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50 On-Trend Blonde Balayage Ideas to Try in 2021

5. Silver Blonde Balayage. Feeling grungy? Thanks to the contrast between silver balayage on blonde hair and black roots, you can become your edgiest self after just a few coloring sessions.

Fashionable and trendy, a blonde balayage undeniably makes you look stylish! There are tons of different ways to get those pretty blonde streaks in your hair, but the balayage technique is the most popular and beloved by all it-girls. No wonder, balayage is known as customized highlighting, and this means your colorist will do their best to find out what works for YOU.

Scroll through these absolutely stunning hairstyles to get inspired and book your hair appointment.

1. Blonde Balayage on Brown Hair. Check the delicate muted colors of this balayage. Blonde hair blended with ashy mushroom shades will earn you countless compliments.

2. Wavy Ash Blonde Balayage Hair. Ash blonde strands are a brilliant addition to dark brown locks. Together they create an eye-catching combination suitable for anyone! If you’re after something effortlessly chill but sophisticated and trendy, this relaxed style is a perfect go-to.

3. Full Balayage Blonde with Lowlights. What’s great about this style is that it provides both chic blonde locks and the extra volume achieved with darker roots and lowlights.

4. Full Head of Blonde Balayage Highlights. The style’s so bright and sparkly and will go absolutely amazing with summer sunshine. It’s almost a full head of balayage with some extra foliage.

5. Silver Blonde Balayage. Feeling grungy? Thanks to the contrast between silver balayage on blonde hair and black roots, you can become your edgiest self after just a few coloring sessions.

6. Brown to Blonde Balayage. Brighten your skin tone with a soft blonde balayage. This really romantic hair color idea improves your complexion making it appear warmer.

7. Honey Blonde Balayage. Blonde hair colors are so versatile that they can suit almost anyone. Along with this, honey shades of blonde work well with darker tones, so there’s a lot of room for experiments.

8. Bright Blonde Balayage. Try this luxurious hairstyle for extra glossy locks! The sense of volume given by the lowlights is to die for.

9. Blonde Choppy Wavy Layers. A balayage looks particularly gorgeous on choppy hair. While the light brown and warm blonde balayage shades create a beautiful contrast and make the hair look more voluminous and textured, the loose beachy waves enhance this cute piece-y look.

10. Air Touch Balayage Blonde Hair. One of the most exciting coloring techniques these past few years is still going strong among hair color trends. Cool and warmer tones are brought together in a smoothly blended balayage that is simply impossible not to fawn over.

11. Mushroom Blonde Balayage Curly Hair. A sleek melted balayage may look gorgeous at all times, but take it to the next level with chunky distinguished curls. Run your fingers through them once you’re done curling, and enjoy how the color pops twice as much with this styling!

12. Medium-Length High-Contrast Balayage. Girls who like to keep it simple and enjoy their natural beauty would love this easy blonde balayage look that doesn’t require too much time or effort to create. Just stick to blonde and brown strands – it is one of the hottest trends of 2021.

13. Long Platinum Balayage Waves. With this hairdo, you’ll look like a Barbie doll, and we mean that in the best way possible. Bright blonde tones mixed with light brown shades will appear incredible on thick long wavy hair.

14. Dishwater Blonde with Money Pieces. Blonde balayage on blonde hair only gets better with some cheeky super light money pieces and shaded dimensional roots.

15. Catchy White Blonde Balayage. Look at the latest trends, and you will see mushroom balayage hair sitting right at the top of the list. You can adjust it to fit your haircut and skin tone, which makes this coloring ideal for pretty much anyone.

16. Toasted Almond Balayage Waves. So romantic and sleek, a hairstyle that will look astonishing any way you go about it. Pair it with thick blonde streaks at your face for an extra accent on your beautiful features.

17. Blonde Balayage on Dark Hair. If you’re not willing to go all-blonde and say goodbye to your natural hair color, you don’t have to! Add some golden tones to your darker hair to create that hot sun-kissed vibe.

18. Light Blonde Balayage with Lowlights. A blonde balayage on brown hair looks amazing, but depending on your base color, we recommend choosing the shades wisely. For really dark rooted hair, go for warmer tones and set them off with silver babylights.

19. Lob with Cool Ash Blonde Balayage. Nothing says hot trends just as this fashionable ash blonde. Go ahead and serve the best blonde balayage looks with this hairstyle. Get a few highlights to go from the very crown of your head to show off the deep contrast of the roots and bleached lengths.

20. Blonde Balayage on Dark Hair. A light shade that looks soft and voluminous set off by darker brown roots. You will need several sessions to get the same result as in the picture, but it is truly worth it.

21. Extra-Long Balayage Waves. There’s nothing more feminine than extremely long locks. However, they might not be easy to take care of. Make sure your hair is healthy enough before getting balayage. Blonde hair and beachy waves are made for each other.

22. Balayage Blond Lob. Wavy lobs are perfect for fine hair as they make it look so much more voluminous, especially when you go for balayage. Blonde highlights add texture to it, and you’ll see how they will instantly transform your entire look!

23. Curly Beach Blonde Balayage. Get the best of both worlds with sandy shades of blonde paired with darker cool brown roots and lowlights. Sun-kissed looks served all year round are simply irresistible.

24. Beige Blonde and Platinum Balayage. A cool blonde balayage oozes those “cover-girl” vibes that so many Tumblr bloggers and Instagram models are striving for these days. Don’t be shy – try this look, and the number of compliments you’ll be getting from strangers will blow your mind!

