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30 Braids with Curls to Give You a Funky, Chic Look

10. Neat Small Box Braids with Curls. This girl has long wavy strands amply inserted into small box braids to provide a fuller and more interesting style that still manages to remain smooth overall.

Braids are everywhere we know, but you can adorn your braids with curls and overshadow every other hairstyle. Curls ooze a fun and playful vibe. Add a mix of curls to your braids and you’ll look gorgeous and super-glamorous!

Braids and curls hairstyles are absolutely cool and have a jaw-dropping appeal. Want the same effect for your mane? Here we have rounded up a selection of the most delightful, Instagram-breaking braids with curls. As usual, we have something for everyone. Whether you’re searching for cool-girl or sassy, we’ve got your back. Just scroll down and make your pick.

1. Cornrow Braids with Curls. Choose this if you need a hairstyle that delivers the look for every occasion. The braids start off as scalp braids fanning out from a side part and extend into thin individual braids tightly coiled at the ends.

2. Comb-Over Box Braids with Curls. Neatly done box braids with tight curls at the ends, parted and combed over for a cool allure. A very stylish hairstyle for the elegant woman!

3. Short Braids with Curls. Box braids in a bob are cute but they tend to look a little bit stiff, especially the thick and chunky ones. Strips of curly tresses here and there add a zesty jiggle to your thick braided bob.

4. Half-Braided Half-Curly. Steal the show. Purplish box braids transmitting into a blonde ombre and terminating in soft, sun-kissed curls. These braids with curly ends are right on fleek.

5. Simple Individual Braids with Curly Hair. For a really, really Bohemian feel, keep the curls long. Way longer than the braids, and let the curls come off from the very top. Braids with curly hair are always gorgeous!

6. Blonde Knotless Braids with Curls. Y’all know how cool blonde box braids are. Now picture how stunning they’ll look with curls dangling off them. Fascinating!

7. Blonde Micro Braids with Curly Ends. The tons of admiration! The hairstyle is worth any stress it takes to get the braids done. You’ll enjoy wearing these attractive small braids with curls. The metallic glow of the braids and curls is mesmerizing.

8. Springy Half Cornrows Half Curls Hairstyle. Don’t think hybrid braids with curls hairstyles always come with boho vibes since this bob-length coif with cornrows that stop halfway down the crown to give way to tight coils proves otherwise.

9. Half-Up Half-Down Braided Updo. This is a neat way to style medium or long braids with curls. The mix of braids and curls in a high bun with dropped-downs in the back is super-chic and funky.

10. Neat Small Box Braids with Curls. This girl has long wavy strands amply inserted into small box braids to provide a fuller and more interesting style that still manages to remain smooth overall.

11. Undone Medium Box Braids with Curls. If you are after something more bohemian, take your cue from this free-spirited style, as it uses loose hair strands from top to bottom to arrive at a more disheveled and textured feel.

12. Coppery Brown Lob with Braids and Curls. Those who want to keep their protective style on the shorter side should think about getting a lovely braided lob that gains better oomph and shine with the added bronze-glossed ringlets.

13. Glamorous Braids with Curls at the End. French curl braids are the latest hair craze on TikTok, and we can understand why: they happily combine Hollywood-style glamor with the authenticity of African-American protective hairstyles to deliver stunning and voluminous looks.

14. Fewer Braids More Curls. Of course, you can always tweak your braids and curls hairstyle to your preference. You can go for sparse curls in your braids or do more curls and fewer braids. The generous tendrils in her hair gave it some really cute, bohemian vibes.

15. Tight Top Spiraled Bottom Hairstyle. Here we have another approach to mixing and matching braids with curls since the extensions feature a well-defined S pattern and are installed through the mid-length to gain the most movement toward the bottom.

16. Bohemian Braids in Light Brown. This clever girl added volume to the top of her head to balance out the wideness of her face and chose a mix of cool and warm tones to perfectly flatter her complexion.

17. Subtle Curly Hair in Braids. Hairstyles with braids and curls can be made as unique and personal as you like. The curls in your braids could be profuse and noticeable or scanty and laid-back. The colors of your braids and curls should be tweaked too.

18. Medium-Length Box Braids with Curly Ends. Actually, this braiding job avails of curly patterns not only at the ends but also around the hairline and through the mid-shaft to arrive at a style that appears sophisticated and bouncy regardless of the length.

19. Ultra-Long Thick Braids with Spirals. This is how you can customize braided hairstyles with curls to land the best look — go for thick and long braids to get drama and intersperse them with shorter curly strands for better fulness.

20. Golden Braided Gypsy Style. The secret to this totally gypsy look is the deliberate messiness created with the help of loose hair extensions installed in abundance throughout the length and styled tousled rather than smooth.

21. Micro Braids and Ombre Waves. We can’t help but adore this stunning combination of tiny braids and silky, perfectly polished waves which cascade down to demonstrate a seamless brown-to-blonde transition.

22. Super-Long Ombre Box Braids. Take a swerve from the regular and, instead of the usual straight ends, finish off your braids with curls at the end. This box braids hairstyle features a black root fade with the rest of the strands bronzed to perfection.

23. Medium Box Braids with Curls. Your stylist can leave the ends of your box braids loose and curl them up or braid them all the way down to the tips and then twist the ends into curls. Whichever way, you’ll arrive at gorgeous box braids with curls at the end.

24. Sleek Comb-Over Braids with Curls. Surely, you can rock your braids with curls center-parted or thrown backward, but sweeping them to one side adds volume and allows those wispy loose strands to softly frame your face.

25. Braided Inverted Lob. Spotting curly offshoots in your jumbo box braids offers a fashionable twist to your hairdo. The curly strand on each side of her face added a cute dimension to the hair.

26. Upgraded Old-School Crochet Bob. Since braid hairstyles with curls are extremely diverse, you can opt for any preferred technique to get an elevated and texture-rich style like this boho crochet bob.

27. Mini Cornrows with Ringlets and Color. This unique style is full of amazing ideas, from the petite cornrows and the intricate pattern to the pops of honey and the braids turned into tight ringlets.

28. Corkscrew Curls with Braids Hairstyle. This springy style pairs loose and braided hair with a focus on tightness and thickness while gaining even more attention with carefully styled baby hair.

29. Layered Bob with Triple Styling. Layered bobs with enhanced texture are show-stoppers. This style wins the braided champion title for handsomely blending micro cornrows, two-strand twists, and bouncy curls.

30. Short Braids with Curls. The placement of the curls on your braids can be varied to suit your braids style. The short box braids look amazing with curls sticking out right from the roots.

Whew! You’ve probably seen more than one braids with curls hairstyle that is tugging right at your heartstrings, eh? Go ahead and call up your stylist for an appointment. Braids with curls are trendy and cute!

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