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50 Trendy Shaved Hairstyles for Women to Try in 2021

If you feel like it’s time to look at shaved hairstyles for women, then your inner badass is totally trying to break free.

Listen to your inner voice and pick one of these amazing styles we have found for you!

1. Women’s Shaved Sides Haircut. It’s cool and modern, plus you can style the top however you want. Try this relaxed braid, for example.

If you feel like it’s time to look at shaved hairstyles for women, then your inner badass is totally trying to break free.

Listen to your inner voice and pick one of these amazing styles we have found for you!

1. Women’s Shaved Sides Haircut. It’s cool and modern, plus you can style the top however you want. Try this relaxed braid, for example.

2. Shaved Sides Haircut for Long Hair. Perfect for girls with thick hair. Braid the top section, make knots, cute buns, or simply pull it back into a pony.

3. Pink Female Shaved Sides Haircut. To properly show the gradient in your hairstyle, get this neat side undercut that will suit all the girls who are both romantic and fierce.

4. Female Shaved Sides Haircut. A balanced take on something delicate and edgy at the same time. You can get both a semi-bob and a deep undercut!

5. Long Hair with Both Sides Shaved. Need to always look presentable but don’t want to hide your character? Put your hair up in a poofy pony to show the sides off and you’re good to go.

6. Shaved Head with Ponytail. The easiest way to show how stylish you are is to add a pattern and put the rest of your hair in a pony, so everyone can see the artwork!

7. Very Short Shaved Women’s Haircut. Super short styles don’t have to be boring, just add a splash of color and cool design and you’ve got a head-turning look!

8. Butterfly Undercut Design. With many various patterns to choose from, butterflies and floral designs might be the most popular. Definitely give it a go!

9. Half Shaved Head with a Mohawk. Let your inner animal roam free with this hot contrasting undercut shaved hairstyle.

10. Long Hair with Clipper Shaved Side. Here you have a cool faded undercut – a great fit for all feisty and determined girls.

11. Shaved Underneath Haircut. There are lots of shaved designs to look at, but this minimal one with a fade surely deserves your attention.

12. Shaved Braided Hairstyle. A complex hairdo that will keep heads turning for days. The contrasting lines act as a nice little addition to the edgy hairstyle, which you can change up every day, just tune in your imagination!

13. Pony with a Freehand Side Shave. Shaved sides show a sign of rebellion, no doubt. On your bad girl days, show off the freehand razor cut design by pulling your hair back in a sleek glossy pony.

14. Mohawk with Shaved Sides Haircut. Back then, when punk wasn’t dead, this would be the hottest hairdo of them all. We’re kidding, punk’s alive and well, so we wonder if you desire to get this sharp cut with symmetrical razor shaved lines and pompadour bangs.

15. Creative Razor Cut Design. If you’re after culturally appropriate shaved hairstyles for women, you might want to explore your native designs for inspo. In case you just like the complex lines, better stick to freehand or create an outline of your own.

16. Short Bob with Nape Undercut. Don’t worry about losing volume, if you go for a half-shaved head. When you have a head full of thick hair, you will only lift up the body, and your razor cut nape will become an amazing bed for a voluminous crown of hair.

17. Thick Curly Hair with Shaved Sides. Have fun with your unruly curls. Create a deep parting by shaving one side. But think twice before you do – consider growing it out when the trend is over.

18. Chic Layered Pixie. The waves that this hairstyle creates are immaculate. The length sits in the front, creating a sort of swirly fringe and the lower layers become shorter as they get closer to the nape. The overall gradient look is gorgeous!

19. Faded Nape Undercut. The shaved back of the head doesn’t have to be boring. Better make it simple but with an edge by giving it a soft fade and a straight line to separate the rest of your locks from the shaved bit.

20. Short Curly Hair with a Shaved Back. Don’t part with your unruly curls if you’re not ready just yet. For thick curly hair, it’s best to do a close shave all-round the head and leave the top section to show off the texture and bring it to the front, when you style it.

21. Side Shaved Asymmetrical Bob. When you decide you are ready for some craziness in your shaved hairstyles, go for something choppy. This particular style shifts most of your hair to one side, leaving the other side for a short cut with micro bangs and an undercut. All topped with subtle balayage highlights, of course.

22. Long Hair on Top Short on Sides. Enjoy the best of both worlds: you have an option to remain soft and romantic with your long hair or put it away for an edgy, alternative vibe. Now everyday styling has become that much easier.

23. Spiky Pixie Shaved on Sides. Tired of boring shaved hair designs? It’s okay. Style your short pixie in thorns and spikes in different directions for a curated messy hairdo. The style wouldn’t be complete without a faded undercut that goes all round the bottom of the head and to the sides.

