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50 Beautifully Layered Hairstyles That’ll Be Huge This Year

2. Mid Length Layered Hair. This crisp cut with layered ends is awesome in simple hairstyles when you can simply wash and air-dry your hair, especially if you’ve got a slightly wavy texture and a beautiful natural-looking color.

Are you searching current layered haircuts for women? We’ve got a list of ideas in different lengths and styles to choose from.

When it comes to layered hair, consider how you want your future layers fall and where they should start to flatter your face and work with your hair texture. If you want to find your dream layered hairstyle, read below for some inspiration!

1. Straight Layered Hair. Make sure to use a blow dryer before your straighten so you can employ the root volume. Use a straightener to eliminate flyaways and keep things sleek.

2. Mid Length Layered Hair. This crisp cut with layered ends is awesome in simple hairstyles when you can simply wash and air-dry your hair, especially if you’ve got a slightly wavy texture and a beautiful natural-looking color.

3. Long Hair with Short Layers. Keep the distance between your layers short and enjoy dynamic short layers to bring added body and movement into your playful downdos.

4. V-Cut Hair with Layers. The ‘V shape’ is so pretty from behind with curls or straight locks. The short layers in the front of your hair let you wear your thick hair loose without it getting in the way.

5. Layered Hair with a Side Fringe. A style meant for fine hair because you can add lots of feathered layers without sacrificing length.

6. Long Layered Hair with Bangs. The subtle layers on long hair are super chic. Pair them with distinct curtain bangs that won’t disappear in the luxurious length of your hair but complement it. This style looks best on thick hair.

7. Short in Front Long in Back Layers. Add face-framing layers so you can open up your face and make your long straight hair more dynamic. You can leave those pieces out if you do a high pony or half-up half-down style for a chic twist!

8. Long Layered Haircut for Women. Lots of layers look cute on longer hair because you get the maximum body and movement.

9. Layered Shag with Front Bangs. Let out your inner rebel with a layered shag featuring front piece-y bangs and messy razored layers throughout the length.

10. Layered Haircut for Thick Hair. We love beautiful voluminous layers and how effortlessly they flow! Have your short layers start at your chin to get the most movement.

11. Thin Layers and Half-Moon Fringe. For thin hair, combine thicker bangs and layers with a wispy finish to create a trendy contrast of textures and lengths. This way you can have the illusion of thicker hair.

12. Layered Hairstyle for Older Women. The waterfall layered style is so pretty and can work on all hair lengths!

13. Medium Layered Haircut with Flipped Ends. Make your face-framing layers stand out flipping them out with a round brush when blow-drying!

14. Two-Tier Medium-Length Layered Hairstyle. We love how the feathered short layers transform this cute medium layered haircut!

15. Layered Pixie Haircut. The longer layers make this style look like a classy bob in the front, but the short V-shaped nape distinctly says – “sassy pixie”.

16. Long Mullet with Baby Bangs. Leave the bottom half of your hair long to achieve that mullet look. Style it wavy and messy for a current, bold look.

17. Wavy Layered Shag. If you have naturally curly or wavy hair, let your natural texture shine through a new shaggy cut.

18. Layered Wavy Hair. We can’t get enough of those sliced layers especially when they are styled in effortless waves. You instantly get body and volume with one chop.

19. Curly Shag with Cropped Bangs. Layered haircuts for long hair don’t always give voluminous looks. It can be a pretty compact shaggy style with cropped layers and choppy baby bangs.

20. Shoulder Length Layered Hair. The beachy vibe that works all year round is perfect for a lob. Use a medium-sized curling iron and wrap your hair around it for about 10 seconds. Style mid-shaft bents rather than full waves or curls.

21. Swoopy Layers. Long layered bangs are hard to say “no” to because of how effortlessly chic they look.

22. Layered Lob. Style your cute lob wavy by spraying a texture spray when it’s damp to get that beach wave look.

23. Long Layered Waves. We love how the front layers frame and brighten the face creating a flattering A-line silhouette along the way. The subtle long layers generate the right movement in the long fine strands.

