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30 Hot Pixie Bob a.k.a Bixie Haircut Examples for 2024

2. Round Face Pixie Bob Haircut with Choppy Bangs. Vertical lines and angles always work fine for round faces, but this cut also shifts dimension from the sides to the top for a stronger elongating effect.

The bixie cut has been growing in popularity since the previous year, with more and more celebrities joining the trend. Naomi Campbell, Kristen Stewart, Anne Hathaway, and Florence Pugh — the Internet is full of pictures showing A-listers rocking the pixie bob cut. Want to know what modern ways to rock it will be trendy in 2024? Read on.

What Is a Bixie Haircut?

Ok, the term is familiar, but what is a bixie haircut? Not every woman far from hairdressing can define it. Obviously, as the name ‘the PIXIE BOB haircut’ suggests, it’s some blend of two well-known styles, the pixie and the bob. A haircut that you can’t name a bob or a pixie from the first second. It is neither a short bob nor a long pixie, it is something in-between. You hesitate because this crop has the features of both cuts.

If you ask any hairstylist “What does a pixie bob haircut look like?”, they will say that this is a longer bob-like front and top, and shorter pixie-like sides and nape (though its different versions exist). We, in our turn, want to show you these 30 nice examples explaining how the style combines the less restricting length of a bob with the fullness and choppiness of a pixie.

1. Neat and Textured Pixie Bob Haircut for Thick Hair. Despite all the pieceyness of this style, it looks elegant and tidy with a clean shape and debulking.

2. Round Face Pixie Bob Haircut with Choppy Bangs. Vertical lines and angles always work fine for round faces, but this cut also shifts dimension from the sides to the top for a stronger elongating effect.

3. Messy Hairstyle with Length Discontinuity. If you don’t know how to style a pixie bob haircut, take the lazy way out with a highly layered chop made for tousled styling.

4. Blush Blonde Bixie. Apart from being a perfect fit for the girl’s fair complexion, this sparingly layered cut with deep and long bangs does a great job of volumizing for the thin tresses.

5. Pixie Bob Haircut with Bangs. Long and layered curtain bangs pair well with the pixie choppiness, but leave the bottom blunt or point-cut for greater fullness.

6. Long Bixie with Bangs Out of the Face. Although choppy fringes are more frequent in bixie hairstyles, this version feels much softer with most pieces around the face flipped to the sides yet leaving some bangs to hit the eyes.

7. Classy Bixie with Soft Layers. This style leverages delicate highlights to accentuate the texture without going for too many layers.

8. Short Pixie Bob with Choppy Layers. This style looks sharp thanks to the angles created throughout the perimeter, while its crown is nicely lifted with weight-removing layering and hair stacking.

9. Voluminous Bixie Haircut with Layered Bangs. This clever girl has added golden highlights all around the head to emphasize the handsomely piece-y texture of her style and create depth in addition to volume.

10. Effortless Two-Tone Bixie Cut. This lady took a different approach to her coloring and placed highlights mostly on the top to let the darker hair peep out from under the blonde and get more dimension in the end.

11. Silky Brunette Bixie Haircut. With the layers stacked in the back of the head and the bangs lifted at the roots, this fine brunette hair feels more voluminous while staying overall smooth rather than choppy.

12. Disheveled Styling for Straight Hair. The short interior layers of a pixie are designed to wear the cut with texture, so you just need to secure it with a styling product.

13. Lived-In Blonde Pixie Bob Haircut. You may never guess that this woman goes through a growing-out stage, as her hair is nicely shaped and brightened up with natural-looking honey blonde highlights.

14. Dramatic Bixie with Icy Highlights. This is an ashier take on the 90s bixie haircut: it is marvelously choppy with the texture accentuated through strategically placed highlights and perfectly adapted to cool complexions.

15. Lip-Length Feathered Bixie Cut. This black brown hair is packed into a longer version of the hybrid cut and filled with movement and volume by masterful layering and feathering.

16. Tousled Fine Hair Bixie Haircut. This style has everything you need to inject life into your fine tresses — from bangs creating fullness in the front through shadow roots invoking depth to layering and messy styling adding lift.

17. Neat Burgundy Bixie Hairstyle. Bob in the front, pixie in the back — this hairstyle is not as shaggy as most bixies, but its classic look is spiced up with a more angled shape and moderately textured crown.

18. Messy Bixie with Lengthy Bangs. Here is quite another way of rocking the bixie hair in 2024, and it will wow girls who prefer effortless looks and wash-and-go styles since they can do with only a dab of styling mousse to lift the roots.

2024 Wash-and-Go Bixie
By Yuki

19. Strawberry Blonde Bixie with Chunky Layers. That’s why you need to take your inspirational bixie haircut pictures to a salon — the cut is extremely versatile and can be tailored to remove excess weight or add tons of body as this style does.

20. Sweet “Grown-Out” Bixie Hair Cut. Indeed, the shape of this style perfectly mimics the pixie, but the cut boasts a longer length to play with, for example, by styling the bangs in different ways or tucking the side pieces behind the ear.

21. Undone Copper Bixie Hair. This is how you can derive an edgier feel from your chin-length bob: get outer layering around the crown and ask for a bit shorter and stacked back to arrive at a carefree pixie bob.

22. Blunt-Cut Pixie Bob with Arched Bangs. Although radiating bohemian vibes through the tousled styling, this cut gives structure to the dense hair with a clean line at the nape and adds interest to the look with a heavy arched fringe.

23. Neat Blonde Bixie with Side-Swept Bangs. Here is another proof that bixie hairstyles can be both choppy and soft, which makes them highly customizable to match your hair type, face shape, and even lifestyle.

24. Brushed Back and Accentuated Crop. Ring the changes on pixie bob haircuts for brunettes by adopting this exquisite brandy color and styling your front pieces backward for stunning dynamics and volume.

25. Bronzed Pixie Bob with a Shaggy Feel. This color scheme brings a soft glow into the chocolate brown hair and emphasizes the textured ends of the top layers to remove some weight from the thick mane.

26. Textured Bixie for Straight Hair. These before and after pictures show how bixie haircuts can transform limp tresses into bouncy and nicely textured styles with some smart shaping and layering.

27. Wine Red Bixie with Piece-y Bangs. Even a vibrant hair color won’t divert attention from your face if you give it such a stunning frame with layered side strands and choppy bangs.

28. Chic Bixie Shag with Curtain Bangs. This adorable style radiates the 90s vibes through its sliced ends and heavily layered curtain bangs but adds modern careless styling and depth-boosting root smudge.

29. Short Pixie Bob Bixie Haircut with Cropped Fringe. Actually, you don’t need long strands in the front to rock the iconic curtain fringe and can source inspiration from this girl who paired her textured crop with very short bangs.

30. Pink-Tinted Bixie with Elongated Crown. One of the best things about the bixie is that you can experiment with different length combinations and go longer at the top while still having plenty of layers and choppiness.

Now you have at least several reference images to go for a bixie cut and achieve the result you will truly enjoy. And since the popularity of the pixie bob cut is gaining momentum, you can manage to sport even a couple of its cool versions.

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