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30 Most Stylish Cornrows and Scalp Braids for 2020

Cornrows were invented as a protective female hairstyle that can both help to regrow your curls and save you from the hottest months of the year. So, if you are looking for scalp braids to try out asap, you are in the right place. Read on!

Some facts about cornrow braids:

– Cornrows are braided close to the scalp, so they are often called the SCALP braids.

– It’s difficult to cornrow your hair without the help of a hairdresser. Better book an appointment with your hairstylist.

– Cornrow braids last at least one month and are easy to take care of.

– To create some cornrows braided hairstyles you might need to add extensions to your natural hair.

The selection below will show you the trendiest cornrow hairstyles 2020 for girls, with images and descriptions.

1. Cornrows Going Back. This type of cornrows for women looks neat and is acceptable for a formal setting. It accentuates the impeccable shape of the skull and high cheekbones.

2. Half Cornrows. By making it “half” you can easily correct the proportions of your face. It will definitely help you stand out from all the other cornrow styles.

3. Jumbo Cornrows. Jumbos are supposed to be big cornrows, but their thickness should depend on your facial features. Jumbos produce a great impression in buns and intricate hairdos.

4. White Girl Cornrows. Not every white girl looks stunning with cornrow braids, so choose your style carefully. Be ready to use extensions to create the desired volume and length.

5. Cornrow Bob. Long cornrows are quite heavy, but a bob is light and playful. Some make bobs with cornrow dreads if their lifestyle is laidback and informal.

6. Cornrow Goddess Braids. These two massive cornrows symbolize a crown on the head of a queen or a goddess. Such an impressive hairstyle may require a lot of extensions.

7. Cornrow Bun. A bun is the easiest way to style your cornrows for your studies or work. You can transform it into a ponytail in a few seconds.

8. Cornrow Updo with Curls. Such a cute updo creates an impish and feminine impression at the same time. Use hairbands, ribbons, or tiaras to hold your hair.

9. Scalp Braids plus Free Curls. A perfect idea to prevent your restless curls from getting into your eyes. Saves you time in the morning, makes hair clips or pins excessive.

10. Cornrow Box Braids. Cornrows plus long box braids are an amazing combination. Enjoy the length and volume of your new hairdo, and feel free to weave in a few strands of another color.

11. Bun of Braids and Design on the Scalp. This hairstyle is quite complex. First, it uses strands of two shades. Second, it takes time and imagination to create such a lovely braided design on the scalp.

12. Two Cornrow Braids. Typical of diligent and obedient schoolgirls. Please pay attention to the small rings in the braids — adding some zest is easy.

13. Straight Back Cornrows for Casual Wear. Your hair doesn’t have to be thick or have much volume to recreate this style. It’s comfortable for everyday life and looks sophisticated at the same time.

14. Cornrow Updo with a Fishtail Braid. Looks especially impressive on tall skinny teenage girls. It’s best for school, sports, swimming pools, and casual wear.

15. Cornrow Ponytail with Curls. Choose the option if you want to look sensual every day but don’t want to wear regular curls. Ponytails make a good match with dresses and sneakers.

16. Feed-In Cornrows. For feed-in cornrows, you’ll need to find an experienced braider. It’s time- and effort-consuming but also highly rewarding. The weaving can be as intricate as you wish.

17. Side Cornrow Braids. Side cornrows are a smart alternative to your regular scalp braids running back. If you want to play with asymmetry, here’s a great solution.

18. Twist Cornrows. The twisted version adds a dynamic flair to your look. Match it with sporty outfits. Gold or silver accessories will be a plus.

19. Mohawk Cornrows. A regular Mohawk might look brash and even aggressive. But its cornrows counterpart is gentler and chicer.

20. Cute Pink Cornrows. With cornrows, you don’t need to stick to your natural hair color. You can try pink, blue, ash-blond, or any other daring shade.

21. Feed-In Cornrows with Color. Confident ladies might choose it as their casual hairstyle. Others can experiment with it for a date, party, show, or lavish Instagram photoshoot.

22. Elegant Hairstyle with Small Cornrows. The author of this pretty braided hairstyle wishes us to have fun with our new updos. With a hairstyle like this one, it’s easy! It works for ladies in their 20s, 30s, 40s, and older!

23. Four Cornrow Braids. Actually, 4 cornrows or 6 cornrows — the number doesn’t matter as long as there is an impressive braided design on your scalp. You choose.

24. Cornrow Lemonade Braids. This scalp braid style didn’t have a name of its own until Beyoncé has released her Lemonade album. It’s a safe alternative for bobs with shaved sides.

25. African Cornrow Braids in a Top Bun. One of the cornrow hairstyles in demand for women in their 40’s. If you are younger, choose something simpler.

26. Cornrows in Front & Box Braids in Back. Cornrows and box braids allow you to experiment with multilayered hairstyles. Your hairdo will keep its shape for days without spray or gel.

27. Stitch Braided Cornrows. This look is a cute blend of different braid styles. We see here Fulani-like side braids, thick Ghana cornrows (also known as Banana braids), and thin scalp braids. Mix and play with braids you like the most!

28. Cornrow Braided Ponytail. Makes you look taller, skinnier, and younger. You can do without an elastic band and wrap the ponytail with a couple of your braids.

29. Side Cornrows aka Lemonade Braids. One of the most flirtatious cornrow styles for women. Choose it for your prom, birthday, or cocktail party. Pair it with lash extensions and high heels.

Lemonade Cornrow Braids Style
By Zyda

30. Extra Long Cornrows. With cornrows going back and your hair being gathered at the nape of your neck, you can work, commute, go shopping, or practice sports with maximum comfort.

So, these were the trending cornrows for the year 2020. Hopefully, this selection of cornrow designs will give you enough inspiration to choose your unique style. Feel free to experiment with braids and extensions, but make sure your braider is skilled and experienced enough. Cornrow hairstyles are always a great idea because they attract a lot of attention and match well with trendy clothing. Cornrow braid styles will help you produce an indelible impression on your family, friends, and colleagues!

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