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40 Gorgeous Ways to Wear Ombre Hair Color

3. Auburn Ombre Hair. What screams fall louder than deep reds? Try out this marvelous dark ombre hair style and look like the walking definition of the cocoa-drinking, snuggling season.

Hair makeovers can get tough, that is why ombre hair exists: to make your life easier. Usually, most of us want to start by changing either our haircut or hair color but end up doubting whether they should go to such lengths or tones. After all, going from brunette to blonde and vice versa can seem crazy and scary. So, we suggest taking the safe route and trying one of these fresh stunning ombre hair ideas before you commit to a more serious change. Besides, ombre hair is chic and easy to pull off!

If your hair appointment is just a few days away and you still have no idea what to get, here are 40 perfect ombre hairstyles to make you feel inspired!

1. Stylish Short Ombre Hair. In case you are rocking a bob and want to refresh it a bit, adding ombre to the party would be the best decision. Don’t we all want to look like we’ve just been to the beach?

2. Black to Brown Ombre. Best for those looking for little to no change, yet still wishing to have a cheeky look for the new season ahead.

3. Auburn Ombre Hair. What screams fall louder than deep reds? Try out this marvelous dark ombre hair style and look like the walking definition of the cocoa-drinking, snuggling season.

4. Brown Ombre Hair. A casual style to please all those seeking the change. Great for all hair lengths also!

5. Brown to Light Caramel Ombre Hair. Feeling tasteful has never been easier when you have a hairdo like this one. Effortless to style and wear, the brown to caramel ombre effect will do wonders for both curly and straight hair.

6. Ombre Long Hair. The sun-kissed look will have you feeling like a Californian babe even if you actually are in moody Oregon. Try playing with shades of blonde and caramel; the style works great for those looking for brunette ombre.

7. Silver Ombre Hair. The look hasn’t been out of style since 2017! There’re so many shades of gray to choose from. You can absolutely find the perfect one to suit you and provide a bold and classy look.

8. Dark Brown Ombre Hair. Lately adding gray to your hair has been on-trend. A gradient from dark brown to gray ombre hair can definitely spice up your appearance.

9. Soft Ombre Hair Color. For a romantic feel, try stretching from darker shades to full-on whites throughout your long hair. Compliments will follow swiftly!

10. Ombre Curly Hair. Look like a princess with bright colored curls. The ombre effect stands out best on curly hair, so let’s consider this look.

Long Balayage Hair with Ombre Effect
By Mark

11. Reverse Ombre Hair. Play a little and challenge yourself to a more drastic change by going from blonde to dark (or any other color for that matter). The non-banal light to dark ombre looks fantastic!

12. Purple to Red Ombre Hair. Reveal your inner mermaid by changing your look all-together with these juicy shades of coral and dusty purple. Brighten up your daily routine with the bold, yet romantic hairstyle. It’s achieved by mixing the two seemingly different colors that will have you stealing all compliments right away.

13. Yellow Shoulder Length Ombre Hair. Tune in for your inner Billie Eilish, and rock the yellow-ish green the way she did for the past several months. Perfect grungy look!

14. Rose Gold Ombre Hair. An elegant and stylish hair color to suit most women! Although, due to the color stretching technique, the effect will be best seen on medium length ombre hair.

15. Blond to Red Ombre. Try out this chic ombre bob for hot summer nights to steal many compliments and admiring glances.

16. Black Ombre Hair. Feel chic and renewed with a subtle black to mushroom brown ombre hairdo.

17. Blonde Ombre Hair. Not ready to go full Legally Blond yet? Getting a blonde ombre for starters can help you make the final decision!

18. Blonde Ombre Short Hair. Look dashing with this hygge, truly comfy-looking hairdo that works awesome for short-to-medium length hair!

19. Blonde Ombre. Do blondes have more fun? Find out for yourself with this fresh, new, truly stunning style!

20. Ombre Hair Brown to Blonde. A wonderful ombre hair color that allows you to play with shades however you like. Keeping your roots on the darker side, while adding some dusty pinks and light grays to your ends can give you a whole new look!

21. Light Brown Ombre Hair. For longer hair, try this soft caramel ombre with deep outgrown roots. This effortless style makes the transition to lighter colors so much easier!

Light Brown Ombre with Dark Roots
By Liz

22. Burgundy Ombre Hair. Say ‘yes’ to bright colors and standing out! Make a statement with this bold burgundy color combo and conquer the world.

23. Ombre Perm Hair. Release your inner 80s chic and get the ultimate 1980s makeover by combining light brown ombre with a killer perm.

24. Ombre Straight Hair. There’s a myth going around that you can’t quite pull off ombre with straight hair. Nothing is impossible with the right style and stylist! Make sure you choose someone who knows color stretching properly, and you’ll be rocking a flawless ombre in no time.

25. Medium Ombre Hair. Medium length hair is perfect for any kind of ombre if you ask us. Feel romantic with these dusty purples and pinks, which you can style as you please.

26. Purple Ombre Hair. Yet another great hairstyle for blondes that seek a change! Get the bold, grungy feel by going bright purple on your ends.

27. Green Ombre Hair. In case infamous purples and blues don’t inspire you anymore, check out vibrant greens for your extraordinary ombre hairstyle.

28. Bright Red to Blonde Ombre Haircolor. As if having red hair isn’t already a statement! Spark up your look with blonde highlights or a full ombre for something different.

29. Long Hair Gradient Caramel Ombre. This style has been known as a hygge ombre. It comes from the Scandinavian feeling of comfort, and if you ask us, the hairdo delivers exactly the same vibe.

30. Light Brown to Blonde Ombre. If you are not quite ready to say goodbye to your brunette nature, keep your roots darker, while making that subtle transition to blonde at the ends.

31. Dark Brown to Red Ombre. Bright reds never look dated and work amazingly with dark brown hair!

Dark Brown Hair with Red Ends
By Emma

32. Bright Pink Ombre for Long Hair. Get a full remake with these vibrant shades of pink to stand out from the crowd!

33. Bronde Haircolor. Bronde can be achieved both from darker browns to blondes and the other way around. Check out this universal ombre effect!

34. Black to Blonde Ombre. Add some soft blondes to your ends for a slight change in your dark look.

35. Pink Ombre Hair. Blonde and pink is a killer combo, so why not try it out now? Pink ends get you a perfect scruffy yet cheeky look and make you feel out of this world in a second.

36. Rainbow Ombre Hair. Get creative and change your look by becoming a real-life rainbow unicorn. Gray color will complement nicely your fair skin tone, while vibrant highlights are a great way to stand out and get everyone’s attention in the room.

37. Blue Ombre Hair. Black and blue always work well together, and this ombre style is no exception!

38. Straight Ombre Bob. Do something different with your short hair by adding some bright colors or just get a natural brown-to-soft-caramel ombre fade.

39. Dark to Light Ombre. Looking for a change and can’t think of something special? For a radical change, go from total blacks to a pure white and make a statement with your new hairdo!

40. Brown to Blonde Ombre. A lovely color transformation – even someone who’s afraid of any change, can pull it off! Soft caramels and whites add nice volume to your brown mane.

Since the recipe for perfect ombre hair has been discovered, women all over the world are eager to customize it. From hygge caramels to bold, bright reds and from subtle pinks to dusty grays, everyone nowadays can get a perfect blend to their liking! We hope you have also found some inspiration amongst these 40 totally amazing styles and already booked your next hair appointment.

by Editors
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