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50 Beautifully Layered Hairstyles That’ll Be Huge This Year

2. Mid Length Layered Hair. This crisp cut with layered ends is awesome in simple hairstyles when you can simply wash and air-dry your hair, especially if you’ve got a slightly wavy texture and a beautiful natural-looking color.

Are you searching current layered haircuts for women? We’ve got a list of ideas in different lengths and styles to choose from.

When it comes to layered hair, consider how you want your future layers fall and where they should start to flatter your face and work with your hair texture. If you want to find your dream layered hairstyle, read below for some inspiration!

1. Straight Layered Hair. Make sure to use a blow dryer before your straighten so you can employ the root volume. Use a straightener to eliminate flyaways and keep things sleek.

2. Mid Length Layered Hair. This crisp cut with layered ends is awesome in simple hairstyles when you can simply wash and air-dry your hair, especially if you’ve got a slightly wavy texture and a beautiful natural-looking color.

3. Long Hair with Short Layers. Keep the distance between your layers short and enjoy dynamic short layers to bring added body and movement into your playful downdos.

4. V-Cut Hair with Layers. The ‘V shape’ is so pretty from behind with curls or straight locks. The short layers in the front of your hair let you wear your thick hair loose without it getting in the way.

5. Layered Cut with Babylights. The combination of long layered hair and babylights celebrates texture and volume. The thicker your hair, the more luxurious this hairstyle will look.

6. Long Tousled Layers. Female layered haircuts like this one are an ode to simplicity. Look how incredibly gorgeous this basic cut looks! What’s more, those long layers are easy to maintain and style to match your mood.

7. Shaggy Cut for Wavy Hair. Beach waves and shaggy layers create a messy romantic look. If you prefer boho style, this hairdo will be a perfect match for your outfits.

8. Long Layered Haircut for Women. Lots of layers look cute on longer hair because you get the maximum body and movement.

9. Dark Long Layered Haircut with Messy Ends. Long hair with layers remains trendy and works great for pretty much every woman, regardless of her facial features. The messy ends look effortless and give the haircut additional dimension.

10. Layers with Subtle Balayage for Straight Hair. Straight hair + layers + subtle balayage highlights is the formula to an easy-to-maintain yet stunning look. Add a long fringe for a romantic vibe and visual facial elongation.

11. Long Haircut with Step Layers. Who would have thought you can spot the cuteness of short, medium, and long hair all in one haircut. This dramatic 3-tier layered hair is intriguing. Layers aren’t just for making your hair look fuller, they can add a fun dimension.

12. Simple Shoulder-Length Cut. Layered hair styles don’t have to be too fancy. This layered style is an awesome example of how a simple cut with subtle layers can create a dreamy, feminine look.

13. Piece-y Layers for Dark Hair. A staple among layered haircuts for women, this style is an amazing option if you love to experiment with different hairdos. Braids, ponytails, and loose hair – everything’s possible with this style.

14. Wavy Shoulder Length Layered Hairstyle. Thick hair looks especially stunning when it’s cut in multiple layers. Curl up straight hair for additional volume. Although it requires more time in the morning, a curled layered hairstyle is very charming and volume-enhancing.

15. Long Haircut with Feathered Layers. If you are not a fan of choppy layers, this option might be just right for you. Layered haircuts for women that feature subtle transitions make us feel feminine and romantic.

16. Textured Layers. Layered hair styles with textured strands deliver an effortlessly stylish look as if you are right from the salon. To style this haircut at home, use a curling iron or a blow dryer and a round brush.

17. Dark Layered Hair with Highlights. Blending warm tones into dark brown hair is another way of making a classic layered hairstyle more interesting. The subtly highlighted ends will add an appealing sense of length and bounce.

18. Layered Wavy Hair. We can’t get enough of those sliced layers especially when they are styled in effortless waves. You instantly get body and volume with one chop.

19. Layers and Curtain Bangs. Layered hair and voluminous curtain bangs flatter virtually any lady. You can complete this haircut with highlights or keep your natural color – there will be plenty of compliments anyway.

20. Medium-Length Layered Hair. Here’s one of the most popular current shapes. The front strands of this hairstyle frame the face softly. They seem to gradually flow into the layers of the haircut.

21. Wind-Swept Hair with Bangs. Piece-y bangs and flipped up layers make you look as if you have just returned from a seaside walk. This style has a special boho vibe and is especially complementing for ladies with an oval face shape.

22. Armpit-Length Voluminous Layered Haircut. When it comes to adding volume to fine hair, give layered haircuts a try. The movement they add to your hair is another reason to fall in love with layers.

23. Windswept Layers for Long Hair. This is one of the easiest layered hair styles. Apply some mousse from your roots to the ends and flip the latter out using both a blow dryer and a round brush! The Job is done!

24. Gorgeous Thick Layered Hair. Adding layers to long straight hair is always an excellent idea. If you choose to upgrade it with highlights or lowlights, you can expect a beautiful dimensional color that is easy to maintain.

