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40 Viral Wolf Cut Inspirations to Wow Us Throughout 2023

40. Shaggy Wolf Cut with Micro Bangs. We can’t but adore those choppy flicks and pieces framing the face, as well as the rebellious locks cascading down in the back.

The wolf cut trend is nowhere near going out of style soon, so you stand a good chance of sporting more than one version of this cool mullet reincarnation. Start with a softer shape and longer layers when dipping your toe into the hairstyle, and then move to choppier looks if feeling comfortable. Don’t forget to take a hair inspo wolf haircut pic to your salon and good luck!

While the edgy wolf cut is gaining momentum, hairstylists are competing to adapt this vibrant hairstyle to all hair textures and lengths, and we are wrapping the outcomes into an inspiring photo collection.

What Is a Wolf Cut and Will It Flatter You?

Before diving into a vast collection of Instagram-worthy hairstyles, we should answer the main question — what is a wolf cut?

Born as a new incarnation of the 70s shag and the 80s mullet, the cut features short choppy layers starting at the crown and longer bottom layers tapered towards the ends. Plenty of weight removal allows the wolf cut to deliver a flattering lift at the top, complemented with a wealth of texture throughout the length. Why is it called the ‘wolf haircut”? No one knows for sure, but a lot of hairstylists say that it just resembles the mane of a wolf. The origin? Wolf cuts come from Korea.

Is it hard to achieve the wolf haircut? Nope, as a lot of hairdressers already know how to cut the trendy wolf hairstyle.

Is a wolf cut low-maintenance? It’s not a wash-n-go hairstyle. It needs styling. Curly and wavy wolf cuts will benefit from using texturizing hair products (creams, mousses), straight wolf cuts will look best after a good at-home blow-dry.

How much does it cost to get a wolf hairstyle? The average price is around $100.

Will a wolf cut suit you? Wolf haircuts look good on all hair lengths, hair types, and hair textures. However, straight wolf cuts, of course, will need more styling. You will have to create a shaggy texture and messy look with curling, teasing, and styling hair products. What about a face shape? The pictures below will show you that there is an ideal wolf haircut for every face shape!

40 Short, Medium, and Long Hair Wolf Haircuts

This fresh take on the shag is amazingly versatile and fun, so let’s learn what options you have and how to style a wolf cut based on your hair type, length, and texture.

1. Multi-Layer Wolf Cut Hair in Sunshine Yellow. Looking for a bombshell hairstyle to rock during the warm season? Pair your trendy haircut with a vibrant sunny shade and get the tongues of flame playing around your face.

2. Sassy Wolf Cut Hairstyle with Double Contrast. Surely, it’s impossible to take no notice of this daring cyan accent popping against silver hair, but we also adore another contrast created by the strong fringe and soft layers.

3. Chunky Wolf Cut on Brown Hair. Featuring plenty of bits and pieces around the face, this hairstyle miraculously transforms the otherwise bulky thick mane into a beautiful frame for the strong bone structure.

4. Ethereal Short Wolf Cut with Highlights. If you shy away from looking too brutal with the cut, ask your hairdresser for a finer sliced version and get it smartly highlighted for an airy feel.

Highlighted Wolf Cut for Round Faces
By Yuki

5. Mesmerizing Wolf Cut for Long Hair. These platinum blonde tresses are carefully sliced to leave longer layers on the crown while delivering the required choppiness around the face.

6. The ’70s Inspired Wolf Cut with Curtain Bangs. The hairstyle is adorned with Farrah Fawcett-esque flirty pieces around the face and a long fringe parted strictly in the middle, but it still feels undone and current.

7. Blended Copper Layers with Metallic Shine. If you want to sport this zingy style, make sure to get your layers more evenly blended throughout the length instead of having the top and the bottom clearly disconnected.

8. Lived-In Hairstyle for Thick Manes. Since smart layering allows taking excess bulk off the head while taper cutting has the power to evoke waves even in straight tresses, you will be able to enjoy the sought-after “I woke up like this” look with no hassle.

9. Shaggy Blonde Beach Waves. Although you will need some styling with a heat tool and a texturizing spray to own this effortless style, its beachy vibes are ultimately worth it.

10. Thin Midi Wolf Cut with Korean Vibes. Girls who are not lucky to have a good head of hair should adopt this trick ASAP: the crown tresses styled towards the front create a volumizing halo around the head.

Midi Wolf Cut for Thin Hair
By Tony

11. Ample Wolf Shag Haircut with Blowout. Although many girls like the style for its wash-and-go power, a bit of blow-waving is seriously prescribed for those with straight hair.

12. Elvish Wolf Cut for Medium Hair. This photo illustrates how the “wild” cut can be turned into something airy and unearthly through a wispy finish and well-blended layers.

13. Perfectly Cropped Wolf Cut for Curly Hair. While coily crops are often tricky to tame, a medium curly wolf cut is quite a different story since it comes with the weight removed around the crown, which lets the ringlets fall right into place.

14. Crazy Bangs with Flipped Out Ends. You are unlikely to find a hot wolf cut without bangs, as they are part of the shag magic. But you can make the style even wilder with a thick fringe sticking out.

