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50 Most Stunning Updo Hairstyles You Can Try

Updo hairstyles automatically make you look so much more elegant. Needless to say, they are super comfortable, help you look effortlessly chic, and in many cases, you can do the beautiful updos you see in the pictures yourself.

We put together 50 ways to wear your updo so that you look fabulous at any event. Check out formal and everyday updo ideas below!

1. Chignon Updo Hairstyle for Long Hair. Make your beautiful brown locks stand out with a sophisticated twisted low bun.

2. Deconstructed Curly Bun for Weddings. Feeling like Disney Princess has never been as easy as with a cute updo like this. Sexy volume and romantic tousled strands, what else could you wish for?

3. Low Updo with Braids. Go for a braided updo if you are looking for a romantic, yet elegant feel to add to your everyday look.

4. Mohawk Updo for Black Hair. A beautiful, rebellious way to style up your hair. It will easily protect it in summer while looking crazy good!

5. Voluminous Updo Hairstyle for Prom. A style so tasteful and chic will instantly make you feel like a queen. Highlights in your hair will stand out thanks to loose styling!

6. Easy Twisted Ponytail Updo. A casual style you will want to wear to all your work meetings when there’s not enough time to get ready in the morning.

7. Half Updo for Long Curly Hair. Volume-boosting updos for long hair are always a win, no matter what the occasion is.

8. Messy Bun Updo. Master the art of the perfect loose updo, and we promise, you will conquer both the runaway and the workroom in the blink of an eye.

9. Chic Formal Hairstyle for Long Hair. Updo styles like this one usually work best for ladies with naturally curly hair. Apply some texturizing product through your length and style your locks in a loose pony!

10. Semi-Formal Updo with Bangs. Quick to whip up, this is a low updo that works nicely for short-to-medium hair. Long bangs framing your face add a romantic final touch.

Messy Low Updo with Bangs
By Vera

11. Prom Updo for Medium Length Hair. A put together, sleek high bun will definitely make everyone aware of who the prom queen is.

12. Sleek Low-Bun Updo. A great style for bad hair days, when you need to appear professional. Use some dry shampoo and twist your spruced-up ponytail into a snail-bun.

13. Messy Updo for Medium Length Hair. Try this bun updo for your second-day curls! Add accessories for some cheeky sparkle and leave loose ringlets to frame your face casually.

14. Fancy Updo with Waves for Longer Hair. A truly fantastic Mohawk updo style for long hair, although it might be hard to re-create by yourself.

15. Twisted Rope Style for Fine Hair. Look like a fairy with a beautiful updo for thin hair. Thanks to the frizzy twisted braids, you get the extra volume, while the loose face-framing waves add a cute touch.

16. Short Updos for Blondes. The assumption that you need long hair for a great simple updo is not quite true. Style your blond beach waves in chaotic twists for a dreamy finished look.

17. Curly Hair Updo for Formal Events. Mix and match chunky braids with delicate waves, and don’t worry about getting messy. Make the hairdo super voluminous!

18. Edgy Updo for Short Hair with a Side Braid. Style your bob with a tight side braid, and then tease your hair at the top to get this effortless hairstyle.

19. Classic Bouffant Low Bun. The timeless hairdo that you can easily do at home and leave the house looking fabulous. Tease your hair and wrap it into a low bun.

20. Elegant Hairstyle for Brides. Accessories always add something special to your looks. Crown your looped blond curls with a golden wreath to steal everyone’s breath away.

21. Medium Length Updo for Special Occasions. Another take on a beautiful messy curly bun. For more dimension instead of spraying all over with a texture spray, do each section separately!

22. Chignon with Fishtail. This is a godsend for blondes with highlights. Your tresses will shine beautifully through the loose fishtail!

23. Upside-Down Braided Bun Updo. A sweet and statement-making lovely hairstyle you will surely want to wear on a date or a brunch with friends!

24. Naturally Curly Hair Updo. If you are lucky to have luscious curly hair, you don’t need to worry much about styling. Weave a loose crown braid, and you’re good to go.

