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50 Chocolate Brown Hair Color Ideas for This Year

26. Chocolate Brown and Auburn Combo. Luscious locks in deep chocolate hues are a joy to see. This combination reminds of sunny autumn days with a fiesta of warm and bright shades.

Who doesn’t need a change once in a while? Chocolate brown hair is very trendy, and celebs all over the world have developed a new passion for this delicious hair color. Chocolate caramel or chocolate cherry? Sounds so tasty, doesn’t it? Imagine you’ll be wearing one of these marvelous colors every day.

By the end of this article, you’ll get both hungry for some dessert and eager to get a shiny chocolate color for your hair!

1. Dark Chocolate Brown with Bangs. If you have olive skin or dark skin, you should definitely pick a glossy brown color. It provides a nice contour to your face and highlights your features.

2. Long Wavy Brunette Hair. Amazing, stunning, perfect – these are just several words to describe this dark and light chocolate brown hairstyle. You will get the same compliments in real life!

3. Chocolate Brown Hair with Caramel Highlights. One of the easiest hair color ideas for brunettes is caramel highlights. It’s simple, elegant, and low-maintenance, as it only requires one trip to the salon every three to four months.

4. Chocolate Brown Balayage Hair. Subtle highlights have that magic power to make brown hair look even yummier. Check this mind-blowing milk chocolate hair color. Opt for full highlights – they are flaunting and easy to maintain!

5. Medium Chocolate Brown Hair. A few highlights here, a few there, and you have a unique hairstyle that your friends will die for.

6. Dark Chocolate Hair with a Red Tint. You can say whatever you want about Kim Kardashian but her hair looks are always perfect. If you go for a dark chocolate hair, you’ll have that textured, shiny and glossy mane. To add volume, you can style your locks with a curling iron and get some bouncy waves.

7. Dark Chocolate Brown ‘Mocha’ Shade. Chocolate brown hair in a deep rich shade of mocha is something all brunettes crave to try, especially during colder months. The transformation is stunning! That moment when you tried a lighter shade and came back to the brunette army!

8. Warm Chocolate Brown Balayage. Chocolate brown hair color with warm balayage highlights is among the tastiest and cutest choices for such seasons as Fall and Winter, but this hairstyle will definitely look equally appropriate on the beach and with your Spring looks. So stunning!

9. Light Chocolate Brown Hair. If your hair never gets lighter under the sun, don’t despair! Achieve a sun-kissed effect with light brown highlights. Shadow roots add up to such styling perfectly, creating a smooth gradient.

10. Full Dark Caramel Highlights. Dark brown hair and caramel chocolate hair color in highlights create a harmonious color scheme that equally fits straight, wavy, and curly hair. You can also mix in some other reddish brown hues for an even more textured look.

11. Warm Chocolate Brown with Reddish Hues. This brown hair looks totally natural and a bit sun-kissed, but, in fact, it manages to incorporate a bunch of chocolate hues seamlessly blended with the base color.

12. Chocolate-Red Hair Mix. Red hair is traditionally a sign of a passionate personality. If this resonates with who you are, why not try a combination of chocolate brown and auburn in one style? Look what an intriguing and mysterious vibe the red locks ooze!

13. Chocolate Lob with Mixed Highlights. Dark chocolate brown hair in an inverted lob cut is a beautiful style. But when you add mixed highlights of caramel, toffee, and chestnut to it, expect feeling like a Hollywood star!

14. Partial Chocolate Hair Highlights. Chocolate brown is a hot trend when it comes to highlights for brunettes. If you want your natural color to be dominant, go for partial highlights to create thin strands of lighter hair.

15. Brown Hair with Warm Toffee Highlights. Take advantage of being a brunette and celebrate your beauty with just a touch of chocolate toffee highlights. Curl your hair to enhance your balayage and create depth!

16. Textured Hazelnut Chocolate Ombre. Mixing dark chocolate brown hair with some hazelnut shades is a thing that yells GLAM! These combinations are perfect for most skin tones.

17. Highlights in Dark Chocolate Brown Hair. Highlights do a lot more than just adding colors and making hair fun. They can also accentuate your cheekbones and make the eyes sparkle. Highlights are particularly flattering on dark-colored hair as they create shine, contrast, depth, and volume.

18. Chocolate Blonde Balayage on Short Hair. If you want some blonde streaks to frame your face, this light brown balayage will totally do the trick.

19. Light Chocolate Brown with Money Pieces. This girl shows how you can go much lighter while sticking to the chocolate brown scheme. Ask for plenty of highlights throughout the length, and don’t forget about face-framing pieces.

20. Chocolate Brown Hair with Highlights. A rich chocolate hair color is what you might have seen in commercials. However, it doesn’t have to stay a marketing trick and can become your reality with masterfully styled highlights just a few tones lighter than your natural shade.

21. Soft Balayage Chocolate Hair. If you are aiming for an attractive chocolate brown hair color, you can’t go wrong with a soft balayage. Deep chestnut and burgundy brown are good shade options to consider, depending on your skin tone.

22. Cappuccino Highlights on Chocolate Strands. Now it’s time for sombre! If you don’t know what that is, find out that sombre is a much softer and natural ombre. It looks amazing both with curled and straight hair and does an awesome job when it comes to mixing brown chocolate hair with cappuccino highlights.

23. Beachy Chocolate Hair with Thin Highlights. The way this new blonde tonality is added to the dark base makes this look perfect for olive skin. Give it a try!

24. Peek-a-Boo Chocolate Highlights. Dark chocolate hair color with toffee highlights that appear here and there as the hair bounces when you walk is a beauty beyond compare! It is especially flattering for ladies with long wavy hair, as it moves a lot, revealing the lighter strands.