15. Dense Shag with Color Blocking. Here is another one of our wolf cut ideas offering to spice up the shag with chunky pieces in a contrasting color. The style boasts a lot of body on the crown, yet the color provides some interruption to lighten the look.

16. Disconnected Layers on Long Hair. We have a somewhat bolder example of wolf cut hair for females who don’t want to lose the length: this hairstyle has a well-defined disconnection between the mid-length and the bottom.

17. A Subtle Take on the Wolf Cut. This version is cut with long top layers that become shorter to the ends, resulting in a smoother overall look yet retaining the right shaggy vibe.

18. Messy Wolfcut with Statement Jagged Fringe. Choppy bangs work as a vital addition to the shaggy nature of the cut, but it doesn’t mean that the fringe has to hide your beautiful facial features.

19. Long Wolf Haircut with Naturally Tousled Waves. The style is a great fit for girls with wavy textures and little time (or desire) for styling since it allows you to air-dry your locks, use your fave wavy hair product and get ready to go.

20. Wolf Cut Hair with Feathered Finish and Highlights. This thick mane has some weight removed and replaced with feathered face-framing layers opening the face.

21. Sleek and Light Wolf Cut Bob. This shiny blond haircut boasts a handsomely clean shape and much fullness in the front to deliver a feel of thicker hair.

Clean Wolf Cut for Thin Hair
By John

22. Feathery Cut with Sidelocks. Want something feminine rather than rocky? Here is a lovely wolf haircut for girls whose hair lacks movement. You can style it in different ways, including this idea with the side locks partially tucked away.

23. Wispy Wolf Cut for Shoulder-Length Hair. It’s a nice idea for girls willing to switch from their oldy-moldy lobs to something hot and stunningly textured.

24. Soft and Illuminated Wolf Cut with Bangs. A full brow-grazing fringe is an absolutely suitable alternative to curtain bangs within a wolf cut, the more so that it adds fullness to the front.

25. Sleek Wolf Cut for Short Hair. This picture proves that the style doesn’t need to be always messy, and its smoother version can work as a great canvas for amazing color transitions.

26. Fun Green-Tinged Wolf Cut for Straight Hair. While some ladies struggle to get green out of their blondes, others are bold enough to incorporate the color into their rockstar shags.

27. Face-Hugging Wolf Shag with Choppy Baby Bangs. This option has got quite a lot of volume on the top through short layers, yet the micro fringe keeps it at bay, directing attention to the eyes.

28. Heavily Layered Face-Framing Pieces. Surely, there is a wolf cut for women who are more comfortable with some tresses camouflaging and balancing certain parts of the face.

29. Dirty Blonde Wolf Cut for Fine Hair. Here is a good example of the style’s volumizing effect, which is coupled with a seamless play of shades to produce even greater depth.

30. Modern Hime Cut to Wolf Shag Transformation. This cute cut combines the best of mullet, shag, and hime hairstyles to create a totally customized playful look.

31. Deep Mullet with Sassy Bangs. This style radiates a super shaggy texture at the top, but it doesn’t seem overwhelming even if worn with big glasses thanks to the noticeably longer layers on the bottom.

32. Textured Fine Hair with Highlighted Ends. The volume-boosting short layers placed throughout the crown and the thick piece-y fringe play well together to infuse the fine tresses with texture.

Medium Piece-y Cut for Fine Hair
By Tony

33. Honey Blonde Shag with Lush Curtain Bangs. Haven’t we mentioned that wolf cuts can be extremely flattering to various bone structures? Look how easily the right length and shape elongate the round face with the hair losing no volume.

34. Sexy Peach Blonde Waves. The delicate shade of blush blonde is the bomb on its own, but it grows into the sexiest look when packed into this disheveled style.

35. Wild Wolf Shag with Bottleneck Bangs. Ask your coiffeur for a deep fringe with shorter strands in the middle and longer tapered pieces towards the temples to wear it slightly parted and look completely cool.

36. Fiercely Layered Vintage Hairdo. This style wows us with tons of texture and movement all over the golden blonde hair, getting us back to the hippie-chicness of Woodstock.

37. Edgy Shoulder-Skimming Wolf Hairstyle. Well, nobody will warn you against keeping most of the layers around the face rather than having them scattered all over the head.

38. Platinum Wolf Cut Mullet with Shadow Roots. Those who want to add drama to their look will definitely appreciate this style, which is both sculptured and rich in contrast.

39. Bedhead Look with Deep Auburn Curls. This dimensional style promises low maintenance to curly girls, and they can wear the mullet part up or down as they please.

40. Shaggy Wolf Cut with Micro Bangs. We can’t but adore those choppy flicks and pieces framing the face, as well as the rebellious locks cascading down in the back.

The wolf cut trend is nowhere near going out of style soon, so you stand a good chance of sporting more than one version of this cool mullet reincarnation. Start with a softer shape and longer layers when dipping your toe into the hairstyle, and then move to choppier looks if feeling comfortable. Don’t forget to take a hair inspo wolf haircut pic to your salon and good luck!

by Editors
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