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40 Box Braids Hairstyles to Try When You’re Bored with Your Look

Serena Piper

5. Box Braids with Curly Ends. Curls look amazing on many hairstyles. Box braids blend so well with curls. No need to braid the ends, simply curl them.

Box braids are a great styling option for stylish sporty looks. Especially for girls who do not have a lot of time to deal with their natural hair. One of the biggest advantages box braids deliver is a variety of color, size, and length to meet your individual preferences.

What Are Box Braids?

Box braids are single braids worn predominantly by African and African-American women. They consist largely of square-shaped divisions, although other shapes can be used too (e.g. triangle).

40 Cute Ideas of Box Braids Hairstyles

Check the following updated collection of box braids hairstyles 2024. Browse through our gallery of beautiful box braids hairstyles for some inspiration to jazz up your next hairdo.

1. Medium Length Box Braids for Natural Hair. Shoulder-length box braids will not only offer you protection and comfort but also a stylish look.

2. Short Box Braids. Short box braids are so comfy!!! You can try some chin-length braids for a sporty look.

3. Black Box Braids. Black is a classic hair color for individual braids. Sport some brisk black braids to get a natural-looking hairstyle.

4. Box Braids with Cornrows. Love cornrows and box braids? Great! You can merge them both into a lovely cornrow box braid style. You will have cornrows in front and box braids in back, perfect!

5. Box Braids with Curly Ends. Curls look amazing on many hairstyles. Box braids blend so well with curls. No need to braid the ends, simply curl them.

6. Box Braids Ponytail. The ponytail is a classic hairstyle. Style your box braids into a single bundle for a practical yet gorgeous look.

7. Auburn Box Braids. Auburn is a great color to consider for elegant box braid styles. For example, you can get some extra-long small box braids and create a beautiful half updo.

8. Box Braids with Beads. Box braids always offer a considerable deal of visual appeal. You can take it a step further by accentuating your braids with some beads or other hair jewelry.

9. Triangle Part Single Box Braids. Want box braids with a unique twist? Try the cute triangle parting for something different.

10. Purple Box Braids. With a cool dark purple, you can get a fresh take on classic individual braids. The bold box braids in purple look unrivaled.

11. Bohemian Box Braids in a Lob. When it comes to thick shoulder-length tresses, bobs top the list of cool hairstyles to do with box braids. This picture shows how a few loose spirals add a bohemian vibe to an otherwise basic braided lob.

12. Braided Lob with Inward Flip. While long ropes of hair can steal all the spotlight, short box braids hairstyles are better suited for directing attention to your face, and this edgy lob does the job.

13. Elegant Long Box Braids with Waves. While some versions of individual braids shine with color, this hairstyle puts emphasis on texture. It lets a good portion of waves out but keeps them polished rather than free-spirited.

14. Flexible Short Braided Hair. Unlike the bobs installed with a side parting in mind, these box braids are more flexible and can be swept to either side or worn center-parted.

15. Amber-Tinted Individual Braids. This style couples an off-beat color, length, and size to create a personalized look with a cascade of tiny light brown box braids that remain highly amenable to further styling.

16. Golden Box Braids with French Feel. Girls will never stop inventing new box braids styles, and this is the freshest upgrade to the loose-curl goddess braids — mid-length French curl braids with maximized volume and bounce.

17. Scarlet Red Box Braids with Curls. Girls who dare to rock colorful box braid hairstyles deserve our praise, but they should choose the color carefully to fit the complexion. Luckily, there is a red for every skin tone, and this gal has found hers.

18. Crochet Highlighted Bob with Asymmetry. We have already seen braided bobs and blonde medium box braids styles, and now it’s time to combine the shape and the color and add something new to the mix, for example, visible asymmetry and a lovely balayage.

19. Cute Lob with Shoulder-Length Medium Braids. This long crochet bob is infused with darker shades of blonde to merge with the brown base smoothly, while yellow accents are used to jazz up the style and make it fun.

20. Inverted Bob Made of Red Single Braids. Starting short in the back and getting dramatically longer toward the front, this auburn bob proves the versatility and adaptability of short braided hairstyles.

21. Small Box Braids with Golden Highlights. Those girls who are seeking a more natural-looking inspiration can avail themselves of this light brown to honey blonde scheme conveyed through a mix of long spirals and braids.

Long Honey Brown Box Braids
By Mari

22. Long Knotless Micro Braids. Knotless box braid hairstyles are gaining momentum, and we can easily understand why — with no bells and whistles attached, this simple style looks natural, delicate, and oh-so feminine.

23. Seriously Center-Parted Big Box Braids. Choosing a larger size of braids is a great idea when you want your braiding to stand out, but you will achieve even a more spectacular look with a sharp center part and a high-contrast color palette.

24. Short Box Braids with Metallic Shine. This sleek bob doesn’t strike the eye with stunning details, yet its shiny copper chimes with the skin tone, and it frames the face perfectly with the right length and slightly off-center parting.

25. Lush Box Braids with Beads. Less is more? Not always. As right now we cannot take our eyes off this bang-on set of beads, perfectly square sectioning, fancy space buns, and, of course, perfect braids.

26. Waist Length Box Braids. Variety is one of the best things about box braids. Choose layered blue braids with beads for a unique, eye-catching look.

27. Dusty Blonde Box Braids with Showy Ends. We approve of blonde box braids for women of color for the stunning contrast they create, but you can take it a step further and add another texture and shade at the ends.

28. Comb Over Box Braids. Let your hair grow out healthy and protect your scalp with neat extensions such as these. You can add color, beads, or do box braids with curls at the ends to show your playful side.

29. Box Braids with Shaved Sides. Box braids seem chic with shaved sides as well. You can incorporate some stylish patterns and mix some highlights into the braids.

30. Box Braids in a Bun. Hair in a bun offers a stylish appeal along with comfort and a cool feel. Rock a high bun like a goddess.

31. Thick Box Braids. The bigger the box braids are the bolder they look. You can include some accessories, such as rubber bands, to make your thick box braids even cooler.

32. Red Box Braids in Twin Buns. Two is always better than one. Wear your box braids in twin buns for a unique cool look with color.

33. Box Braids with Curly Ends. Box braids will make your dreams about extra long hair come true. Curl the lower half and you’ll have some really cool long box braids.

34. Dynamic Free-Flowing Box Braids. If you’re unsure which one of the numerous current box braids hairstyles you should get, you can always take your hairstylist’s suggestion. Show the harmony of your facial features with one-length medium-size plaits. They look good and are easy to manipulate!

35. Romantic Curled Box Braids. Among the many box braid styles out there, these braids exude a carefree yet feminine charm. Curl the ends of your extensions for a more sophisticated feel.

36. Box Braids with Boho Vibes. This girl embraces loose curls in an alternative way by inserting them throughout the mid-shaft of her not-perfectly-uniform braids to arrive at a more free-spirited style.

37. Bold Black Box Braids. Big and bold braids in total black. There are different box braid styles, these are big, and tightly braided, styled for durability.

38. Medium-Sized Blonde Box Braids. Blonde remains an extremely popular hair color. Merge it with one of the most versatile hairstyles and you get classic elegance.

39. Micro-Box Braids with Curly Ends. Tiny boho braids look as if they’re not there at all from a distance. They’re great if you want to go for a softer look.

40. Precisely Parted Box Braids. If you happen to forget how beautiful traditional box braids are, this handsomely full style with accurately shaped squares on the scalp and perfectly even braiding all along the way will give you a clue.

When you decide to get some box braids, your unique style and personality will always shine through your braids. So, don’t hesitate to express your style – you’ll feel more confident and, definitely, more gorgeous.

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