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50 Hot Dreadlock Hairstyles for Modern Women

At times, when you can’t be bothered with everyday styling, dreadlocks are like a breath of fresh air. They can protect your hair, maintain its health, and let it grow all while looking super cool in tight locs!

Drop whatever it is that you’re doing because you need to take a look at these 50 dread braid styles right now!

1. Curly Colored Dreads. Use your imagination and play with colors complementing your skin tone. This picture, for instance, shows a great example for summer and fall.

At times, when you can’t be bothered with everyday styling, dreadlocks are like a breath of fresh air. They can protect your hair, maintain its health, and let it grow all while looking super cool in tight locs!

Drop whatever it is that you’re doing because you need to take a look at these 50 dread braid styles right now!

1. Curly Colored Dreads. Use your imagination and play with colors complementing your skin tone. This picture, for instance, shows a great example for summer and fall.

2. Short Dreadlocks Women Hairstyle. After numerous experiments with your hair, you may want to let it grow out while maintaining its health. Short and edgy loc hairstyles are the best for this purpose.

3. Dreaded Halo with Highlights. A mixture of thick and thin twists and swirls adds a new dimension to this chic updo. Everyone will be mesmerized and crazy about looking closer at your complicated hairstyle. It is actually pretty simple, but thanks to variously sized dreads, accessories, and highlights, the crown look becomes something extra.

4. Yarn Dreads in Two High Buns. A great styling idea for students that allows room for creativity with a fun pattern in the back, and adds a few extra inches to your height too!

5. Dreadlock Bantu Knots. Be ready for any event with braided dreads in cute, tight Bantu knots that look good at any time of the day.

6. Blue Locks Hairstyle. The dreadlock ponytail is loved by many and can work fine in your natural hair color if you want to draw attention to the mix of dreads and twists. When the color is this bright, the texture steps back into shadow.

7. Blonde Swirly Dread Bun. Among many creative hairstyles for girls with dreads, this is on the “simple, but it definitely works” side. Small dreads are versatile in different hairstyles and work well in updos. The sweep in the front looks like a side fringe, which is a winner if you want to balance out your facial features.

8. Blonde Small Dreads. Small, cheeky dreads in a contrasting blonde shade are easy to style, take care of, and they brighten your overall look!

Small Curly Dreads Updo
By Vita

9. Curly Red Dreads. A colorful accent helps you freshen up your look in an instant! Medium-length curly dreads with some color are absolutely what the doctor ordered!

10. Burgundy and Red Micro Dreads. Make your hair match your feisty personality with a color that fits the bravest. Here you can try tiny crochet dreads for an absolutely astonishing style that will last for weeks looking perfect.

11. Colorful Kinky Curly Dreads. Modern meets retro: bright colored locs look so cute in a neat classic updo shape!

12. Dyed Dreads Hairdo. Don’t worry about loc styles being boring and lacking modern hair color solutions. You can easily get extensions with an ombre effect.

13. Half Up Half Down Dread Bun. A wonderful idea for an outing with girls or a date. Women with locks love how easy and cute this style turns out to be!

14. Twisted Dread Updo. Feeling like a goddess has never been easier. A massive locs updo with tight braided and twisted locs is just the perfect fit.

15. Thick Dreads with Beads or Strings. Adding dreadlock accessories to your style is a super simple way to turn your hairdo into something a little more creative!

16. Long Faux Locs for Females. Who says dreadlocks can’t look feminine? These long bohemian locs beg to differ!

17. Blonde Dreadlocks with a Top Twist. This is another cool idea for girls who want to participate in the dreadlock culture. Twist and knot your dreadlock braids into an easy updo and enjoy a sweet daily-look option.

18. Blonde Dreads in a Mohawk Braid. One of the coolest loc hairstyles you can get to keep your hair protected and stylish at all times. Different shades of blonde in your braid make it dimensional and fun, while the chunky Mohawk top adds some cheeky extra inches to your height.

19. Rainbow Inserts for Short Dreads. Thick twisted dreads all over your head can use a little bit of spice sometimes. Change it up by weaving colorful strands in. It can also be anything you want, from ribbons to bright yarn, just ask your hairstylist about what they can offer you.

20. Twist Dreads with Beads. Different types of dreads create different looks from soft and romantic to bold and fierce. Nothing screams fun as a head full of small curly dreads. What is absolutely amazing about these dreads is that due to the square parting, you can wear the hairstyle any way you like – up or down, split in the middle or thrown to the side you prefer.

21. Very High Bun with Dreaded Bangs. Whoever told you can’t have locs with a fringe definitely lied. While protective dread styles for women have been extremely popular lately, pairing this updo with a bunch of short thick dreads as bangs gives the look a brand new, whimsically cute perspective.

22. Long Dreadlocks in Blonde. Blonde dreads hold some kind of different power. Besides, longer lengths allow for some more complicated dread designs. You can get really creative with your hairstyles. Twist, swirl, add accessories, braid them, you can do anything with enough practice and a ton of imagination.

