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50 Hot Bob Haircuts and Hairstyles That’ll Make You Go for the Chop

50. Textured Bob with a Braid. Is it possible to wear a bob up or at least in half-ups? Yes, check this pretty braided half updo for inspiration.

We hope you have found your dream bob haircut. Don’t shy away from the chop – you won’t know until you try!

Try out a bob cut if you’ve had medium to long hair for a while – you won’t regret it. We’ve got a list of chic styles for inspiration.

Don’t let the fear of short hair keep you from trying a bob haircut. Overcome it by just going for the chop – you will instantly fall in love with your new gorgeous look!

We’ve got 50 perfect examples of bob cut hairstyles for 2021 covering different lengths, hair types, and textures. Get ready to find the one that will steal your heart.

1. Short Shaggy Bob. Bob styles can range from shoulder-length cuts to super short shaggy crops and we love them all. Go for that 90s’ grunge look ASAP!

2. Short Layered Bob. Miss cute beachy waves in the colder months? You can have that beachy texture all year round – just use a beach spray before styling.

3. Tousled Wavy Bob. The above-the-shoulder length is super sexy and loved by many because you can easily style it however you want and it will always look flawless. Don’t be afraid to make it messy.

4. Natural Gray Curls. Embrace the natural color and texture of your hair. You may even enhance them by adding some lowlights and diffused curls. We love how beautiful the different shades of gray look in the bob cut.

5. Sassy Waves with Shadow Roots. A middle part is cute and rewarding for most face shapes if you keep the length below the chin. The subtle waves bring the movement you want to see in a modern bob.

6. Modern Stacked Bob. Show off your stacked layers with a side-parted bob cut bringing volume and body to straight hair.

7. Textured Layered Shag. Major fringe alert! Be bold and style your shaggy layered bob as messy as you want with some dry shampoo for extra bounce.

8. Bob for Thick Hair. Look at that texture?! Opt for longer bangs that sweep past your eyebrows for a sexy, mysterious style.

9. Platinum Messy Waves. A feathered bob with messy waves is just what you need to gain confidence with a short ‘do. Style it wavy or blow it out straight and sleek for a sexy date night style.

10. Feathered Bob. We love how wispy those uneven layers are! If you need a voluminous bob for fine hair – this is the one. You can have volumizing layers throughout your bob to make it light and feathered.

11. Stacked Layered Bob. We can’t get over how beautiful the shades of gray are in this piece-y bob. Choose short stacked layers in the back and longer feathered pieces throughout the cut.

12. Long Bob Cut. Slight waves can transform your “bed head” into a chic, trendy bob. Style it with a medium-sized curling iron wrapping pieces of hair around the barrel and holding for about 10 seconds.

13. Sleek Long Layers. Get that post-salon look with long layers by blow-drying your hair all over and running a straightener through it to keep frizziness at bay.

14. Shag with Baby Bangs. The shaggy layers combined with micro bangs make for the cutest bob cut. Play with your texture and spray dry shampoo throughout your choppy layers to enhance the messy vibe.

Choppy Shag with Micro Bangs
By Yuki

15. Long Straight Bob. The inverted bob shape can be paired with a longer length. This lob is the best of both worlds – it makes a statement and keeps the length!

16. Short Bob with Bangs. For ladies with thin hair, you should try a bob with wispy bangs and edges to keep your cut fresh and light.

17. Asymmetrical Choppy Bob. An angled cut can be very subtle or very dramatic depending on how steep the angle is. Style it straight or wavy – you can’t go wrong!

18. Sleek Asymmetrical Angled Bob. A swing bob will add the necessary edge to your look. Keep your hair sleek by applying some anti-frizz oil after styling to avoid flyaways.

19. Voluminous Wavy Bob. Opt for an asymmetrical cut if you want to be daring. This cute style with volumizing waves brings body and texture to fine hair.

20. Chin Length Bob with Hollywood Waves. A side part and the right kind of wave can change your style completely. Treat your hair to smoothing serum and use rollers to get those big glamorous waves.

21. Tight Angled Cut. The geometric bob with not a hair out of place is pretty impressive! However, you can style it shattered and tousled whenever you are in the mood to wear a more careless look.

22. Brunette Blunt Bob with Balayage. A blunt middle part bob is something all women should try. To make it super chic, blow it out and use a straightener after styling to seal the effect of poker straight hair.

