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30 Amazing Bubble Braids for Casual Wear and Special Occasions

Bubble braids may seem too childish to wear on a special day or in the office, but in fact, this braid type is really versatile and suitable even for red-carpet looks! Moreover, it’s having a moment now, so “it-girls” shouldn’t miss out on the trend.

However, before we dive into the infinity of bubble hairstyles, let’s answer the key question — what are bubble braids? They are, actually, ponies tied with regularly spaced elastics to produce sections of hair that are then fluffed by pulling at the outer strands which creates the “bubbles”. As such, you can do these braids without any braiding at all, although you may want to add intricate details to your hairstyle after scrolling through our collection of cool looks.

1. Low Bubble Braids Ponytail. Sitting closer to the nape, this sleek golden blonde pony is made more elegant with just a few pieces of hair wrapped around regular hair ties.

2. Wrap Around Bubble Braid. You don’t need a bubble braids tutorial to recreate this version — simply take a strand from your low pony, spool it around the base, and place elastics down the length.

3. Layered and Decorated Bubble Braid. Here is a tip for those wondering how to do bubble braids for a special occasion — use a set of gemstone barrettes, different in design yet similar in style.

4. Puffy Bubble Braid. This chocolate brown bubble braids hair comes with a quite dramatic contrast between the smoothness of the crown and the puffiness of the very top bubble.

5. Multi-Layered Bubble Braid. If you are interested in easy bubble braids but with a twist, this mohawk-style option will only require adding new portions of hair as you move down.

6. Ornate Bubble Braids for Black Hair. This stunning cascade of bubble braids looks absolutely chic and carries a kind of analogy to a bunch of hanging paper lanterns.

7. Bubble French Braids with Loose Waves. This set of French bubble braids stands out for the depth created by the dark base color and the effortless waves styled in the twin tails.

8. Bubble Pony with Braided Details. With this little trick, you won’t puzzle your brains about how to make bubble braids unique, as a bit of braiding on wrap-around hair will take mere minutes.

9. Cuffed Bubble Pony and Infinity Braid. There are plenty of ways to rock bubble braids hairstyles, and this one accentuates the bubbles with hair accessories and adorns the pony with infinity braiding.

10. Undone Bubble Braid. This ultra-long style allows you to master boho bubble braids, which can be easily done by letting out flyaways and replacing elastics with intricately intertwined threads.

11. Bridal Bubble Braids Hairstyle. Here is a more sophisticated take on the messy bubble braid, supplemented by lush, romantic tendrils and a slight bouffant at the crown.

12. Twin Bubble Braids on Curly Hair. This picture proves that stuffing curly hair into bubble braids is well within your power, with the loops and ringlets contributing to the rebellious flair.

13. Festival Bubble Braids with Plaited Crown. This summer-ready ginger hairstyle pairs voluminous Dutch braids on the crown with fun bubble bunches accentuated with knot-like wrap-around strands instead of classic elastics.

14. French Bubble Braids Half Up Half Down. Although colorful hair ties give the style a casual feel, these half up half down bubble braids can be adapted for special occasions breezily.

15. Loose Layered Bubble Braid. While the main bubble braids how-to dictates to pinch and pull hair only from the bubble sections, this laid-back version thrives on loosening the side and crown portions too.

16. Small Bubble Braids with Dimension. This girlie style uses a dimensional blonde color scheme to compensate for the smaller size of the bubbles (read: thinner hair) with better depth.

17. Smooth Bubble Braid with a Bump. Sometimes, you can arrive at different types of bubble braids by making the smallest changes, such as this lifted crown that turns a simple style into a stately ‘do.

18. Playful Hairstyle with Two Bubble Braids. This coppery hairstyle shows how to play with bubble braids to the fullest, raising them in the front and flattening the sections in the back.

19. Sky-High Pony with Shiny Bubbles. Don’t hesitate to ask for bubble braids with extensions if you want to rock such an extra-long hairstyle with thick and glossy bubbles.

20. Bubble Braids Pigtails with a Shaggy Finish. These cool shaggy bubble braids clearly show that you need neither lengthy strands nor a glossy finish to make the hairstyle your own.

21. Half Up Bubble Braids Going into Infinity. Adorned with lush bubbles and interspersed with infinity braids, this amazing coral hair is beautifully sculptured on the crown and left loose on the bottom.

22. Double Bubble Braids with Ragged Bangs. We are in love with the edgy contrast created by these girly braids in a combo with a choppy fringe and jet-black color.

23. Halo-Style Bubble Braids for Short Hair. Here is how you can incorporate bubble braids into short hair: make two tiny ponies on both sides of your middle part; style bubble braids along the hairline, and pin the ends behind the ears.

24. Elegant Infinity and Bubble Braids Duo. We are not sure whether you will be able to replicate these elaborate bubble braids without a step-by-step guide, but the stunning outcome is definitely worth going to the salon.

25. Massive Pony with Wavy Bubbles. This ample style keeps the hair fairly smoothed on the crown yet reveals tons of wavy texture around the ends and throughout the bubbles.

26. Messy Mohawk Bubble Braid. Flanked with French braiding and oozing texture, this dimensional mohawk is one of the most non-standard variations of bubble braids in our collection.

27. Split Pony with Cute Bubble Braids. Apart from being split into two parts, this mid pony boasts additional texture gained by twisting and plaiting the hair within the bubbles.

28. Bohemian Bubble Braid with Twists. The magic formula of this soft style includes twisted hair on the crown, a couple of pull-through details in the back, and a relaxed bubble braid all the way down.

29. Unicorn Braided Hair. From a fancy color palette to a scattering of regular and mini bubble braids, this heavily braided style has everything you may want in festival hair.

30. Purple Bubble Braids with Hair Down. Here is another artful way to embrace bubble braids — by combining them with cornrows and giving them a bright color with purple hair extensions.

Our collection proves that you can get quite a host of looks with bubble braids, from sleek and formal to fun and rocker. And since many of them are easy to recreate at home, we hope you will give them a try, as they definitely deserve it!

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