24. Spider-Web Side-Shaved Design. Side shaved hairstyles can involve your favorite colors and flattering designs. Think well before going for something like this, as you’ll have to wear it for a while!

25. V-Shaped Back Undercut. An ideal peek-a-boo hairstyle for a city girl. You can conceal it with your locks if needed only to later show off the smooth symmetrical lines.

26. Delicate Side Shaved Bob. A short bob goes with a side undercut like peanut butter with jelly. Besides, contrasting roots add a little spice to the overall style, so consider getting this cut when you’re growing out your hair. Or get a balayage to achieve this color-block effect.

27. Long Mohawk with Shaved Design. Sometimes simplicity doesn’t do it. Mix and match several styles to achieve the perfect one for you. Get an elongated Mohawk and style it in a tight bun at the top of your head. Pair it with a complex and eye-catching design on shaved sides. Now, wait for compliments to follow.

Braided Mohawk with Shaved Sides
By Erik

28. Classic Pixie Cut with Shaved Sides. Flaunt your bone structure with short hair. Shaved sides not only visually create more volume and texture at the top, but show off your beautiful cheekbones and jawline.

29. Zig-Zag Shaved Hairstyle with Braids. Play around with lengths and braided / shaved designs to achieve a cool bold look for everyone to fawn over. Complement a zig-zag pattern with a similar crooked parting, so you get the best of both worlds by keeping the length and adding a hot undercut as well.

30. Hidden Spider-Web Undercut. You may well notice that spider webs show up here and there these days. If you like the idea, hop aboard the hype train and upgrade your otherwise romantic long-haired looks with an edgy design.

31. Box Braids with a Shaved Design. Subtle lines make all the difference when you feel like you need a little extra push for your style to match your personality. Square parted box braids go incredibly well with a simple design. These create a masterpiece worth of people’s stares.

32. Long Hair Shaved Sides & Braids. A style as simple and pretty as this one will nicely highlight your features. Braided extensions bring back your length and let you play with color.

33. Shaved Back with Braids. Get creative and surprise everyone with a neat undercut and cornrows. There are plenty of designs to experiment with!

34. One Side Shaved Lob. Bring most of your hair volume to one side by doing a deep side shave. Take a look at some side shave designs to add a pattern to the cut.

35. Feminine Blonde Shaved Sides Haircut. One of the most popular shaved hairstyles with voluminous bangs and a cheeky side undercut.

36. Side Shaved Bob. If you want to come off as professional and bold but keep your feminine looks, this style from our list of shaved haircuts for women may catch your eye.

37. Colorful Half Shaved Head. Be your sweetest and brightest self with cool punchy colors and a simple shaved side style.

38. Short Hair with Shaved Sides. Can’t go wrong with a sleek neon pink Mohawk – it will get heads turning in seconds.

39. Rainbow Shaved Bob with Bright Design. If you’re tired of boring and traditional designs, this rainbow hairstyle with a graffiti-inspired pattern is just what you need.

40. Geometrical Shaved Sides for Women. The freehand geometric design stands out nicely and is topped with a cool colored Mohawk.

41. Women’s Shaved Sides Haircut for Long Hair. A chic and low maintenance style that you can complement with a bright, hot color.

42. Leafy Side Shaved Hairstyle. Show everyone your nature-loving side with a delicate leaf pattern.

43. Braided and Shaved on One Side. An easy styling option that doesn’t require too much hustle. Besides, you can add a cool braid to mark the parting!

44. Short Hair and Shaved Sides. If spending an hour styling your hair sounds horrible, then try this easy hairstyle that will only need a quick tousle with your fingers.

45. Shaved Hairstyle for Women with Curly Hair. A great thing about short naturally curly hair is that all you need to make it look good is some texture spray. With an accurate undercut, you’ll look spectacular!

46. Messy Faded Sides and Nape Undercut. Don’t settle for something simple if you’re a true rebel. Go for a layered cut and add a faded undercut to compliment it.

47. Extra Short Shaved Hairstyle for Women. Need a clean slate? Nothing says “change” better than a fully shaved head.

48. Long Green Hair with a Side Undercut. There are many interesting women’s side shaved hairstyles, but the best ones are simple. Just look at this undercut, accessorized with a straight line!

49. Spiky Short Hairstyle with Faded Undercut. The boldest women’s hairstyle is not for a shy girl. Style your bright half-shaved pixie hair in spikes.

50. Shaved Hairstyle for Black Women. There are many options to choose from depending on your hair texture, length, and your preferences. If you’re an owner of cool short locs, you may want to try a deep side shave.

When choosing shaved hairstyles for women, consider how bold you want to look. Start from a hidden undercut if you are not sure. Hopefully, something from this list has piqued your interest and will lead to a successful makeover soon!

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