23. Stacked Bob with Uneven Layers. A bob with layers can add body and dimension to your cut instantly.

24. Messy Undercut Bob. Release your inner badass and try an undercut bob. Tousle it and comb over to enhance its playful vibe.

25. Cute Bob with Side Bangs. A very short bob is great for ladies with thin hair. The shorter the hair the thicker it looks.

26. Black Razored Bob. Mid length bobs are super popular because you can still put your hair in a ponytail and style it curly or straight while having the desired movement and definition.

27. Short Layered Curls. Keep your curls hydrated and they will always look marvelous. Use a diffuser if you want to get those extra tight curls.

28. Lip-Length Curly Bob with Bangs. If you love playing around with texture, try curly bangs. They may require a bit more work to get it right but they are so worth it when you are getting compliments!

29. Blonde Choppy Layers. To style a bob, try blowing it out first and then go through the layers with a straightener giving them a subtle midshaft bent or smoothing them out for a sleek, flowy look. You can also style it curly with a medium-sized curling iron for cute waves.

30. Chin-Length Waves. If you notice some thinning on one side of your hair, try switching up your part to get the body you’re missing.

31. Short Razored Shag. The boldest girls out there can opt for a super short messy bob. Although the hair seems disorganized, it won’t bother you thanks to the short length.

32. Short Inverted Bob Haircut. To style an inverted bob, keep lines clean at all times. If you find a hairstylist that specializes in inverted/angled cuts – don’t hesitate.

33. Cropped Bangs with a Twist. Looking to update your super short bob cut? Try a color accent in your bangs or unexpected peek-a-boo highlights.

34. Textured Bob. Balayage highlights look great on bob haircuts. Go for well-blended highlights and shaggy layers to refresh your mid length bob.

35. Cropped Bob with Bangs. Add this to your list of 2021 bob haircuts. This bob is too edgy and cool to miss it.

36. Angled Medium Length Bob. What a cute A-line bob! Even though it is a shorter cut, you still have length to play with.

37. Super Short Blunt Bob. Instead of the traditional chin length, try chopping up to your cheek for a dramatic statement. This cut certainly works best on straight hair.

38. Short Shaggy Cut. Short bob hairstyles can look messy at times but it’s all about how you style them. If you want it to look grungy – go for it. Use a styling cream or dry shampoo to get the desired style.

39. Chic Bed Head. This sharp bob crop turns many heads. While it’s not for everyone, some women wish to try edgy layers and bold baby bangs.

40. Short Rounded Bob. As far as bob haircuts for women go, the round bob is different yet so chic. Style it sleek and straight to get that full round effect.

41. Bright Orange Bob. Ditch the classic colors and go for that vivid red you’ve always wanted. Blend the unnatural color with your natural roots.

42. Beach Blonde Mid Length Bob. A middle part can take your style to another level. To style a medium bob, use a medium-sized curling barrel and do midshaft bents so you can keep the volume and add texture to your straight strands.

43. Edgy Reverse Bob. Try a reverse bob with elongated front pieces for an edgy vibe. You may also give it an asymmetrical twist.

Asymmetrical Reverse Bob
By Mila

44. Shoulder-Length Waves. Longer bobs for women are timeless. Changing a part and adding bangs to your bob is a quick way to refresh your look.

45. Medium Bob Haircut. Calling all ladies with thin or fine hair – we’ve got you covered. Go for a blunt cut to keep your hair one length and avoid thin ends.

46. Blunt Cut Bob. Start the new year, season, or month with a chic bob style like this. Style it curly with a flat iron or a crimper for added volume.

47. Textured Blunt Cut. Just because your hair is straight doesn’t mean that you can’t have texture. Use sea salt spray or dry shampoo to get the desired grip to style your bob.

48. Choppy Bob. The choppy bob is one of the most universal bob cut hair styles because it can work on all lengths! To style a choppy bob, curl it or let your natural texture shine through. Complete with a fun clip if you want an accent.

49. Vintage Cropped Bob Haircut. This vintage crop with a modern twist is a nice solution for a woman who prefers bold short cuts with character.

50. Textured Bob with a Braid. Is it possible to wear a bob up or at least in half-ups? Yes, check this pretty braided half updo for inspiration.

We hope you have found your dream bob haircut. Don’t shy away from the chop – you won’t know until you try!

by Victoria Morales
Victoria is a freelance writer living in NYC. She loves writing about lifestyle, skin care and all things hair. She's always open to sharing ideas on new trendy hair colors, haircuts and hairstyles.
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