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40 Top Short Hair Wedding Styles and Short Bridal Hair Trends

Ema Globyte

19. Tiny Chignon with a Spectacular Floral Vine. Short hair wedding styles can thrive on carefully selected hair pieces, as is shown here: the tiny bun, twisted strands on the crown, and romantic tendrils don’t require long hair, but the headpiece makes all the difference.

The wedding’s right around the corner, and you still don’t know which one of the beautiful wedding hairstyles for short hair to pick? We have put together a list of 40 short hair styles for wedding celebrations for you to choose from. Whether you’re looking for bridal or bridesmaid short hairstyles, this is the place to get inspired and explore various options.

Look through these stunning wedding hair ideas to inspire your look. Whether you aim at a smooth updo, trendy messy style, or creative, unusual hairdo, we have the perfect one for you. Many of these can also work well as wedding guest hairstyles for short hair.

1. Simple and Romantic Short Wedding Hair. Are you looking for a simple and easy short-length wedding hairstyle? Try this delicate bohemian upstyle that will add extra romantic and feminine vibes to your wedding look.

2. Bob Wedding Hairstyle. Oh yes, you can definitely make your hair appear longer than it actually is! An updo like this also adds extra dimension and volume to the hair.

3. Messy French Roll for Shorter Hair Lengths. A wedding hairstyle doesn’t necessarily need to be tightly tied or strongly sprayed. Don’t be following other people’s expectations – if you want to keep your hair natural for your wedding, please do.

4. Bohemian Braid and Bun Updo. If you are looking for a shoulder-length wedding hair option, try this bohemian hairstyle which is not perfect only for a wedding but for more casual events too!

5. Twisted Half Up for Sandy Blonde Hair. If you think of bohemian wedding hairstyles for short hair, this bunch of random twists of varying thickness won’t require Rapunzel-length locks yet will give you plenty of volume, texture, and movement along with free-spirited vibes.

6. Airy Short Curly Hair Wedding Style. This hairstyle may not be one of the most common wedding hairstyles, but it looks so lovely and cute, doesn’t it? Besides, it’s perfect for any ceremony, be it the seaside or any fashionable place.

7. Soft Low Bun with Wavy Top. Many wedding hairstyles for short hair are based on chignons, but not all of them can derive that much movement and texture from the cropped strands. Follow this tutorial and make your low bun really stunning.

8. Delicate Low Swirl for Cropped Locks. If the low bun is too simple for you, you can add a modern twist to it. This one can also serve as a great short bridesmaid hair style.

9. Bridal Short Hair with a Side Braid. Wedding hairstyles are supposed to be very feminine and delicate, and what’s more feminine than braids on wavy hair?

10. Short Rolled Updo with Hairpins. Low updos are so trendy! It’s a matter of brushing the hair back, twisting, and securing it in place. This style adds a romantic vibe to the whole look.

Romantic Low Updo for Wedding
By Vera

11. Heavily Looped Wedding Upstyle for Short Hair. Can you believe that such a massive weave was made of above-the-shoulder strands? We are totally in love with the soft feel and timeless elegance of this loopy updo.

12. Wavy French Roll Short Updo. Having short hair, you will most likely need a professional hairstylist, especially when it comes to your wedding. Ask them to create beautiful romantic waves and style an updo to reveal your long neck and gemstone earrings.

13. Relaxed Strawberry Blonde Waves with Voluminous Dutch Braiding. Do you think short wedding hairstyles cannot accommodate dramatic braiding? This cute shoulder-skimming bob with loose waves proves the contrary and catches the eye with a stunning side braid complemented with pearly accents.

Wedding Bob with Half-Up Dutch Braid
By Kay

14. Elegant Bridal Hairstyle for Short Hair. You don’t need an extravagant hairstyle decorated with jewels and embellishments if you’re going to wear a stunning sparkling dress at your wedding.

15. Short Half Updo for Thick Wavy Hair. This is an easy hairstyle to cope with even for a beginner. Curl your hair and create a thick twist braid. Decorate it with a sparkly hair accessory.

16. Bridal Bob with Barrettes. Refresh your bob-short wedding hair by adding waves and putting in some fancy barrettes. Inserting crystal bobby pins is a great way to change your hairstyle in a few seconds, in case you have one more dress prepared for the night.

17. High Messy Curly Bun. These days, young ladies are willing to look and feel natural and effortlessly beautiful without trying to go the extra mile even for their wedding. Go, girls!

18. Effortless Low Bun with a Dainty Hairpiece. To recreate this romantic updo, you will need to slightly curl your bob-length tresses and then carefully wrap the soft waves toward the center of the nape where your nicely textured bun will comfortably sit.

