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50 Most Stunning Updo Hairstyles You Can Try

Updo hairstyles automatically make you look so much more elegant. Needless to say, they are super comfortable, help you look effortlessly chic, and in many cases, you can do the beautiful updos you see in the pictures yourself.

We put together 50 ways to wear your updo so that you look fabulous at any event. Check out formal and everyday updo ideas below!

1. Chignon Updo Hairstyle for Long Hair. Make your beautiful brown locks stand out with a sophisticated twisted low bun.

Updo hairstyles automatically make you look so much more elegant. Needless to say, they are super comfortable, help you look effortlessly chic, and in many cases, you can do the beautiful updos you see in the pictures yourself.

We put together 50 ways to wear your updo so that you look fabulous at any event. Check out formal and everyday updo ideas below!

1. Chignon Updo Hairstyle for Long Hair. Make your beautiful brown locks stand out with a sophisticated twisted low bun.

2. Relaxed Waves Updo for Shoulder Length Hair. If you are going to a fancy event and you don’t have time for a hairdresser, tease your curled hair and pull it back into a cute low bun. You’re good!

Fancy Loose Updo with Waves
By Vera

3. Low Updo with Braids. Go for a braided updo if you are looking for a romantic, yet elegant feel to add to your everyday look.

4. Curly Hair Updo for Formal Events. Mix and match chunky braids with delicate waves, and don’t worry about getting messy. Make the hairdo super voluminous!

5. Inverted Low Bun Updo. When you need to look professional in little to no time, this style is the one to go for. Just twist three sections of your hair and bring them together, tuck the ends and secure with pins and some hairspray.

6. Deconstructed Curly Bun for Weddings. Feeling like Disney Princess has never been as easy as with a cute updo like this. Sexy volume and romantic tousled strands, what else could you wish for?

7. Messy Bun Updo. Master the art of the perfect loose updo, and we promise, you will conquer both the runaway and the workroom in the blink of an eye.

8. Half Updo for Long Curly Hair. Volume-boosting updos for long hair are always a win, no matter what the occasion is.

9. Classic Bouffant Low Bun. The timeless hairdo that you can easily do at home and leave the house looking fabulous. Tease your hair and wrap it into a low bun.

10. Medium Length Updo for Special Occasions. Another take on a beautiful messy curly bun. For more dimension instead of spraying all over with a texture spray, do each section separately!

11. Short Updos for Blondes. The assumption that you need long hair for a great simple updo is not quite true. Style your blond beach waves in chaotic twists for a dreamy finished look.

12. Messy Updo for Thick Hair. Your updos don’t have to be sleek and smooth. If your thick hair wouldn’t hold in a sleek bun, just roughly comb your hair to the back, lift it off your neck and wrap into a loose bun. Allow some tresses to hang around, and you’ll get a chic, voluminous updo perfectly fit for any event.

13. Quick Chignon Updo. A quick and easy casual updo that can work for any occasion. For those moments when you need to make a put-together look for the office or a wedding party, packing your hair into a rolled chignon is a great formal hairstyle idea.

14. Dutch Braid Updo. Add a Dutch braid to an up hairstyle to create a classy Bohemian updo that is so romantic and flirty. A headband braid pairs well with a low woven bun.

15. Messy Updo. Hair up styles are easy to whip up, and they don’t take much time to create. Your ‘do doesn’t even have to be perfect, as updos are very forgiving. You can readily find beauty in imperfection. That’s what messy updos are all about.

Easy Messy Up Style
By Jeny

16. Easy Low Updo. When you want a classy hairstyle but don’t have much time to make a dash to the salon, think low bun updo hairstyles. Bun hairstyles, whether high or low, look amazing on everyone. Pair with cute earrings and hair accessories for a more sophisticated look.

17. Lacy Updo for Thin Hair. Thin hair is not left out of the party. You can style your thin hair into any elegant updo of your choice. Arrange your hair into a cute chignon, and leave loose pieces on the sides. Create a bouffant and place the chignon next to it to volumize your hair.

18. Sleek Knot Bun. This is one of the cutest and most elegant hairstyles of all times. Neatly brushed backwards and polished, this is one feminine updo that complements “power dressing” so well.

19. Updo for Layered Hair. You can pull off a cute updo on layered shoulder-length hair. Apply some product for grip, tease the roots, and sweep the layers to the back. Create a low bun and leave some strands hanging for a romantic, messy feel.

20. Chic Formal Hairstyle for Long Hair. Updo styles like this one usually work best for ladies with naturally curly hair. Apply some texturizing product through your length and style your locks in a loose pony!

21. Cute Updo Idea for Blonde Hair. We believe you must have heard of “letting your hair down” to show off its beauty. Now it’s time to pack your hair up in a cute updo to flaunt the beauty and elegance of your blonde balayage. Piling your tresses up exposes your slender neck, giving you classy sultry vibes.

22. Long Hair Updo with Bangs. Make your luscious bangs the center of attention with this simple loopy bun updo. Softly blow-dried hair in the front acts as a curtain and oozes a relaxed boho vibe.

23. Cute Updo for Curly Hair. Follow your hair type and create updos that fit. Curly updos are really stunning. Your curl pattern contributes a naturally messy feel that is just awesome to behold. Drop some strands down and those lovely tendrils deliver the gorgeousness no other hair type can beat.

24. Braided Updo for Blonde Hair. Perfectly fitting for a formal event, whether it’s a prom or a wedding, the thick messy Dutch braid running diagonally across your head is an absolute winner.

