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30 Hot Pixie Bob a.k.a Bixie Haircut Examples for 2022

The bixie cut has been growing in popularity since the previous year, with more and more celebrities joining the trend. Naomi Campbell, Kristen Stewart, Anne Hathaway, and Florence Pugh — the Internet is full of pictures showing A-listers rocking the pixie bob cut. Want to know what modern ways to rock it exist in 2022 and will be trendy in 2023? Read on.

What Is a Bixie Haircut?

Ok, the term is familiar, but what is a bixie haircut? Not every woman far from hairdressing can define it. Obviously, as the name ‘the PIXIE BOB haircut’ suggests, it’s some blend of two well-known styles, the pixie and the bob. A haircut that you can’t name a bob or a pixie from the first second. It is neither a short bob nor a long pixie, it is something in-between. You hesitate because this crop has the features of both cuts.

If you ask any hairstylist “What does a pixie bob haircut look like?”, they will say that this is a longer bob-like front and top, and shorter pixie-like sides and nape (though its different versions exist). We, in our turn, want to show you these 30 nice examples explaining how the style combines the less restricting length of a bob with the fullness and choppiness of a pixie.

1. Pixie Bob Haircut with Sculptured Bangs. This style features plenty of layers around the crown to relieve fine tresses of weight and make them spring up with extra volume.

2. Icy Blonde Bixie Haircut with Choppy Finish. Thinned-out ends will let your strands soar up while adding tons of texture, provided that your hair is not too thin.

3. Delicately Textured Bob Pixie Cut. If your hair is rather sparse, you can keep your style on the bob side with long bangs and layers added towards the bottom for a fuller feel.

4. Swept Over Pixie Bob Haircut with Balayage. Aside from the amazing depth acquired through coloring, this style combines a clean shape with boosted dimension.

5. Messy Hairstyle with Length Discontinuity. If you don’t know how to style a pixie bob haircut, take the lazy way out with a highly layered chop made for tousled styling.

6. Jaw-Length Pixie Bob Haircut with Swoop Bangs. It looks like a sassier version of the inverted bob, with all its length saved and the texture enhanced with short pixie layers.

7. Daring Undercut Pixie Bob Haircut. What a striking contrast is shown here: the undercut works to demonstrate the beautiful lines of the neck and nape without losing femininity, thanks to the long crown pieces.

8. Sleek Style with Side-Swept Bangs. Although bixie haircuts are often made choppy, it’s not the only way to go, which is proved by the perfectly blended layers of this style.

9. Pageboy-Inspired Bixie Hairstyle. With retro styles being hot and happening, this lovely bixie allows you to rock an updated version of the cut popular in the mid-1970s.

10. Asymmetrical Pixie Bob Haircut with a Tuck. Longer pieces on the sides provide one of the reasons to love the bixie hair, as you can add playfulness to your look just by tucking some strands behind the ear.

11. Round Face Pixie Bob Haircut with Choppy Bangs. Vertical lines and angles always work fine for round faces, but this cut also shifts dimension from the sides to the top for a stronger elongating effect.

12. Wispy Golden Blonde Hair with a Lightweight Fringe. This style has something airy about it with many layers and thinned-out ends all around the perimeter.

13. Disheveled Styling for Straight Hair. The short interior layers of a pixie are designed to wear the cut with texture, so you just need to secure it with a styling product.

14. Rounded Crop with Seamlessly Blended Balayage. A stylish bixie haircut 2022 is not only about shape and texture: you can elevate the look with a good color job.

15. Softly-Shaped Long Bixie Haircut. Basically, this style is one-length throughout the upper portion with only a bit of layering at the nape and sides for extra dimension.

16. Tapered Cut with Highlights and Lowlights. With a lot of colorful streaks popping up all around, this head of hair doesn’t require much texture in the mid-length to look lively.

17. Pixie Bob Haircut with Bangs. Long and layered curtain bangs pair well with the pixie choppiness, but leave the bottom blunt or point-cut for greater fullness.

18. Edgy Bobbed Hairstyle with Buzz Cut Temples. This peekaboo buzz cut creates a stunning contrast against the lifted bangs and directs attention to the beautiful cheekbones.

19. Jet-Black Bixie with Center-Parted Bangs. Clean and neat in the back, this cut gets a nice zing with the face-framing pieces in the front.

20. Effortless Bixie for Thick Hair. With the bulk removed and the ends thinned out, this hairstyle allows carefree feathered styling even for seriously thick manes.

21. Lavish Multi-Layer Fringe for Chubby Face. Creating a soft curve around your eyes and cheekbones is a tried-and-true slimming trick, especially when you couple it with added dimension on the crown.

22. 3-Dimensional Highlights for Bixie Hair. Here, the brown base serves to create depth for fine hair, while the highlights add definition to wispy strands.

23. Low Maintenance Pixie Bob Haircut. Thanks to texture and movement incorporated in bixie hairstyles, they are perfect for growing the hair out and sporting bedhead looks.

24. Polished Bixie with Dimension Boosts. This time, you will surely need a blow-dryer and a styling mousse to accurately seal this smooth look with bumps on the crown and in the front.

25. Fun Shaggy Chop with Curtain Bangs. Well, we are not sure whether to call it a micro fringe or curtain bangs, but it’s a lovely addition to this light and choppy cut.

26. Classy Bixie with Soft Layers. This style leverages delicate highlights to accentuate the texture without going for too many layers.

27. Messy Pixie Bob Haircut for Curly Hair. Don’t hesitate to choose a layered bixie haircut for curly texture since layers can deliver plenty of natural volume and fullness to play with!

28. Long Pixie Bob with Feathers. That’s how you should embrace the bixie haircut trend with your hair type in mind: abundant hair loses no fullness even with tons of layering and feathering.

29. Neat and Textured Pixie Bob Haircut for Thick Hair. Despite all the pieceyness of this style, it looks elegant and tidy with a clean shape and debulking.

30. Metallic Gray Cut with Layering at the Bottom. This style comes with a slight graduation in the lower part to bring movement and play of shades into the fabulous color.

Now you have at least several reference images to go for a bixie cut and achieve the result you will truly enjoy. And since the popularity of the pixie bob cut is gaining momentum, you can manage to sport even a couple of its cool versions.

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