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What are the best hairstyles and haircuts for thin faces?

Ema Globyte

2. Layered Shaggy Haircut with Heavy Bangs. The layers with choppy ends around the crown create lots of texture and body. This rock’n’roll haircut looks fantastic on the thick hair and helps to eliminate the narrow face problem.

How can I choose a hairstyle for my narrow face?

If your face’s length is apparently bigger than its width; your forehead, cheekbones, and jaws have equal fullness, and the chin is rounded, you have a long, thin face.

A flattering hairstyle will be the one that makes the facial contours look more oval. There are several ways to achieve it. You can either add some volume to the sides with the help of a cut, waves and coloring or visually reduce the height with bangs that cover the forehead. It is important to avoid making the face look even thinner with long flat tresses. Volume on the top of the head and high hairdos are definitely not the best friends of girls with a narrow face shape either.

To decide what haircut suits you best, you need to consider your facial features and hair texture too. Let’s look at different hairstyles for narrow faces and understand what makes them great!

1. Midi Cut with Bangs for Narrow Faces. The curtain bangs and bright color give a new twist to the shaggy long bob. It’s a low-maintenance haircut for soft thin locks.

2. Layered Shaggy Haircut with Heavy Bangs. The layers with choppy ends around the crown create lots of texture and body. This rock’n’roll haircut looks fantastic on the thick hair and helps to eliminate the narrow face problem.

3. Short Rounded Bob with Bangs. The haircut makes the face more oval and decreases the length visually, not to mention emphasizing the features, especially the eyes. It completely takes the focus off the face length.

4. Voluminous Lob with Layers. This disconnected long bob prevents the hair from lying flat. The high forehead is curtained on both sides, and the one-tone platinum coloring saves the cut from being ordinary.

5. Light-Hearted Beach Waves on Sun-Kissed Hair. The defined highlighted waves on the shoulder-length lob create a glow effect around the skinny face. Ask your stylist for products to make beach waves in no time.

6. Textured Mid-Length for Women with Narrow Faces. This cool textured lob cut and the dye job give volume and charm to the narrow face. The haircut is a good option for thick, rich hair.

7. Long Waves with Layers. Long, wavy hair adds some dimension and balances a narrow face. There are layers around the cheekbones in this choppy hairdo, which immediately makes the face look wider. The hair is left soft and natural with few styling products on it.

8. Loose Waves with a Middle-Part. While the gentle waves create movement, the trendy pale midshaft-to-ends balayage contrasts with the darker roots to visually reduce the length of the face and save the thin locks from flatness.

9. Face-Framing Highlights for Narrow Faces. The bright cinnamon brown highlights around the face and the disheveled layers radiate dimension and energy. A modern, easy, fresh lob!

10. Layered Mid-Back Length with Bold Neon Lowlights. The waves flying away from the face and the edgy lowlights give drama and life to the thin face.

11. Sleek Lip-Length Bob. The cropped blunt bob adds the width exactly where it is needed and proves that short hair for a thin face could be a great idea!

Short Blunt Bob for a Thin Face
By Anna

12. Bedhead Hair Look with Dark Roots. While curls and waves are always time-consuming, this is a perfect example of a wash, scrunch, and go cut! The hairstyle gives body and definition but suggests very little styling effort. The layers around the face work for better fullness.

Long Bedhead Hair with Waves for Thin Narrow Faces
By Hiro

13. Big Waves with Layers Around a Slim Face. The charming haircut induces volume with face-framing layers and big flicks on the ends. You need to have thick hair to make the styling last.

14. Bowl Cut Pixie with Side Volume. The choppy pixie covering the forehead looks sweet, and the auburn color adds vibrancy to the look. It is a beautiful example of the short hair for a skinny face that looks really flattering.

15. Center-Parted Loose Waves with Front Highlights. The fabulous waves scattered all over the shoulders look amazing! The bright highlights add much contrast. A great hairstyle for healthy long hair.

16. Long Hairdo Before and After. If you want to keep your mane long but aim to balance the elongating effect it gives, add body and width to your hair with waves and highlights. What a change without cutting off anything!

17. Side-Swept and Layered Mid-Length. Small curls won’t chime with big facial features. This hairstyle comes with the lifted roots along with big waves to guarantee volume. The deep side part accentuates the eyes and cheekbones, creating a visually pleasing hair cut for the thin face of the woman.

18. Midshaft Waves and Darker Roots. The wavy hairstyle does not let the long hair drag the face down. The dark roots and subtly highlighted waves work together to give a horizontal dynamics to the narrow face.

19. Natural Collarbone-Length Curls. Natural curls provide the easiest way to get lots of volume. The hairdo takes the focus away from the narrowness of the face thanks to its width and partial highlights.

20. Eliminate Drawing Down Effect with Waves. The proper styling removes the drawing down effect of long, straight hair around the skinny face. The same length, the same color, but the right hairstyle for skinny face results in a completely different look!

You can go for a short or middle-length cut, keep your mane long, choose a minimalistic hairstyle, or give preference to a glamorous hairdo – if you have an oblong face, remember to add volume to the sides. Layered, asymmetrical haircuts, waves, and curls will do the job. It is only you who knows what haircut reflects your personality and what amount of effort you are ready to put into daily styling. There are plenty of choices and ways to look amazing with your thin slim face!

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