24. Layered Haircut with Bangs. Long sliced waves can be complemented with cropped piece-y bangs if you want to draw attention to your eyes.

25. Shaggy Medium Length Layers. A shaggy cut gives us super cute and trendy 80s vibes. It can be styled straight or wavy.

26. Beachy Hairstyle for Layered Hair. Check these cute feathered front layers. They upgrade the lob and give it more movement.

27. Layered Curly Hair. The curly fringe is the cherry on top of this awesome curly mane! To get messy curls, try using a diffuser.

28. Long Curly Layers with Short Bangs. Half-moon bangs look quite edgy especially if paired with longer hair. It’s a great way to soften a square face.

29. Angled Lob Haircut. The best part about layers? When you have balayage highlights, you can see the transition between your natural hair color and the highlight color perfectly like a waterfall.

30. Textured Layered Lob. The uneven edgy layers lend the lob that lovely messy-chic look. Choppy layered hair works best in lobs and long layered hairstyles.

31. Medium Layered Hair with Layered Bangs. The long swoopy bangs flow and fall like a golden waterfall. If you are over front bangs, try side bangs with layers for a new twist.

32. Short Feathered Layers on Longer Hair. For ladies with fine hair, experiment with lots of layers in the front and through the ends for extra body and volume!

33. Voluminous Flipped Up Layers. To give your medium length hair more body, blow it out with flipped up ends instead of straightening it.

34. Dynamic Flowy Layers for Straight Hair. If your hair is lacking movement, try adding dynamic layers starting at your jawline and growing in length towards the back.

35. Short Layered Bob. You can have short layers in your bob to style and play with for extra dimension.

36. Layered Curly Hair with a Middle Part. A middle part makes your long layers look even longer! Especially when you have curtain bangs framing your face and blending with your flowy lengths.

37. Two-Tier Layers for Thick Hair. For thick hair, two-tier layers help remove the heavy bulk and make your mane lightweight and dynamic.

38. Swoopy Front Layers. If you want your shoulder-length cut look fuller, try adding long face-framing layers. Very flattering for fine hair.

39. Layered Curls with Fringe. Let your curls fly with curly bangs and lots of layers! The more volume the more confidence.

40. Edgy Layered Bob Hairstyle. A fun way to add an edgy vibe to your medium hair is to get some choppy layers and a two-tone bright color with darker roots.

41. Stacked Bob Haircut with Layers. We love the stacked short layers because they can add much more volume than long layers. Go the extra mile by adopting the feathered front bangs!

42. Wavy Pixie with Long Layers. Who says a pixie cut can’t have long layers? They elevate the look into a more elegant, mature style.

43. Wispy Layered Bob Hairstyle. The wispy layered bangs bring softness and a fashionable 70’s flair to layered haircuts.

44. Razored Pixie. Yes, the razored pixie is a short layered hairstyle where you can have long layers, short layers or both – whatever looks better with your face shape.

45. Dynamic Razored Shag for Straight Hair. The more layers the better when it comes to shags. This shorter in front cut is one of a kind.

46. Medium Hair with Chin-Length Layers. Keep your fringe on the longer side so you can leave themit out or pin it back when you don’t want to style it.

47. Natural Layered Blonde Hair. Natural blonde hairstyles are beautiful but weigh up risks and benefits before bleaching your hair. Try a weave as a safe option.

48. Feminine Short Layered Hair. The tapered shape can transform your basic pixie within seconds and give you more volume on the top of your head. Keep your bangs angled so they line up with your longer pieces.

49. Pixie Mullet with Longer Sideburns. Show some love to your sideburns by leaving them long like the rest of your long pixie, except for the fringe.

50. Cropped Layered Pixie. If you like the shorter mullet style, try this cut with cropped uneven layers. It’s a modern take on the old style, and it’s trendy.

Despite the length of your hair and the kind of layers you choose, we all know that layered hair styles are the way to go. Hopefully, you’ve found your dream ‘do in our list!

by Victoria Morales
Victoria is a freelance writer living in NYC. She loves writing about lifestyle, skin care and all things hair. She's always open to sharing ideas on new trendy hair colors, haircuts and hairstyles.