25. Blonde Balayage Straight Hair. It might be a good idea to give your hair a day off and not use a curling iron. Besides, a balayage hairstyle with shiny, healthy long hair will make you look younger, as teen girls are very much into straight hairdos these days.

26. Airy Platinum Blonde Balayage. Cooler blonde shades always work best with peachy or slightly darker skin tones. Get yourself some chunky bright blonde balayage highlights and frame your pretty face with thick platinum money pieces for a spicy dramatic look.

27. Blonde Highlights for Brown Hair. Lighter and darker browns mixed with hazelnut shades of blonde are amazing and result in an impeccable blend that we like to name the “salted caramel” balayage.

28. Light Blonde Balayage Lob. A lob like this looks minimalistic, which would be ideal for the office. The warm honey blonde shades create a very soft, delicate, and elegant look and, the waves are worth waking up a bit earlier in the morning.

29. Balayage with Chocolate Roots. Are you one of those lucky girls with super thick hair? Consider getting a high-contrast balayage from nearly black roots to buttery blonde tips. Big waves will perfectly finish your look, complementing the varying shades of your dark blonde balayage hair.

Warm Chocolate and Blonde Balayage
By Amy

30. Bronde Balayage for Long Locks. Instead of a full blonde balayage, mix it up and try a soft melted bronde. It brings the same amount of lightness into your looks with less fuss and more space for creativity.

31. Faded Blonde Balayage Pieces. For a fresher look, concentrate the lightest color around your face. A smooth blend of rich caramel brown with warm platinum shades easily fits any skin tone and creates a well-balanced overall look.

32. Brown and Platinum Blonde Balayage. Having healthy long hair is a luxury not all of us can afford. Although if you do have Rapunzel locks, dress them up with bright blonde tips and colorful roots.

33. Chunky Blonde Highlights. For a jaw-dropping 3-dimensional effect, bring together deep chocolate colors and the lightest shades you can find. This will give you an incredible contrast and the coziest feel.

34. Blonde Ribbon Highlights for Long Hair. This is what we want to find when we ask Google to show us blonde balayage pics! Stat! Freshen up your lovely long blonde balayage with a few platinum ribbons. You won’t be able to get enough of your reflection, trust us.

35. Warm Honey Blonde Balayage. If you’ve got skin with a pink undertone, complimenting it with some honey shades of blonde should be on your “to-do” list for the next colorist appointment.

36. Blonde Balayage Tips for Short Brown Hair. Shaggy haircuts have long been everyone’s favorites, and they only get better with a juicy balayage. Keep the tips cooler and brighter for added spice.

37. White Blonde Balayage. A smooth transition from dark roots into smokey white lengths creates a totally breathtaking look. Bring most of the white to the front to highlight your complexion.

38. Short Hair with Rooty Blonde Balayage. Make that haircut pop with the right colors to match. Shadow roots will let you keep this style dimensional, low-maintenance, and classy at all times.

39. Caramel Blonde Highlights on Curly Hair. Style your mesmerizing caramel balayage with defined curls at the top to show off the dimension between your deeper colored roots and blonde ribbons.

40. Beachy Blonde Balayage Lob. Play around your ragged lob and spruce it up with a full head of bright blonde balayage. The blend of sun-kissed blondes and warmer in-between shades truly gives it a soft Californian vibe.

41. Long Layered Hair with Blonde Balayage. Worry less about the upkeep and spend more time being your awesome self with a melted balayage technique. With roots already darkened and lower layers on the brown-ish side, your only everyday struggle will be whether to wear your hair in waves or straight.

42. Soft Blonde Balayage on a Lob. A rooted blonde balayage is the best solution for girls on the go. Make the locks stand out even more with a soft wavy hairstyle to show off every aspect of the lustrous coloring.

43. Blonde Babylights for Chocolate Hair. Add some whimsy to your rich dark brown hair with a few caramel and blonde strands. Style the mane with a round brush for a full-bodied effect or curl it with an iron to get the best out of this awesome hairdo.

44. Blonde Balayage with Shadow Roots. Keep it traditional and try a soft sandy balayage with lowlights a few shades darker. It has plenty of dimension while letting you grow your roots out stylishly.

45. Ashy Blonde Balayage. Super trendy and versatile, ash-blonde nicely complements dark eyes and works well any way you style it.

46. Toasted Coconut with Dark Roots. An old classic easily loved by all. Show the contrasts off with rooted coloring and lowlights, and have fun by hand-painting some or all of the highlights to get this relaxed result.

47. Beige Balayage on Brown Hair. One of the simplest types of blonde balayage that literally fits anyone. You won’t get enough of the subtle transition with the soft blonde streaks through brown roots topping it all off.

48. Ash Platinum Balayage Lob. No secret that mushroom colors are so “it” at the moment. Hop on the trend with a stylish choppy lob featuring a smooth melted ash balayage.

49. Rose Gold Shades for Long Hair. Get into your stylist’s chair saying, “I want something Beyonce would get”. This voluminous curly mane with vivid money pieces and a dimensional blend of highlights will pop right into their head.

50. Waves with Dirty Blonde Highlights. The natural dimension created with this style is unmatched. The darker lower layers meet the super bleached hair in the front, stretching into ashy tips. Imagine how it will shine under the sun and the drooly looks you’d get along with it.

After looking at all these blonde balayage pictures, it’s hard not to want to get a makeover. Time to give your stylist a call!

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