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30 On-Trend Blonde Balayage Ideas to Try in 2020

Fashionable and trendy, a blonde balayage undeniably makes you look stylish! There are tons of different ways to get those pretty blonde streaks in your hair, but the balayage technique is the most popular and beloved by all it-girls. No wonder, balayage is known as customized highlighting, and this means your colorist will do their best to find out what works for YOU.

Scroll through these absolutely stunning hairstyles to get inspired and book your hair appointment.

1. Blonde Balayage Bob. Short hair with playful curls becomes twice pretty with chunky money pieces and blonde highlights in your hair.

2. Brown to Blonde Balayage. Brighten your skin tone with a soft blonde balayage. This really romantic hair color idea improves your complexion making it appear warmer.

3. Blonde Balayage on Brown Hair. Check the delicate muted colors of this balayage. Blonde hair blended with ashy mushroom shades will earn you countless compliments.

4. Champagne Blonde Balayage. When you’re looking to feel more feminine and romantic, champagne is the shade like no other!

5. Red and Blonde Balayage. If your red mane isn’t hot enough, adding blonde streaks will definitely infuse your hair with fire and life.

6. White Blonde Balayage. A smooth transition from dark roots into smokey white lengths creates a totally breathtaking look. Bring most of the white to the front to highlight your complexion.

7. Partial Balayage for Brunettes. A perfect choice if you want something subtle. Start thick near your face and continue with small streaks throughout the length.

8. Balayage Curly Hair Blonde. Make styling for your curly mane ten times easier and use the balayage blonde trick to effortlessly highlight your texture.

9. Golden Blonde Balayage. The best option to compliment your peachy or tanned skin. Try something different without fussing about your choice too much.

10. Honey Blonde Balayage. Blonde hair colors are so versatile that they can suit almost anyone. Along with this, honey shades of blonde work well with darker tones, so there’s a lot of room for experiments.

11. Silver Blonde Balayage. Feeling grungy? Thanks to the contrast between silver balayage on blonde hair and black roots, you can become your edgiest self after just a few coloring sessions.

12. Beige Blonde Balayage. Go for this warm balayage coloring idea if you want to get the most relaxed-looking style for your summer (or any other season, the look will be up-to-date all year round)!

13. Bright Blonde Balayage. Try this luxurious hairstyle for extra glossy locks! The sense of volume given by the lowlights is to die for.

14. Platinum Blonde Balayage. Feel like changing your hair to match a chic grunge aesthetic? Try melting these awesome blonde highlights into white tips.

15. Brunette to Blonde Balayage with Bangs. Lighten up your casual neck-length bob with warm blonde tips and tiny babylights through the cheeky bangs.

16. Dark Brown to Blonde Balayage. A truly eye-catching hairstyle you will love wearing. All thanks to the contrasting golden blonde tips and dark brown roots.

17. Caramel Blonde Balayage. Bring more volume and character to your luscious brunette hair with caramel blonde highlights!

18. Blonde Balayage on Straight Hair. A properly melted balayage looks amazing no matter how you style your hair! Just look at this delicate blonde melt.

19. Ashy Blonde Balayage. Super trendy and versatile, ash-blonde nicely complements dark eyes and works well any way you style it.

20. Dirty Blonde Balayage. If you want a color refresh, update your look by simply adding some balayage highlights through your hair. No need to go fully blonde.

21. Blonde Balayage on Dark Hair. A light shade that looks soft and voluminous set off by darker brown roots. You will need several sessions to get the same result as in the picture, but it is truly worth it.

22. Gray Blonde Balayage. Seductive gray highlights will help you make a bold statement. Going gray is a trend right now, so placing some grayish highlights in your cool-toned bronde locks will be a great idea.

23. Subtle Mushroom Blonde Highlights. Change doesn’t have to be scary if you do it right. With stylish mushroom blonde highlights mixed in with caramel, you’ll love this “do”.

24. Blonde Balayage on Dark Brown Hair. We can’t get enough of this subtle blonde balayage that melts from dark brown roots into beautiful gilded blonde locks.

25. Icy Blonde Balayage. A gorgeous style that will get heads turning! Definitely the one for long-haired beauties to try.

26. Full Balayage Blonde. What’s great about this style is that it provides both chic blonde locks and the extra volume achieved with darker roots and lowlights.

27. Sandy Blonde Balayage. If you’re into elegant and cozy blonde balayage hairstyles and you’ve got long brown hair, show this hairdo idea to your colorist for a shiny makeover.

28. Blonde Balayage on Light Brown Hair. Not quite ready for a full change? Time to spice up your lob with a sun-kissed blonde balayage.

29. Warm Blonde Balayage. Even low-maintenance girls can rock sexy honey blonde waves. Just keep your roots on the darker side, and you have your Hollywood look.

30. Strawberry Blonde Balayage. These highlights are versatile and will work well with any complexion (depending on what color you choose to mix with them, of course).

After looking at all these blonde balayage pictures, it’s hard not to want to get a makeover. Time to give your stylist a call!

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