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30 Goddess Braids Styles to Invoke Your Inner Celestial

If you’re confused as to what goddess braids actually are, here’s a hint: they are pretty much your usual protective cornrows, just larger and chunkier. Both styles are woven close to the scalp, while the ends can be styled in multiple ways. It is an astonishing ethnic hairstyle, and we are absolutely in love with it!

Get inspired and make 2020 the year of goddess braids by choosing one of the unique styles listed below.

1. Goddess Feed-In Braids. Tame your unruly natural hair by putting them into tight goddess braids that will not only protect your hair but provide a fierce everyday look!

2. Red Goddess Braids. Try a bright color and braid the hair into a creative geometric pattern to make the hairdo more fun. Finish with a wrapped ponytail or a high bun.

3. Long Goddess Braids with Color. Make a statement with your favorite color by weaving it right into your massive goddess braids.

4. Cornrow Goddess Braids with Snowflake Pattern. The beauty and creativity of goddess braids are endless – you can choose whichever parting you like and get an eye-catching design.

5. Ombre Goddess Braids with a Swirl. Style your natural hair with ombre braids to showcase the color of your mood. To make the hairstyle more exciting, turn your usual parting into a creative swirl.

6. Two Goddess Braids. Nothing beats the classics! The center-parted long boxer braids are absolutely to die for.

7. Knotless Goddess Braids. Get traditional goddess braids done with a minimalist square parting for a good basic look to pair with wardrobe in any style.

8. Large Goddess Tribal Braids. What is a better way to honor the tribal culture than with a head full of luscious braids? Utterly amazing, if you ask us.

9. Messy Goddess Braids in a Pony. Let your goddess out with a style as fun and creative as your inner girl is. It works for formal events, as well as for a casual outing.

10. Goddess Braids to the Side. Get ready for a fancy outing with one of formal goddess braids styles. It lets you guide all the hair to one side, making it look truly regal.

11. Bohemian Goddess Braids. Whether you’re getting ready for a festival, a rave, or just want to stand out, this is a perfect ‘do that has everything from cornrows to bubble braids.

12. Small Goddess Bob Braids. If growing your natural hair out is what you’re after, then braid it into tight bob braids! It’s a good option to protect your hair with a comfortable and stylish hairstyle.

13. Goddess Lemonade Braids. With goddess braids hairstyles you can choose a flattering pattern, size, length, and color, so it’s a very customizable look. These lemonade braids are too pretty to miss!

14. X-Shaped Medium Goddess Box Braids. Original goddess braids with a creative design in the back! Here we deal with box parting and a criss-cross pattern of the braids that end in 4 neat parallel braids.

15. Cute Feed-In Goddess Braids. A perfect fit for an everyday protective hairstyle with a fun twist. Not just your regular cornrow goddess braids, but with two half-braids fed-in!

16. Goddess Braids with Curly Ends. Extra voluminous curly black hair is ideal for goddess braids! A low curly pony with braids of various sizes will make heads turn.

Goddess Braids with Natural Curly Pony
By Susy

17. Goddess Braids in a Bun. With tight cornrows braided closely to the scalp and the rest of your hair wrapped into swirly buns, everyone will know who owns the room.

18. Blonde Goddess Braids. If you feel like protective hairstyles aren’t for your particular type of hair, stop right there. Weave in extensions, play with braid sizes, lengths, colors, and you’re all set!

19. 6 Goddess Braids. Restore and maintain your hair’s health with a stand-out style. Make your usual goddess braids special by twisting the scalp braid design and adding different sizes to the party.

20. Burgundy Goddess Box Braids. Go for this absolutely incredible colossal mountain of braids using yarn extensions of contrasting colors. To all color addicts out there!

21. Four Goddess Braids. Four thick and slightly elevated braids will totally become your next easy casual style to rock on a daily basis.

22. Goddess Braids Updo. Say anything, but braided updos absolutely have something special about them. Just look at this one with its criss-cross cornrows and a bunch of curls falling freely to one side – fabulous!

23. Goddess Braids with Shaved Sides. Turn your hairstyle into a masterpiece by making it a colorful braided Mohawk. Shave your sides for an edgier feel or if it’s summertime!

24. Short Goddess Box Braids. If a bright color doesn’t cut it, then get a head full of old-school braids with weaved in strings or beads.

Red Goddess Bob Braids
By Susy

25. Chunky Goddess Braids into Low Bun. This is actually something you can put together yourself if you’ve already got braids done. Just twist the braids into a snug low bun, adding accessories as you go!

26. Crochet Goddess Braids. The high bun is a universal solution whether you opt for individual crochet braids or cornrows. Goddess braids are often preferred because you get a fixed pattern you really like.

27. Goddess Braids with Curls. For a really goddess-like feeling, leave the ends of your hair unbraided to let the curls stream down your back.

28. Triangle Goddess Box Braids. Something only experienced braiders will do, but it will be so worth it. As a result, you get long chunky braids with a clean triangle parting.

29. Long Goddess Braids. Unusual scalp designs are no doubt everybody’s favorite. These horizontal circular braids are a fresh take on the braids we love so much.

30. Small Goddess Braids. If you like Fulani braids, it’s about time to get a full head of long statement-making plaits. You can add some meaningful beads to the ends for accents that won’t ask for additional accessories to complete your look.

Goddess braids are undeniably a special form of art worthy of appreciation. We hope the incredible images above have inspired you to give this cute protective hairstyle a try, or, if you’ve already got one – go for a different design!

by Editors
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