25. Partial Mahogany Highlights. Looking for a perfect mix of light and dark brown? Mahogany delivers red hues that look irresistible on chocolate-colored hair. Styling tip: partial highlights look terrific with bouncy curls!

26. Chocolate Brown and Auburn Combo. Luscious locks in deep chocolate hues are a joy to see. This combination reminds of sunny autumn days with a fiesta of warm and bright shades.

27. Dark Hair with Subtle Face-Framing Strands. Bronze and light chocolate hair streaks framing your face will boost your mood every time you look in the mirror. Opt for high contrast or a smooth gradient, depending on what feels right – you will be gorgeous either way!

28. Gray Blonde Chocolate Shade. A smooth transition from chocolate brown to gray blonde is one of the trends for this year.

29. Dark Hair with Highlights and Lowlights. Chocolate brown hair makes heads turn. To enhance the impression you make with your hairstyle, add dimensional highlights and lowlights. With such styling, your locks will look even shinier!

30. Chocolate Brown Midshaft-to-Ends Highlights. Try this soft gradient of brown shades for an eye-catching, romantic, and dreamy style. This type of highlights is amazing, easy-to-maintain and makes the hair color look freshly done at all times, adding depth and texture to it.

31. Dark Brown Balayage. Brown on brown? A great idea! Take a look at how alluring this balayage appears on the dark hair. Mocha, milk chocolate, and cocoa shades are the ingredients that create a perfect blend for beautiful highlights.

32. Deep Chocolate Brown. Melted dark chocolate in your hair…hmmm…..yummy! And the result is glamorous and rich. You should try this amazing color if you have a cool skin tone.

33. Chocolate Brown Hair with Neutral Highlights. Although chocolate brown is generally warm, you can adjust it to your skin tone by choosing light neutral brown for your highlights.

34. Light Chocolate Brown with Highlights. Natural and carefree, this is how you’ll feel! This color fits medium and long hair best. Be sure that people will gaze at your elastic waves wherever you go. You can add a wonderful flowy effect to your strands by using a curling iron that will bring shine, volume, and texture to your hair.

35. Chocolate Hair Color with Cherry Flavor. This amazingly rich color combines deep brown with flares of copper to arrive at better shine and saturation without going too red or burgundy.

36. Auburn Chocolate Color. Combine a warm chocolate color with blonde highlights mixed with a bit of light auburn, and you’ll get the look of your dreams.

37. Chocolate and Blonde on Short Hair. There’s an old good mix of chocolate hair with chunky highlights in copper blonde tones which stand out more on the ends of the hair. If you have olive or tanned skin, this might be the real deal for you.

38. Chocolate Ash Brown. Start adding some ash brown to your chocolate color, and the result will be more than satisfying!

39. Striped Chocolate Brown Hair Color. Contrasting ribbons of toffee brown look especially flattering on textured hair since they work to emphasize the pattern perfectly. This style does the trick and adds depth to the formula.

40. Dark Chocolate Brown Hair with Warm Highlights. Actually, chocolate comes in the bitter form too, which sits on the neutral end of the spectrum and suits girls with cooler complexions, especially when glossed with some ash.

41. Sun-Kissed Chocolate Brown Color. As if stepping right out of the sun, the natural dazzle brought by sun-kissed highlights is a trend that doesn’t seem to die out any soon. Style it with some beach waves, and it’ll look like you’ve just come from a holiday in the Caribbean!

42. Chocolate Mauve. If you are a young and bold brunette who needs a radical look change, this is the right color for you. These mauve tones will add a chic air to your hairstyle.

43. Dark Chocolate Hair with Wide Highlights. Your hair will look richer, healthier and shine just the way you want. A lob haircut brings a lot of volume and perfectly suits your dark brown roots.

44. Sparkling Chocolate Brown Hair. It all doesn’t boil down to choosing a chocolate brown hair dye since professional coloring can level up your look in many ways, for example, by delivering better light reflection throughout the highlighted pieces.

45. Dark Melted Chocolate. This color perfectly suits any type of skin tone. A wavy lob and a dark melted chocolate hair color are what you need if you are an active person who doesn’t want to pay too much attention to her hair.

46. Shoulder Length Hair with Sreaks. Not that bold for a high contrast color combination? Try a smooth black and chocolate blend that creates a magic effect on your hair.

47. Sun-Kissed Chocolate Brown. Here, masterfully done foilayage creates a feel of naturally faded color while adding dimension to an otherwise flat hairstyle.

48. Ashy Chocolate Brown Hair. This illuminated bronde color embraces the warmth of chocolate but softens the red with pearly and ash blonde highlights to make it more adaptable to various skin tones.

49. Fairytale Chocolate Brown Tone. Having hair like that shouldn’t be legal, and it’s ideal for brunettes! Add small mahogany highlights, create some lazy waves, and people won’t stop staring at you.

50. Luxurious Long Chocolate Brown Hair. Decadent chocolate tones, mixed with dark roots and some easy curls make this hairstyle totally unforgettable.

When you’re looking at these pictures, you can nearly smell the melted chocolate, see it in all its shades and shapes, can’t you? A great stylist should be able to help you pick the perfect color, and you’ll get your chocolate brown hair in no time. Why waiting?

by Andreea Haba
She is social media enthusiast and loves everything that goes hand in hand with that. Since high school, writing is one of her passions and that's what got her into PR and social media area. She loves animals, has two dogs and enjoys any moment she can spend reading. When it comes to hairstyling, she loves bright colors and she's not afraid of changes.