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30 Tribal Braids Ideas Worth Trying This Season

If you’re wondering what are tribal braids and if they are trendy in 2022, you’re in the right place to get the needed information.

Tribal braids refer to braiding patterns that came from different cultures in Africa. These African tribal braids offer different textures, designs, and adornments to boost your confidence. A lot of braids we see all over the Internet can be referred to as tribal, for example, our beloved box braids, Fulani braids, cornrows, and Ghana braids.

If you’re thinking of getting some braids, we’ve compiled 30 current tribal braids styles for you to choose from.

1. Fulani Tribal Braids with Curls. These tribal braids with curls perfectly complement any skin tone and face shape. You can also choose the size of coils to soften a strong jawline, create the illusion of volume, or make your face appear slimmer.

2. Blonde Tribal Braids. Cool blondes are best for paler complexions, while golden hues like butter and caramel are excellent for darker skin tones. When put into braids, the colors will be more striking, reflecting light and making your eyes pop.

3. Bubble Pigtails and Tribal Braids with Beads. Beads are not only used as accessories for braids. They can also work to tame stubborn curls and hide split ends while your tresses are recovering.

4. Tribal Feed-In Braids. These triangle knotless braids are perfect for ladies who like long tresses. Extensions are added to your natural, already braided hair. This results in a thicker, longer, and more natural-looking hairstyle.

5. Large Tribal Braids. Ladies with naturally thick hair can opt for tribal braids and avoid getting extensions, but, in most cases, you will need them for creating that stunning thickness. These braids are clean and have well-defined sections for easy styling.

6. Tribal Box Braids with Color. If you want to protect your natural hair while it’s growing out, go for box braids. They are a shielding kind of styling that lasts for four to six weeks. One more advantage of box braids: you can completely change your natural hair color and opt for a bold unnatural shade.

7. Criss Cross Knotless Braids. These long tribal braids are recommended to those who don’t want to risk damaging their scalp. They are also lightweight and may last longer than classic box braids.

8. Natural Hair Tribal Braids in a Bun. Natural hair tribal braids with extensions are a great base for different braided ponytails and buns. We also strongly recommend leaving several individual braids in the front for beautiful face-framing.

9. Short Tribal Braids. Choose shorter lengths if you want to have braids but don’t want to deal with high maintenance. Additionally, pick big tribal braids since they are easier to install, clean, and remove.

10. Tribal Braids with Curly Ends. Leave some room at the ends of your braids for a more feminine and playful effect. Curl the ends loose or tight, depending on your mood.

Black Braids with Curls at the Ends
By Tife

11. Tribal Braids with Color. These colored tribal braids will elevate your hair’s overall appearance. A unique braided design, bright hues, and a combination of shades will make you stand out.

12. Bohemian Tribal Braids. Combine braids and free-flowing sections for charming and artistic boho tribal braids. You can even add cuffs and other trinkets to display your creative side.

13. Ponytail Tribal Braids. Put the focus on your face with a high ponytail. Section off your bangs, braid and adorn them with beads to make them more interesting. So creative!

14. Goddess Tribal Braids. These braids are chunky box braids with hair parts bigger and bulkier than standard box braids. Additional hair is usually used for the appropriate size and texture. Your braider will recommend the type of hair you need for such a style.

15. Tribal Braids with Scalp Design. It’s a famous tribal braiding style from West Africa’s Fula people. The thin braids are versatile and stylish, making it a top pick among young girls and mature females alike.

16. Cute Tribal Braids with Two Low Buns. These twists work for any age with their clean and straightforward braiding. Stitch braids are a popular current solution for tribal styling.

17. Golden Medium-Sized Tribal Braids. Choose the mid-size, so the braids are neither too heavy nor too light. It’s easy to play with trendy highlights adding extensions in metallic colors.

18. Zig-Zag Tribal Braids Updo. Updos are perfect to really show off the braid done on your scalp. The snake-like zig-zag braiding will look great with a high braided bun.

19. Jumbo Tribal Braids. These oversized cornrows are best to show the braided pattern, color, and style. If you want the thickest ones available, go for the following jumbo Ghana tribal braids.

20. Stitch Braids in Low Pony. These braids are done using the stitch-in braiding technique that divides the hair into equal sections. Depending on how fast your hair grows, it can last for at most two months.

21. Trending Neat Tribal Braids. These braids will help you to rock a sophisticated back-swept style with the versatility of individual braids. Wear them down, make a pony, or a loop bun.

22. Ombre Tribal Braids. Show off some exciting gradients when your braids are ombre-colored. There is no limit to the colors you may choose since all kinds of extensions are available.

23. Thick-to-Medium Cornrows. Despite what others might think, cornrows don’t hurt your scalp if they are properly done. Go for medium tribal braids if you don’t want your hair to get in the way when you wear it down.

24. Tribal Braids with Designs. Besides their versatility, braids allow you to be artistic. Combine braid sizes and styles to make them more attractive.

25. Tribal Braids with Curly Hair. Fun and free, these braids with curly strands look gorgeous. Such hairstyles last up to six weeks depending on how well you take care of them. Hair cuffs and rings can be good accessories for your braids.

26. Red Tribal Braids. Go bold and choose red if you want to demonstrate your zest for life. Some braids you can go with are Lemonade and Ghana.

27. Half Up Half Down Tribal Braids. Get the best of both worlds by rocking your meticulously braided scalp with long individual braids. Voila, you have a perfect ‘carpet-ready’ look.

28. Customized Tribal Braids. If you don’t see pictures of tribal braids you want to copy, why not create your own style? Mix different shapes and patterns in a custom-made braided style that’s only for you. Heart braids are very in right now.

29. Small Tribal Braids. The smaller the braids, the more movement they have. If you still want to style and play with your hair every way, go for the smallest braids available. Clear beads at the ends will become a great accessory for them.

30. Stitch Braids to the Sides. This style utilizes the middle part tribal braids flowing to the sides. The patterns are used to shape the roots and let the lengths of the braids move freely.

Tribal braids hairstyles are now rising in popularity; there are many cute options to pick from. Depending on what overall look you’re after, you have unlimited tribal braids styles to match any image you like.

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