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What is the best hairstyle to sleep in?

What kind of short hair can I have that would not get messed up when I get up in the morning and I don’t need to do anything with it?

Let’s talk about not just short hair but other hair lengths too. Actually, many girls suffer from tangled locks in the morning, wondering how to wake up with perfect hair. And though there is no best hairstyle to sleep in and wear the next day for every occasion, we have quite a choice of tricks to keep our hair neat. So, we’ve collected easy bedtime hairstyles and paired them with tips on how to keep locks moisturized and prevent their damage.

How to Sleep with Short Hair

If you are ready to get done with that infamous short hair flip radically (meaning by changing your current cut), think of layered hairstyles in the first instance. The best haircuts for unruly locks incorporate layers placed strategically to make your strands fall at the right angle naturally, with little to no styling applied in the morning. Besides, instead of trying to prevent bedhead, you can embrace this tousled look like a part of your new hot shag – choppy bobs and pixie cuts are everywhere these days.

However, you can start with less dramatic changes by rethinking your sleep routine. Here are a few tips on how to keep hair in place while sleeping:

Silk and satin pillowcases have a smoother texture to prevent roughing up the cuticle and to avoid bed head in the morning.

– Wearing a silk scarf or bonnet overnight is another way to go, especially if you wonder how to sleep with short natural hair, which is more fragile and prone to tangling.

Leave-in products remaining in your hair all night long will tame it just right, even more so if you sleep with short curly hair.

Also, hairstylists recommend brushing tresses thoroughly before going to bed and avoid sleeping with wet hair to get it more manageable the next day. Still, we know some cute hairstyles for wet hair to sleep in for a cute look in the morning:

– A bit of braiding will be helpful for those who don’t know how to sleep with a bob haircut to the benefit. Make loose braids, leaving a few inches at the roots and ends out, spritz the braids with a leave-in conditioner, and appreciate your textured bob the following day.

Hair oils like Argan or coconut and serums with proteins have the power to keep hair straight overnight without wrapping. When chosen properly, these hair products will leave your tresses nourished, hydrated, and free of frizz. Simply work a dollop of oil or serum into your wet locks and go to bed to have supple hair at the start of the new day.

Sure, you are not limited to wet bedtime hairstyles since we have a couple of tricks for dry hair as well:

Bantu knots are quite safe hairstyles to sleep in, but you can get even more out of them – gorgeous curls for your above-the-shoulder bob. Watch this video tutorial to learn how to wake up with perfect hair.

– Sleeping with a pixie cut is somewhat trickier, but you can still prevent short hair from flipping out with the help of dry shampoo. Just spray it at your roots without working in and get more manageable strands with lots of texture and volume for easy styling.

Yet, the most effective way to wake up with something easy-to-style is applying hair wraps for short hair. You see, overnight hairstyles for short hair are not very diverse because of the length, while a silk hair wrap works towards several goals:

– It keeps your styling in place from yesterday.

– It doesn’t absorb sebum, which is a kind of natural oil treatment.

– It allows the cuticle to glide safely while reducing friction, which is great for frizzy hair.

Haven’t we missed something important? Bangs! Well, get a roller according to your fringe type (a smaller size for short bangs and a larger one for long pieces) and secure it with a duck clip somewhere in the middle.

Hairstyles to Sleep In for Long Hair

If you don’t know how to sleep with long hair for a decent look in the morning, you need to decide first whether you want your mane to be wavy or straight in the end. Then, follow hair experts’ tips:

For lengthy waves. A beachy look is what you can easily get even with frizzy and unruly strands. To this end, you can use rollers, twist the strands into a crown, or French-braid. Whichever way you choose, make sure to apply a suitable product and break up the curls with hands for a natural and textured feel.

For long straight hair. If you managed to get your tresses perfectly straight in the evening, either naturally or with the help of heating tools, it would be nice to retain the look in the morning. Brush the mane, part it in the middle, and start wrapping the hair in sections around the head like it is shown here.

Hairstyles to Sleep In for Curls

While you can find plenty of instructions on how to sleep with curly hair across the Web, we’ve selected the simplest yet proven techniques to save you some time:

Pineapple is still the best hairstyle to sleep in for curly hair, especially if your length is on the shorter side. The main things here are to choose soft scrunchies and avoid pulling the locks too hard or tying them too tight.

Plopping is our favorite technique for wavy hair since it allows for beautifully defined locks with little effort. All you need is a good styling product, a cotton T-shirt, and this guide.

Twists and braids of all kinds are great hairstyles to sleep in, as they protect fragile curls from friction throughout the night. In addition, they help in preserving a curl pattern or making it more defined. But do go slow with protective styles – they have to be loose enough to avoid traction.

Loose buns can be a better option for those who are interested in how to sleep with permed hair. They save the ends from breakage while putting less pressure along the strands.

With some time and effort applied, you will master these comfy hairstyles to sleep in and manage to avoid breakage, tangling, and other troubles leading to wild looks in the morning. Probably, getting healthier hair is better than just chopping it off, isn’t it?

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by Donna Sullivan
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