25. Snail Braid Bun. Nothing’s better than a stylish bun to get the hair off your neck. Frame the face with dimensional loops, while swirling all your hair into a snail bun.

26. A Cute Updo with Cornrows. Get creative with your favorite classic updo for medium hair, and add a few cornrows of different shapes and sizes.

27. Relaxed Waves Updo for Shoulder Length Hair. If you are going to a fancy event and you don’t have time for a hairdresser, tease your curled hair and pull it back into a cute low bun. You’re good!

Fancy Loose Updo with Waves
By Vera

28. Still Trendy French Twist Updo. Easy and quick to do, the French twist never goes out of style, and suits all face shapes!

29. Teased Ponytail Updo for Long Hair. For the all-around breathtaking effect, this will be your winning style. Loose, chunky ringlets in a high pony will say it all for you.

30. Braided Tousled Bun for Balayage Hair. Make your sophisticated hair color the main star by accessorizing your hairdo with a chic and chunky braid.

31. Everyday Top Bun for Thin Hair. Get a volumized effect by teasing the hair before making a high bun and leave those wispy face-framing pieces out!

32. Flat Twist Updo for Black Hair. To maintain the health of your hair, try this protective style for hot summer days!

33. Messy Updo for Long Hair. An elegant loose style that will definitely do justice to your gorgeous thick highlighted hair.

34. Curly Updo with a Bouffant. Here’s a great style for medium length hair you can do yourself! Style your hair half up and half down, tease a little, twist and pin the curly ends. Voila!

35. Textured Bun with Hairband Braids. Nature has the best accessories! Add little braids as a hairband to your deconstructed low bun.

36. Tousled Updo for Long Hair. If you think your look is missing something, it’s probably a statement accessory. Choose your favorite padded hair band, and you’re set.

37. Sophisticated French Updo with Loose Ends. Get inspired by the 50s. Curly ends add a flirty touch to the hairstyle.

38. Epic Blooming Bridesmaid’s Updo. If all your bridesmaids are rocking long hair, consider an updo that’s higher than the Eiffel Tower, with some flower accessories or fresh flowers.

39. Messy Updo for Red Hair. Show off your auburn hair with a voluminous tousled updo featuring a teased top, loopy bun, and some free-flowing strands.

40. Bridal Low Knot Updo. For a low-key yet classy hairstyle, choose a romantic knot – this would be amazing for a bridal shower.

41. Simple Sleek Low Bun Updo. Less is more, and this style proves that saying right. You can wear the sleek bun anywhere and look dashing!

42. Messy Fishtail Updo. You can even do this style if you are just bored at home. Start with a fishtail braid and tuck your hair in it as you go.

43. Holiday Updo with Multiple Knots. This will absolutely get you into the holiday spirit! A few separate buns and a thick section to cover the sides, and you get a fancy-looking yet simple-to-do updo.

44. Side Updo with Pink Highlights. Make even mermaids jealous with this awe-inspiring side updo boasting a feminine color, tousled loops, and a delicate accessory.

45. Romantic Braided Updo. Styles like this one are just perfect because you can have it without trying to make it perfect! An asymmetrical jumbo braid can be your new bun.

46. Textured Easy Updo for Short Hair. Follow Parisian styling tips and recreate this loose low knot with a teased top.

47. Easy Curly Updo for Long Hair. You don’t need to think too much about recreating this one: get a ton of pins, a good curling iron, and this updo is yours.

48. Classic Chignon Updo. Show everyone you’ve got class with a sophisticated Hepburn-inspired updo!

49. Cornrows and Bun Updo for Natural Hair. Show the beauty of your textured black hair with a neat low bun and two face-framing braids.

50. Loose Wavy Updo for Blonde Hair. Style your loose waves into an airy French roll and arrange the rest of your hair around it! You’ll leave everyone speechless.

Like you’ve probably realized, the key to the best current updo hairstyle is to have an overall natural look. We hope you’ve found what you were looking for among these fabulous updo styles!

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