25. Bridal Low-Bun. A lifesaving stylish wedding “do”. The messiness of the top keeps it casual while letting you show off some highlighted locks. The twisted and tucked away bun works amazing for medium long and shoulder-length hair.

26. Inverted French Braid Bun. Thick hair can have much fun with updo hairstyles. Stay bold and classy with this casual braid turned into a twisted bun that surely shows off the power your locks hold.

Classy Updo Hairstyle with a French Braid
By Vera

27. Bridal Long Hair Updo with Money Pieces. Somewhat inspired by Ancient Greece, the messy ponytail bun suits perfectly curly-haired ladies. Rock it with loose frontal strands to create the innocent meets fierce aesthetic.

28. Bubble Mohawk Fancy Updo. When you need to stay formal but your inner punk just can’t keep quiet, it’s time to style a bubble braid updo for a charmingly cheeky look.

29. Messy High-Bun Updo for Thick Hair. Don’t let yourself fall into the stereotype that thick hair is impossible to put into a bun. If you are lucky to have that volume and length, remember to use lots of pins.

30. Twisted Updo Hairstyle for Medium Hair. Are you a fan of the ocean? This astonishing bend and pin updo is for you. The shorter and longer layers work in tune to create a dynamic wavy texture that can save a bad haircut.

31. Low Looped Ponytail. A lovely everyday look for Uni, work, or just a girly brunch. You can whip it in less than five minutes, so you’ll be serving your awesome effortless style in no time.

32. Bridal Updo Bun Hairstyle. Your wedding hairstyle should keep the spotlight beamed on you. It’s your big day, after all. Recreating a gorgeous hair up style like this one isn’t a bad idea at all. The high bun with face-framing strands will make a breathtaking wedding updo.

33. Knotted Updo for Straight Hair. Imagine the geisha style without the stick part of it. It’s elegant, minimalist, and doesn’t involve a head full of curls like most modern updos do. An ideal choice to show off your pin-straight glossy hair.

34. Trendy Updo with Bangs. There are many ways to spice up your updo and make it super-stylish. Wind your hair into a top knot bun and pair it with cute curtain bangs for a uniquely exotic look. The kind of amazing updos you spot on beautiful Japanese models.

35. Elegant Loose Updo for Long Hair. Hypnotize everyone with your complicated hairstyle by weaving a small fishtail braid into a chain braid and tuck the ends of your big messy updo.

36. Updo for Thin Hair. You’re going to love how versatile thin hair can be. By creating a twisted crown, you add volume to the top along with some alluring dimension, especially if you have highlights and lowlights or dark roots to show off.

37. Sleek Bouffant Updo. Show up to the office in style with a smooth and glossy sleek updo. The vibes you’ll give off are associated with a sophisticated and classy girl who knows how to keep it cool and professional. You can never go wrong with this formal updo.

38. Long Hair Messy Updo Hairstyle. When there’s a ton of hair to work with, a simple French twist with loose curly ends and a teased crown is just what you need to leave them speechless.

39. Updo for Short Hair with Accessories. Create a romantic and sophisticated hairstyle in seconds with just a few bobby pins and a statement hair tie to secure your small bun.

40. Bohemian Teased Bun for Long Hair. A cute style for the casual days with a little bit of spice. The headband acts as a finishing touch to the messy look with loose strands and a teased crown.

41. French Braided Updo. Wherever you see a French braid updo, you smell fun and romance in the air. This updo hairstyle features a diagonal French braid that runs the length of your hair and ends in a loose bun at the nape of the neck. Leave some flyaway strands for a pretty finish.

42. Low Loop Updo for Medium Hair. A trendy idea that you won’t find hard to recreate at home. If you have medium-long hair, it will be easy: just do your usual loop-through pony, braid its end and wrap it around the base of the pony.

43. Ponytail Updo Hairstyle for Straight Hair. Upgrade your regular pony by covering an elastic with your hair. Add a bouffant if you want a special put together look fit for a wedding or an important business meeting.

44. Messy French Twist. A classic way to put your hair up that suits all hair types and will go with nearly any occasion and outfit. Keep it messy for a more laid-back feel.

45. Short Curly Updo. Not one of the easiest ones, but sure it’s worth choosing for your big day. The short curls are put away into a cute updo that appears massive and royal, secretly adding a few inches to your height.

46. Low Bun Hairstyle for Shoulder-Length Hair. Don’t believe what they say about straight hair updos. They aren’t boring, whoever spreads the rumors just hasn’t seen this twisted, swirled, and tucked away low-bun.

47. Messy Black Hair Updo. Suitable for a romantic wedding gown or any sophisticated formal dress, a nest-like updo with a messy looped through ponytail won’t let you down.

48. Updo for Shoulder-Length Hair with Highlights. Make your highlights pop and the dimension do its job by pulling your layers back into a “cinnamon roll’.

49. Wedding Updo Hairstyle. Surprise your guests with a fancy mermaid updo hairstyle. A masterpiece like that is bound to add a spark to your special day.

50. Updo Hairstyle with Loose Curls. Even a casual outfit can benefit from a sexy updo. Tease your crown so that your voluminous layers can rest on it for a perfectly messy look with wavy ringlets flowing down.

Like you’ve probably realized, the key to the best current updo hairstyle is to have an overall natural look. We hope you’ve found what you were looking for among these fabulous updo styles!

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