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30 Exciting Black Hair with Highlights Ideas

13. Delicate Money Pieces for Black Brown Hair. An impressive yet delicate detail to add to your black-brown hair. They blend so naturally with your hair color while still adding that extra contrast and spark to both your face and hair.

After you’ve been through just about every popular hair color, going for a seductive black hairstyle with highlights might be your best next move. When chosen correctly, it suits any hair structure, most skin tones, and fits most occasions too. What’s not to love?

Sit tight, as after you go through these 30 black hair with highlights ideas, you’ll probably want to rush your next salon appointment!

1. Black Hair with Peekaboo Highlights. These lovely subtle accents in the raven-black mane will easily satisfy an edgy girl with a soft side buried deep down.

2. Black Hair with Orange Highlights. Make your fair complexion pop with brighter than fire orange highlights for black hair!

3. Medium Length Black Hair with Highlights. Try subtle light brown highlights with icy shades as money pieces, if it’s time for a change and you still want to keep it low-maintenance.

4. Black and Brown Balayage with Money Pieces. What highlights go with black hair? There is a variety of exciting balayage styles to choose from if your hair is dark. Black hair with blonde highlights can be upgraded by adding dark warm brown ribbons and contrasting honey blonde money pieces. This is a modern look that is sure to turn heads.

5. Black and Blonde Hair Highlights. One of the best options for older ladies who prefer their hair darker. It’s a loophole for keeping gray hairs invisible thanks to the wide stripes of blonde highlights!

6. Raven Black Hair with Gray Highlights. Silver and gray shades are a godsend for black hair. They take your dark-haired mane to a whole new level with their iciness!

7. Sparky Highlights for Black Hair. If your hair is black, consider some sparky highlights. This option is a natural yet alluring style. A subtle blonde sheen over the natural black hair color is a winning choice for black and blonde hair fans. It absolutely creates a true hair symphony.

8. Black Lob with Highlighted Ends. Here, we have a surprising and endearing combination of classy black hair with blonde streaks. Muted blonde tones are added only to the ends while the roots remain black. This creates a beautiful subtle balayage that looks amazing in the office and out on the town.

9. Black Hair with Blonde Highlights. If you want a style that’s in between a “skater girl” and a “beach bum,” you can definitely adapt this one here.

10. Cute Money Pieces for Brunettes. Bright blonde money pieces can give your dark brown hair a refreshing new feel. The style also adds a picture-perfect sun-kissed effect to your appearance. When used to frame the face, it brightens up the eyes and creates a head-turning look.

11. Black Hair with Plum Highlights. This plum shade is a brilliant go-to for when you want a pop of color in your dark hair. Black roots and shaggy plum hair streaks are just what the doctor ordered.

12. Short Black Hair with Blonde Highlights. Dark blonde ribbons will make any brunette bob appear twice as playful; you just have to give it a try!

13. Delicate Money Pieces for Black Brown Hair. An impressive yet delicate detail to add to your black-brown hair. They blend so naturally with your hair color while still adding that extra contrast and spark to both your face and hair.

14. Elegant Blue Black Hair with Money Pieces. For more ideas on dark hair highlights, you can try this chic blend of blue-black hair with light brown face-framing highlights. The blonde ribbon creates a subtle yet gorgeous enhancement to your dark-colored hair.

15. Black Ombre Hair with Blue Highlights. A true mermaid look with mysterious sapphire shades is any girl’s dream. When it looks as alluring as the solution right here, it’s impossible not to want it!

16. Fun Babylights for Black Hair. Consider this contemporary look for short black hair with highlights. It is young, fresh, and refined. Those warm shimmery babylights add glow to the hair, face, and neck. This increased hair dimension brings a touch of mystery and charm, and it’s not as dramatic as other styles.

17. Dark Hair with Highlights in a Bob Cut. Take a few years off with a bouncy cut and a couple of random frisky light brown highlights.

18. Flawless Black Hair with Babylights. You may want to opt for this version of black hair with highlights. Check that beautiful long hair with subtle caramel highlights going all the way from the roots to the ends. They add a new depth and make your hair color more sophisticated. Babylights offer a more natural alternative to highlights while enhancing your look.

19. Long Black Brown Waves with Babylights. Here’s another cute idea of long black hair with brown highlights. The hint of brown intertwined with your naturally black hair is so aptly done that it adds dimension and depth, and your hair flows effortlessly.

20. Light Black Hair with Highlights. Is it blonde with black or the other way around? Only you can tell while keeping others guessing.

21. Rainbow Highlights on Dark Hair. People won’t be able to take their eyes off you once you go rainbow. It will take a while and be pretty costly, but the result is so worth the wait.

22. Long Black Hair with Highlights. The juicy pink balayage definitely oozes romance and fancy flair. A slow stretch from the pitch-black crown to vivid burgundy and bright pastels through the lengths will totally get heads turning.

23. Shoulder-Length Black Hair with Brown Highlights. Light shades of brown effortlessly bring out the warmth in your skin tone, especially with a couple of chunky face-framing locks.

24. Dark Brunette Hair with Rainbow Highlights Underneath. A peek-a-boo layer of rainbow highlights is just what you need to brighten up your daily routine and wow everyone around you.

25. Short Black Hair with Highlights. Dark reds, blues, and purples are hands down everyone’s favorite shades for a balayage on black hair. Those colors just effortlessly add a certain magical whimsy!

26. Caramel Highlights on Black Hair. Think about dark chocolate with ooey-gooey caramel filling and then look at the pictures of beautiful dark hair with light brown highlights. Absolutely the same!

27. Black Hair with Pink Highlights. Add some color to your rock-n-roll chic and soften up your stylish looks with a couple of hidden pink tresses!

28. Dark Black Hair with Highlights in Auburn. An in-between shade of light brown and auburn will look very well with your fair skin and naturally dark roots!

29. Long Hair with Highlights. While having long hair certainly leaves huge room for playing with colors, a subtle rose gold balayage will surely be one of the prettiest refreshing touches for your look.

30. Black with Lilac Highlights. A benefit of slightly lightened black hair is the beautiful toned-down effect you get. Would you consider this delicate muted lavender balayage?

Among the many great ways to freshen up and bring an edge, getting black hair with highlights is, for sure, one of the coolest options. We really hope this gallery full of awesome ideas has inspired you for your next hair color appointment!

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