23. Dreaded Space Buns. Try one of the most exciting dreadlocks styles. Firstly, it rocks the effortlessly cool aesthetic with ease: the buns appear messy, while the overall parting of dreads and the tidy front pieces are super clean. Secondly, it’s a timeless style for ladies – especially those who are bold enough to have fun whenever they feel it!

24. Snakey Updo with Dreads. Whether you need to put away your hair for work or an event, this style has you covered. Pull your natural hair back and create a fancy Mohawk updo with faux locs. Make sure you generously accessorize them with rings! Leave one or two coils on either side for a “side bang”.

25. Huge Mohawk Dreads Style. Having a lot of hair may feel tiresome. Save your time and energy with a truly fascinating and royal updo you’ll wear for a while. The looped Mohawk styled with natural dreadlocks or extensions will look absolutely dashing.

26. Side-Swept Braided Dreads. Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of dreads. There is a multitude of hairstyles you can check out to keep your hair stylish and protected. Smaller twists can be braided or twisted to achieve a more interesting texture.

27. Half-Up Afro Dreads. Spread the free-spirited vibe of your mighty culture and pay respects while looking trendy. The traditional small dreads feature bright Rastafari inserts that help to create a super cool and comforting style.

28. Dreadlock Tower Hairstyle. Leaving everyone speechless has never been easier. When searching dread hairstyles for women to suit special occasions, you should absolutely keep this one in mind. It is hard to do, takes a ton of time, but both you and your stylist will be incredibly proud of the result.

29. Palm Tree Dread Ponytail. Think of a bushy evergreen tree that grows in warmer climates. The faux locs can act as roots, while the messy short dreaded pony is the crown! Be your own summer no matter what the actual season is.

30. Dreaded Short Faux Locs. Grow out your beautiful hair in style and with proper protection. An intricate design at the roots flows into a small dreaded swirl which happens to be one of the coolest and easiest short loc styles out there.

31. Dyed Dreads with Bangs. Enjoy your knotted inverted bun with a splash of color in it! You can both go for ordinary colors like caramel or light brown, but also try something more colorful if you wish. Meanwhile, thick twisty bangs are becoming a popular addition to amazing dread hairstyles, and we couldn’t be happier.

32. Blonde Dreaded Space Buns. If you like dreads with natural roots and blonde extensions, try styling them in tight swirly buns. Symmetrical side buns with loops and coils – can it be any better?

33. Long Hair Locs with Curly Ends. Do you like dreads but miss your natural curls? Leave the ends of your locs curly and show a lovely combo of the clean square parting, long twisted locs, and playful ringlets at the ends.

34. High Dreadlock Bun with Bangs. If you have tried a ton of dreadlocks styles for women, you probably want something simple. Check out this bun. The casual updo has cute bangs to go with it and will suit both formal and everyday settings.

35. Medium Dreadlocks Style. Curly dread hairstyles for women offer protective properties of loc styles and look amazing no matter what color and length you choose.

36. Ponytail Dreadlocks with Bangs. If you’re after a style that will make you look awesome both in a formal and casual setting, this mixture of crochet braids, tight locks, and some color is what you want.

37. White Girl Dreads. Pay your respects to the Rastafarian culture by making hair locks a part of your everyday stylish look.

38. Mohawk Dreads Women. A professional-looking updo with colorful pieces that can be happily worn as a protective style for the whole summer!

39. Natural Dreadlocks Updo. Girls with dreads can sometimes struggle with putting their locks in the right updo. But with such cute, easy, and bold dreadlocks styles like this one, it’s no longer an issue!

40. Short Dreads in Blonde. If you’re only starting your locs journey, you can still put together a cute bun using your short dreadlocks.

41. Mohawk Dreads with Twisted Braids. Another take on the casual Mohawk that gives you more space to play around with dread designs, while keeping a tight, bun-like top.

42. Short Freeform Dreads. If you want the real aboriginal vibes and can’t be bothered much with styling, let your dreads form naturally with little to no interference.

43. Long Dreadlocks Bob. Sometimes you can just add a few locs to spice up your look. Enter faux crochet dreads.

44. Afro Dreads in a Low Bun. Be ready for your date night with this effortlessly cute styling for your lovely natural dreads.

45. Synthetic Dreadlocks Hairstyle. For a cute dreadlocks style, you don’t particularly need a full head of locs. Sometimes just a few faux ones work just fine!

46. Dreadlocks with Fade or Undercut. A pretty common way to style your dreads, which leaves you with some room for experimenting with the undercut section – its placement, size, and finish.

47. Braid with Dreadlocks. Braided ombre locs with wool extensions look wonderful in a wide range of styles from boho to grunge to fusion.

48. Long Dreads for Women. Dread hairstyles in extra long lengths may feel excessive for someone, but they do look gorgeous on black curvy beauties.

49. High Bun Dreadlock Wig. When you need both a confidence boost and a cool hairstyle, go for dreadlocks that women of different cultures love so much.

50. Long Faux Locs Hair. Dreadlocks on their own make you look out of this world, while white dreads with a fade or undercut sides takes it to a whole new level.

It’s safe to say, that dreadlocks can make you feel daring, cool, stylish, and even a little mysterious. We want to believe that you’ve now found the perfect style to experience all those things with one of these 50 cool hairstyle ideas!

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