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30 Insta-Ready Wash and Wear Haircuts for Over 60 to Update Your Style

Wash-and-wear haircuts for over 60 promise low-maintenance and easy styling while addressing all those age-related challenges older women usually face.

How to camouflage thinning hair? How to deal with graying? Which haircut can work its rejuvenating magic on you? Don’t worry, ladies, our selection of easy hairstyles will give you all the answers!

1. Tousled Long Pixie with Side Bangs. All you need to style this cute cut is to squeeze a dub of styling mousse onto your palms and muss the hair at the crown to give it a lift.

2. Gray Blonde Shag with Bangs. While layering keeps the hair from looking bulky and shapeless, the brow-grazing bangs create fullness around the hairline, where thinning often starts.

3. Big Hair with Highlights and Piece-y Finish. Well, this look does require some styling, but you can make it with just a bit of teasing and added definition.

4. Shaggy Silver Lob with Blue Accents. The daring splashes of color in this snow-white hair suggest a rebellious spirit, so a choppy finish and disheveled styling are kind of expected.

5. Inverted Bob with Side-Swept Bangs and Wavy Finish. If your hair has some wave in it, go for a longer version of a graduated bob and allow the locks to curl naturally for added volume and movement.

6. Inverted Bob in Buttery Blonde. Layered bob wash-and-wear haircuts for over 60 are truly diverse, and you can customize layers to suit your hair type perfectly.

7. Rounded Bob with Tapered Ends. The shorter pieces at the top build volume on the crown and pair well with the tapered bottom for a perfect shape.

8. Silver Bob with Side Bangs. A cool (literally!) color, a bit of layering, and some lush bangs have totally transformed the look and made the hair feel fuller.

9. Closely Cropped Pixie with a Choppy Crown. Wash-and-go short haircuts with tight back and sides can be upgraded by adding choppy layers at the top.

10. Elegant Style with a Lift in the Front. The comb-over fringe is the only thing here that requires blow-drying, and it’s worth the effort for the dimension and movement it delivers.

11. Silver Vanilla Lob with Slightly Textured Ends. This delicate lob has only a touch of layering and thinning-out to gently frame the face and create some texture on the bottom.

12. Sandy Blonde Bob with Layers at the Top. Blunt ends and choppy layers around the crown can give you the best of both worlds — body at the bottom and volume at the top.

13. Shaggy Pixie with the Ends Back and Up. Indeed, you can enjoy diverse styling options with pixie wash-and-wear haircuts for over 60, such as this boldly textured version.

14. Wavy Gray Bob with Lowlights. Not only does this style make graying fun, but it also hides thinning with a full-on fringe and aptly blends grays so that they look stylish.

15. Handsomely Feathered Thick Hair. This style is a perfect choice for a head of hair since it invokes plenty of texture and prevents the mane from feeling bulky.

16. Short Gray Bob with Pompadour Bangs. While a rounded bob is a popular option among short wash-and-wear haircuts for over 60, you can always give it a twist with a sleeker hairstyle featuring pompadour bangs.

17. Salt-and-Pepper Waves with a Bottleneck Fringe. Bottleneck bangs with shorter pieces in the middle are seriously trending right now, so getting them is a smart move for those wishing to look younger.

18. Deep Side Parting for Tight Waves. With the right styling product for curl definition, you can let the locks air-dry and then flip them to one side for enhanced volume.

19. Classy Blonde Lob with Blunt Ends. If you are looking for medium wash-and-wear haircuts for over 60, you should get a good look at this straight lob with a stunning money piece and textured ends.

20. Center-Parted Style with Layers at the Bottom. When choosing long wash-and-wear haircuts for over 60, think of tailoring them to your hair type: for example, these fine tresses would seem sparse if they were overlayered.

21. Straight Burgundy Hair with Face-Framing. Soft lines around the face help to soften age-related changes and balance narrow and elongated face shapes.

22. Pin-Straight Bob with Highlights and Lowlights. Embracing gray hair won’t be embarrassing if it is masterfully incorporated into a multi-tone color scheme and proudly displayed in a straight and smooth style.

23. Flipped Out Tresses with a Hot Fringe. While wash-and-wear hairstyles for fine hair need a bounce, this modern take on Farrah Fawcett hair gives you enough of it.

24. Dramatically Graduated Bob with Swoopy Bangs. This bright silver blonde style is sure to look eye-catching even without blow-drying thanks to its neatly curved shape and dimension gained through stacked layers.

25. Two-Tone Bob with Straight Across Nape. With this fancy color scheme and no-frills cut, you just need to make a side part and tuck a piece of dark hair behind the ear for a playful accent.

26. Gorgeous Face-Framing Layers for Shoulder-Length Hair. Getting layers around the face may be pretty much enough to shape a thick mane and let the hair down.

27. Airy Curly Bob with a Fringe. Whether your curls are natural or permed, ask your hairdresser for layering that will allow the locks to spring up.

28. Medium Copper Red Flipped-Up Hairstyle. This look is full of bounce and movement thanks to the swoopy layers and carefully thinned-out ends.

29. Cool Shag with Curtain Bangs. We love shags since they are merciful to messy styling, and they are everywhere nowadays, so you will definitely look stylish.

30. Contrasting Money Pieces for a Straight Lob. A bright money piece like this can kill two birds with one stone — it will make your transition to gray easier and illuminate your face for a fresher look.

With such a nice choice of wash-and-wear haircuts for over 60, you will have no problem finding an option that fits your hair length and texture, face shape, and lifestyle. However, don’t hesitate to ask your hairdresser for advice if you are not sure which haircut will flatter you best.

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