19. Tiny Chignon with a Spectacular Floral Vine. Short hair wedding styles can thrive on carefully selected hair pieces, as is shown here: the tiny bun, twisted strands on the crown, and romantic tendrils don’t require long hair, but the headpiece makes all the difference.

20. Messy Multi-Tone Bouffant with Loose Bun. Modern brides should bite into tousled short wedding hairstyles since they look cool, sexy, and voguish while creating tons of volume and texture even on crops. A balayage will only elevate the style by adding depth and a play of shades.

21. Twisted Shoulder-Length Half-Up Rich in Contrast. Although you can try and recreate this lovely style on your lob of any color, it is the high-contrast balayage that takes it to the next level.

22. Easy Braided Do for an Effortless Look. This style is a perfect choice for a rustic wedding, and you can use any type of braiding you like. Flyaways are not a problem, as they only add bohemian vibes.

23. Pearly Blonde Short Hair in a Tousled Chignon. We all should be thankful for messy short hair updos for wedding since they allow us to avoid worrying about an undone look, such as created by this wavy upstyle with lots of tendrils.

24. Tousled Chignon with 3D Crown. This short wedding updo may seem too messy, yet it is still feminine and vibrant, full of movement, texture, and volume. And yes, doable on bob-short strands.

25. Vintage One Side Up with a Floral Accessory. Here is a modern and more careless take on voluminous Hollywood waves — pack them into a short bob with a seriously deep side part, rough them up to steer clear from an overly polished look, and pin one side with a massive accessory standing out against the brunette locks.

26. Volumizing Top Waves and Low Loop. Why don’t you shift the focus from length to volume? It doesn’t matter whether your chignon is lush or scarce when you have such gorgeous dreamy waves on the top.

27. Delicate Wavy Bun with an Accent. This style offers a smoother look, which is, however, a far cry from sleek hair. The locks are not tousled but a bit teased, curled, and looped to land a fun bun.

28. Half Up Bouffant with Tight Ringlets. If you are after tidier short hair wedding styles, this coif is a happy middle ground, as it complements the classic polished bouffant with a fun swirly detail and bouncy ringlets.

29. Big Wedding Hair French Roll. The bold style will be the best fit for wavy and curly locks which have plenty of natural texture and volume. You just need to tease it in the front and roll the hair in the back.

30. Swirly Bun and Lifted Top. This romantic updo features a slightly lifted crown with intertwined tresses running into neat swirls. Surely, the exquisite beaded headpiece does a great job of accentuating the look.

31. Half Up Wavy Long Bob. It may seem like every bride is expected to show up with a bun, huh? That’s not true. If you’ve grown your hair a bit longer, embrace it with this shoulder-length half-up style!

32. Bouncy Dirty Blonde Half Updo. Any lob can pull off some playful curls at the bottom, a bit of backcombing at the top, and a couple of interlaced side tresses in between.

33. Boho Style Bun with Loose Ends. Boho-chic is on-trend which makes us have an eye on carefree short hair wedding hairstyles, especially those that combine a softly textured top with a crisp bottom so handsomely.

34. Teased Wedding Hair with Hairpins. This updo is a great compromise between a natural look and a sophisticated wedding updo for short hair. The bride can add crystal bobby pins for additional sparkle.

35. Dainty Blonde Wraps with Tendrils. If you are looking for eye-catching yet relaxed wedding hair ideas, this sweet blonde chignon has the right unpolished feel and tons of appeal.

36. Intertwined Messy Waves with Miniature Buds. This wedding style with a messy roll at the nape is filled with horizontal and vertical plaiting, which gives enough space to add a dreamy touch by tucking a couple of tiny blooms into the blonde strands.

37. No-Frills Rolled Updo for Short Locks. This veil-ready style prompts us to keep it simple and create a natural-looking canvas for a stylish accessory.

38. Twisted Braid with Chunky Waves. Even if your hair isn’t naturally wavy, you will need just some professional curling to define the waves and then make them shine with a glistening hairspray and a fancy accessory.

39. Modern Pompadour with Looped Low Bun. A more formal take on wedding hairstyles shouldn’t deprive you of the freedom to play with color and texture, both of which are found in this classy updo in excess.

40. Sculptured Bob Short Wedding Hair. A color scheme can be a key to an outstanding wedding style for short hair, and the streaky highlights in this fascinating half-up work like a charm, thanks to the masterfully placed accents.

Many girls dream about their perfect wedding day since early childhood, and by the time they finally meet the One and Only, they know exactly what they will be wearing at the ceremony. And a hairstyle is an essential part of a bridal look, isn’t it? With a ton of wedding hairstyles for short hair, there’s a perfect option for every personal style, wedding theme, and gorgeous wedding dress. We hope you’ve managed to find the right wedding hairdo for short hair and short hairstyles for wedding guests. Congratulations, and enjoy your wedding day!