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30 Beautiful Examples of Balayage on Black Hair

11. Chocolate Brown Balayage on Black Hair. When picking a dark balayage color while preferring subtle solutions, head for a chocolate brown balayage delivering that glossy finished look. This way you will stay on the sounder side and still make a statement!

Here we have got the 30 trendiest ideas of balayage on black hair that you could browse and draw inspiration from. Black hair is a statement, but if you want to add dimension to it, a balayage on your dark hair will become the makeover you’ve always longed for.

The first question dark-haired women who want to highlight their locks ask is if balayage is possible on black hair. The top hair colorists say YES! This technique changes dark flat-looking hair into a highly dimensional, voluminous mane, making a woman of any age look modern and chic. It will give your tresses character!

1. Honey Blonde Balayage on Black Hair. You need to be very wise while choosing a blonde shade that complements your skin tone. A honey blonde balayage is always a safe choice, as the hues are neither too ashy nor too warm.

2. Smokey Balayage on Black Hair. Girls with an olive skin tone will be glad to wear a bit of taupe in their manes, which will flatter their complexion and add a dreamy touch to black tresses.

3. Balayage on Shoulder-length Black Hair. This technique creates a natural gradient that changes your style from boring to modern and chic. The shoulder-length hair with balayage looks irresistibly cute.

Chic Black Hair with Brown Balayage
By Mika

4. Ash Blonde Balayage on Black Hair. Ash blonde balayage can always make a statement instantly as the super subtle highlights are quite defined yet not too overpowering.

5. Ashy Blonde Balayage for Black Hair. If you are not happy with too bright splashes of gold in your brunette locks, you can make the whole scheme less contrasting by toning it down with ashy shades.

6. Toffee Brown Balayage on Black Hair. Apply light chocolate and toffee tones near the face and lighten the layered tips. You will look as gorgeous as ever! What an expensive look!

7. Deep Brunette with Caramel Balayage. This amazingly deep color job pairs a rich onyx base with glowing honey highlights placed strategically toward the face to produce stunning illumination.

8. Light Brown Balayage on Black Hair. This look is ideal for those who want to add a hint of lightness without changing their overall tone. It will also give you a carefree and youthful vibe. Great for any season!

9. Chocolate Oreo Balayage on Black Hair. What would you call this color? It reminds us of chocolate Oreo. This super subtle balayage on black hair is low-maintenance and exquisite-looking! What’s not to love about this soft blend?

10. Copper Red Balayage on Dark Hair. Here is a brilliant way to complement a fair complexion and invoke better movement in wavy black locks — by masterfully infusing them with strips of bright red.

11. Chocolate Brown Balayage on Black Hair. When picking a dark balayage color while preferring subtle solutions, head for a chocolate brown balayage delivering that glossy finished look. This way you will stay on the sounder side and still make a statement!

12. Streaky Black Hair with Balayage. This is a fun version of espresso hair where the base color is iced with a cool-tone blonde placed in ribbons all the way down to deliver shimmer, dynamics, and dimension.

13. Otherworldly Lavender Balayage for Dark Hair. If you happen to be short of black hair balayage ideas and your skin has pink or blue undertones to safely pull off soft purples, this charcoal shade interspersed with lavender can be your next hair goal.

Charcoal Balayage on Black Hair
By Glen

14. Blue Balayage on Black Hair. If you want to add bright colors but don’t want them to be too loud, balayage is your thing. Being noticeable yet not going overboard, a blue balayage will instantly add dimension and color to your black hair.

15. Hazelnut Balayage for Dark Hair. This color scheme avoids stark contrasts but inserts a good deal of hazelnut to the mid-lengths and ends for the look to stay dark and natural while boasting a creamy feel and dimension.

16. Reddish Brown Balayage on Black Hair. This cherry chocolate blend is something! The sophisticated red and brown hues deliver a striking appearance thousands of women desire to achieve. Yes, this needs bleaching, but the result is worth the effort.

17. Cherry Cola Balayage for Dark Brunettes. This balayage-ombre hairstyle is a stunning way to add some drama to your wavy hairdo. The technique is great for creating the perfect blend of dark and light hues. And the color is simply gorgeous!

18. Dusty Brunette with Blonde Balayage. Here we have a cool (in both senses) blonde balayage that is set to highlight the face without going overly bright, which would have washed the girl out.

19. Dark Hair with Pink Champagne Sparkles. This ultra-dimensional balayage fills the dark tresses with the lightest touches of rose gold and glosses them with an ashy tone to arrive at a sophisticated and simmering look.

20. Chocolate Balayage on Short Black Hair. You can’t really have too much chocolate in your life, right? Add it to your look too! A choppy angled lob in black and chocolate hues will make you look cool and flirty.

21. Metallic Caramel Balayage on Black Hair. The sweet flavors of caramel on black hair blend creating a gorgeous overall color with added shine. It blends so beautifully with the natural hair color and gives your locks a subtler and more sophisticated vibe.

22. Hints of Ash Brown Balayage. If you’ve got black hair and want cool-tone subtle highlights, here’s your solution! You can use balayage to add natural hints of ash and brown to your black hair. This is both incredibly appealing and low-maintenance.

23. High-Contrast Black Hair with Balayage Highlights. This elaborate color combination blends a whole range of blondes and browns to create fascinating depth and bring better shine into the dark strands.

24. Dark Espresso Hair with Barely-There Balayage. Here the brunette hair feels absolutely natural, yet it embraces a mix of the tiniest lowlights and highlights, which gives it movement and a nice frosted effect.

25. Black Hair with Blonde Ends. Use a melt of brown blonde hues on your black hair and add a lighter shade to the ends. It will produce plenty of dimension and become the epitome of perfection!

26. Light Ash Balayage on Black Locks. Use ashy tones to keep your hair fresh while enhancing its natural shade. Ombre may look a bit old-school, so taking the idea of ombre and making it in the shape of balayage as in this picture is the best choice.

27. Caramel and Ash Balayage on Black Hair. Warm caramel highlights on black hair are a popular choice. It is not as drastic as a solid color. These look natural and are absolutely dramatic as well.

28. Teal Balayage on Black Hair. If you like unnatural hair shades, you better add a dark blue balayage to your list of flattering hair colors. This will give your black hair a softer, and more feminine look. Just make sure you take good care of it to maintain its rich color.

29. Beige-Tone Brunette with High-Contrast Money Piece. Sometimes you can do with only one bright detail while keeping the rest of your balayage soft and subtle, and this girl definitely knows the score.

30. Dark Hair with Brown Balayage and Pops of Gold. Scattering brown highlights throughout very dark strands will save your hair from looking flat, but you can take it a step further and enrich the scheme with some touches of gold.

Balayage is such a great way to add life to your hair using a melt of light hues in your black base and producing a myriad of tones and dimensions! From soft highlights on brunettes with beachy waves to fiery tones on choppy lobs, we have offered the 30 trendiest balayage hair colors on black hair that we have completely fallen for. And you? What balayage hairstyle do you love the most? Do share your experience too!

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