25. Feathered Layers on Long Hair. This technique is life-changing for ladies with thick hair, as it alleviates a thick mane beautifully. Using this trick, you will transform your look in no time without any radical changes.

26. Beachy Hairstyle for Layered Hair. Check these cute feathered front layers. They upgrade the lob and give it more movement.

27. Shoulder-Length Feathered Layers. Layers of different lengths flying around your face, neck, and shoulders lend a busy look that volumizes your hair. The style is a fitting layered haircut for women with medium-to-long hair lengths.

28. Windswept Layers. Do you like the way your hair looks after a walk on a windy day? You don’t have to rely on the weather – layered hairstyles look right with easy styling. Use your blow dryer and apply hair mousse to achieve the desired effect!

29. Shoulder-Length Cut with Flowy Layers. Our list of layered hairstyles for women wouldn’t be complete without this cute flowy hairdo. It doesn’t require a lot of maintenance and looks beautiful even without styling.

30. Neck-Length Layered Hair with a Fringe. Anywhere you see layers, just turn around and you’ll see bangs right at the corner. Bangs and layers are a great combo. You can use this duo to create a lot of effects in your hair.

31. Medium Layered Hair with Layered Bangs. The long swoopy bangs flow and fall like a golden waterfall. If you are over front bangs, try side bangs with layers for a new twist.

32. Super Long Highlighted Layers. One amazing thing we noticed about layers is that they’re getting bolder and chicer. You can play with them to get the most fascinating looks. Take this stunning highlighted and layered hairstyle for example.

33. Front-Layered Mid-Length Haircuts. A tweak here and a twist there, and you too can have hair this gorgeous. Your stylist will keep the layers concentrated in the front to achieve an extra voluminous, flowy look.

34. Dynamic Flowy Layers for Straight Hair. If your hair is lacking movement, try adding dynamic layers starting at your jawline and growing in length towards the back.

35. Minimal Layers on Shoulder-Length Hair. Go for the layering that fits your hair length and face shape. Layers aren’t one size fits all. To cut layers in hair below the shoulders, go easy with the snips. Few layers are enough.

36. Shag with Swoopy Layers. Layers that sweep around your neck caressing it warmly, add an appealing allure to shag hairstyles. A feminine ginger red hair color provides a perfect finish for such a sexy haircut.

37. Parted and Layered Blonde Hair. While slicking your layered hair back isn’t a bad idea, shattered layers are more eye-catching on parted hair. The parting creates face-framing pieces that draw attention to your face.

38. Fluffy Layered Hair. If you’re aiming at volume and depth in a layered haircut, consider bringing in other details to enhance the fullness. Teasing your hair at the crown and styling the front into bangs are great ideas.

39. Long Layered Cut. Look how this simple haircut complements the beauty of thick hair! It is an ideal choice for ladies who want to show off the beauty of their long locks.

40. Edgy Layered Bob Hairstyle. A fun way to add an edgy vibe to your medium hair is to get some choppy layers and a two-tone bright color with darker roots.

41. Shoulder Length Layered Hair. The beachy vibe that works all year round is perfect for a lob. Use a medium-sized curling iron and wrap your hair around it for about 10 seconds. Style mid-shaft bents rather than full waves or curls.

42. Layered Hair with a Side Fringe. A style meant for fine hair because you can add lots of feathered layers without sacrificing length.

43. Long Haircut with Piece-y Layers. Sliced, choppy layers are amazing when it comes to giving depth and movement to fine hair. Lifted roots and midshaft-to-ends piece-y layers work well together.

44. Modern Wolf Cut. There are several tips on how to style layered hair of different lengths. Here is an inspo from the popular wolf haircut. The two-tier shag with a rounded top and feathered ends looks awesome in blowouts and as a wash-and-go hairstyle.

45. Layered Haircut with Bangs. Long sliced waves can be complemented with cropped piece-y bangs if you want to draw attention to your eyes.

46. Medium Hair with Chin-Length Layers. Keep your fringe on the longer side so you can leave themit out or pin it back when you don’t want to style it.

47. Shaggy Medium Length Layers. A shaggy cut gives us super cute and trendy 80s vibes. It can be styled straight or wavy.

48. Layered Haircut for Thick Hair. You can use layers to tame a thick and long mane. For long hair, the layering options are just as versatile. Follow the shape of your face to select a layering style that suits you.

49. Medium-Length Fine Layered Hair. Check out the transforming touch of good layering on medium-length hair. Layers revived the dull and flat before hair into lustrous and lively locks.

50. Mid-Back Feathered Hair. Thick straight hair looks fantastic with angled contouring and a few piece-y layers throughout the length. The spread of layered ends delivers a fascinating “feathered” feel to these locks.

Despite the length of your hair and the kind of layers you choose, we all know that layered hair styles are the way to go. Hopefully, you’ve found your dream ‘do in our list!

by Victoria Morales
Victoria is a freelance writer living in NYC. She loves writing about lifestyle, skin care and all things hair. She's always open to sharing ideas on new trendy hair colors, haircuts and hairstyles.
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