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30 Top Ash Brown Hair Color Ideas

Nkeiruka Obiwulu

14. Ash Brown Balayage for Short Hair. The universal coloring that looks as natural as possible. Suitable for girls with both warm and cool color types.

If you’re thinking about trying the ash hair trend, explore our collection of the best ash brown hair color ideas to find your new favorite.

Ash brown hair dye is a popular choice among ladies today. You can opt for a solid color or enrich your ash brown hair color with subtle highlights or a full-on balayage.

Ashy brown hair is adaptable to different skin tones. The color can be adjusted to achieve the desired finish. Consider a smoky, chilly color with a rich brunette base. Unlike warmer brunettes with red undertones, ash hair color is cool, with a silvery sheen that tones everything down.

1. Dark Ash for Shorter Hair. This black to ash brown fade is simply stunning, and it is also very simple to maintain.

2. Dark Ash Brown Hair. The ash brown highlights create ultralight streaks that provide depth and texture to the overall look while preserving the dark hair color.

3. Ashy Brown Brunette Hair. Ash brown hair color looks exceptionally fantastic on ladies with fair complexion and warm skin tones. Ask your colorist to make the ash brown highlights more noticeable around the face (a.k.a money highlights) for a mesmeric finish.

4. Medium Ash Brown Hair. This look is all about showcasing face-framing tresses that lighten your hair while letting your medium ash brown hair color take the limelight. It gives the wearer natural-looking, low-maintenance hair with long bouncy layers.

5. Perfect Thick Ash Brown Hair. This subtle ash brown balayage on the black base is simply stunning. Opting for a soft ash brown shade is a quick way to refresh and revitalize your naturally dark hair.

6. Ash Brown Hair with Highlights. This hair style with piece-y highlights has a smooth texture and shimmer emphasizing the deep mushroom brown base.

7. Ash Brown on Short Hair. What’s great about ash brown hair? It looks wonderful in any length, as this beautiful short hairstyle shows.

8. Ash Hair Color That Adds Volume. You can get a visually more magnificent hairstyle using the dimensional highlights technique. The combination of contrasting light and dark shades provides additional volume and spectacular flow.

9. Ash Brown Sombre. To create a stunning hairstyle that no one can pass by without staring in admiration, opt for sombre highlights in an ash brown color. The highlights will spread across your hair, with the ash brown hair color being pronounced at the tips.

10. Light Ash Brown Hair. Light ash brown highlights have undertones of gray and silver, and these cool undertones sit nicely on most skin tones without making you look washed out. This balayage hair color also has a brownish tinge, and that means the silver won’t overpower your natural hair color.

11. Deep Ash Brown Hair. We’re completely enamored of this perfectly hand-painted ash brown balayage. See how intriguing it looks on this brunette hair. This particular shade of ash brown is ideal for those with cool skin tones.

12. Dark Ash Brown Hair Color. With its deep brunette base and warm highlights, the wavy style with cool ash brown face-framing pieces offers the best of both worlds.

13. Ash Brown Highlights. Highlight your brunette hair with ash brown ribbons to introduce lightness and extra dimension to your hair. Ash brown highlights are a super-convenient way of hiding gray hair strands.

14. Ash Brown Balayage for Short Hair. The universal coloring that looks as natural as possible. Suitable for girls with both warm and cool color types.

15. Natural Ashy Brown Hair. Although ash brown hair rarely occurs naturally, you can make it happen with a good ash brown hair dye. In this case, you’ll be dyeing your locks from root to tip to give them that natural feel. A light, earthy ash brown hair color like this looks almost like a natural hair color.

16. Sun-Kissed Ash Brown Hair. If you feel maintaining a full dye job isn’t what you would like to take on right now, how about opting for balayage highlights in ash brown color? Ashy brown highlights like in the picture below add a sun-kissed glow to your hair and are also easy to maintain.

17. Silvery Ash Brown Hair Color. The dimension of this grayish-brown blend is absolutely fascinating. The silvery glint could hold one spellbound all day long.

18. Ash Brown Hair Color with Bronze Sheen. When you get a cute textured hairstyle like this, the next thing to do is to dye it a nice color to go with the fantastic haircut. The ash brown hair with soft warm and cool shades does a good job of dragging our attention to this neat haircut.

19. Smoky Ash Brown Highlights on Dark Hair. These medium ash brown highlights are neatly combined with her mushroom brown hair to create a feel of natural ashy brown hair. A wonderful way to take the glam look of your hair several notches higher.

20. The Darkest Ash Brown Hair. Dark ashy brown hair color lightens up your brunette base in a cool, subtle manner. It enhances the beauty, dimension, and radiance of your hair without calling attention to itself.

21. Light Ashy Brown Curls. By choosing a bronze shade, you will make the ashy coloring sunnier. This option is suitable for women of summer color type.

22. Cooled Down Ash Ombre. Because ashy undertones complement natural shades of brown, the seamless balayage is guaranteed to turn heads.

23. Medium Ash Brown Hair Color. If you have medium brown hair, you can ask your colorist to incorporate warm and cool shades of ash brown highlights to your locks. You’ll achieve a sunny glow in your hair, together with amazing dimension.

24. Ash Brown Ombre Hair. The fade is sultry and comfortable, and it’s ideal for women with warm skin tones. Use proper hair care to keep your hair looking healthy.

25. Dusky Ash Brown Hair. If you’re experimenting with ash hair color for the first time or you prefer your hair fabulous but a bit laid-back, this may be just what you need. The dusky hue of ash brown highlights on your light brown hair adds dimension and radiance to your mane in the most delightful way.

26. Smokey Brunette Hairstyle. Here we see marvelous ash and bronze shades on medium-length dark hair. The gorgeous play of contrasts was created with teasylights and lowlights.

27. Streaked Ash Brown Hair. This gorgeous, graduated ash brown lob literally held nothing back. Talk of brown base, it has it. What about silver tones? It has tons of that too. Delicate streaks of the darkest ash brown hair, light brown, and silver highlights run the length and breadth of the lob in a captivating way.

28. Dark Hair with Smokey Ash Brown Accents. It is the choice of brunettes who want to diversify the look with original accents. The transitions between light and dark pieces and a subtle brown tint on some strands provide the desired result.

29. Metallic Ash Brown Highlights. If you’re planning on recreating this ash brown hair, that’s a very good idea. You see those brilliant strands of silvery hair, make sure your colorist doesn’t miss out on that detail. Those silvery highlights will add eye-catching sparkles to your hair.

30. Ash Brown Babylights. Splash ashy brown babylights all over your brunette hair to give it the softest and subtlest touch of color. The result is alluring and exquisite ash brown hair.

One of the most popular hair trends this season is ash brown hair color. It’s generally a good idea to determine your skin tone before trying ash brown hair. Do your research and consult with your hair colorist to choose the ideal placement and style for you.