlights. In order to get a sleek, shiny look, run a finishing spray through your hair with your fingers.

41. Mocha Hair with Caramel Contouring. For thin-haired ladies, try a layered look with brightening contouring. Lightly curl your hair to get an effortless effect.

42. Chestnut Balayage. Look how sleek and thick her hair is?! We love long layers for this reason – a subtle change yet it can instantly refresh your look.

43. Burgundy and Strawberry Blonde Waves. There’s a whole range of colors that fall under a caramel palette – try mixing it with a blonder color.

44. Choppy Brunette with Caramel Highlights. A choppy cut doesn’t mean it’s messy – it can be chic and with light waves for an everyday look.

45. Luscious Honey Waves. We love healthy, shiny hair! Drink a lot of water and try to avoid using heat on your hair so you can keep it healthy.

46. Razored Rosewood Bob. This is an awesome hair color solution for brunettes. The cut is no less spectacular.

47. Autumn Waves. A caramel brown color is beautiful on all hair lengths and can add shine and depth to all styles. Dark caramel highlights that transition to a lighter shade at the very ends are so chic!

48. Chunky Layers. This gorgeous hair is probably the thickest in the world! Tan skin and a caramel balayage are a beautiful duo!

49. Caramel and Blonde Highlights for Brunettes. Having choppy layers help thin-haired ladies with texture and volume.

50. Chic Caramel Bronde Bob. Check how elegantly the layers fall and show off the caramel and blonde dimensional highlights?! With a shorter length, try a small curling barrel or rollers for an effortless wave.

The best thing about caramel highlights is that everyone will find their perfect shade of caramel to flatter their skin tone and eyes. If you want a fresh change that will instantly brighten up your complexion – try a customized caramel hair color the next time you go to the salon.

by Victoria Morales
Victoria is a freelance writer living in NYC. She loves writing about lifestyle, skin care and all things hair. She's always open to sharing ideas on new trendy hair colors, haircuts and hairstyles.