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30 Ideas How to Rock Curly Hair with Bangs to Stir Up the Hair World

Many girls have never dared to pair their curly hair with bangs because of the commitment and styling efforts that go along with bangs. Belong to them? This article may convince you otherwise.

Unlike straight or slightly wavy tresses, curls are believed to be less manageable and much trickier to cut to the desired length since they are prone to frizz and shrinkage. Although the latter points are quite true, and you might really need to master some styling tricks and products, the curls and bangs combo is so good that it’s well worth the effort. Moreover, modern trends encourage natural frizz, shaggy looks, and messy finishes, so you don’t need to polish your brand-new bangs to perfection.

Effortless styles rule supreme, and here is proof.

1. Curly Hair Bob with Bangs and Highlights. This voluminous bob with pops of light brown is wonderfully messy except for the neatly cut arched bangs that add some sharpness to the style.

2. Highlighted Bangs with Curly Hair. This style features splashes of blonde right throughout the bangs to illuminate the face rather than the hair. Splendid!

3. Lioness-Style Curls with Layered Bangs. This is another way to wear bangs with curly hair, where locks of different lengths are built on each other for a bouncier feel.

4. Long Curly Curtain Bangs. These lengthy bits of hair falling on the face direct attention to the eyes and cheekbones while blending perfectly with the curls on the sides.

Face-Framing Bangs for Long Curly Hair
By Kate

5. Shaggy Curly Hair Bangs. Sourcing inspiration from the effortless and voluminous Brigitte Bardot’s looks, this style couples a heavily layered cut with a tousled feathered fringe.

6. Soft Curly Hair with Curtain Bangs. Here, the spirals in the front are cut with more graduation to create a flattering frame for the beautiful face.

7. Auburn Curly Hair with Straight Bangs. For a statement look like this, you will need a bold color, a textured cut, and a nice set of baby bangs with highlighted ends.

8. Graphic Short Curly Hair with Bangs. Here is an alternative way to rock daring micro bangs with curls – a vintage pyramid-shaped bob with tiny ringlets of varying lengths.

9. Full Large-Curl Bangs. This lovely girl definitely knows how to get bangs with curly hair since she smartly emphasizes the stunning volume of her cut with large curls on the forehead.

10. Long Curly Hair with Bangs. These airy brow-skimming bangs play well with the volume maximized on the sides to soften and balance the rectangular face.

11. Wispy Bangs for Curly Hair. This curly cut is adorned with a couple of long and well-defined front spirals getting wispier toward the ends to avoid overwhelming the face.

12. Center-Parted Curly Bangs. Going longer toward the temples and parted in the middle, these red bangs feel lighter than a full fringe yet allow hiding a big forehead no less effectively.

13. French Bob with Full-On Bangs. This girl shows how to style bangs with curly hair for the cut to acquire that effortless chic Parisian women are praised for.

14. Rounded Natural Curly Hair with Bangs. If you want to arrive at a perfect shape like this, ask for short arched bangs seamlessly melted into the curls on the sides.

15. Multi-Shade Blonde All-Over Curls. According to celebrity hairstylists, curly hair with bangs 2024 should be big, naturally textured, and not over-styled, which is just the case here.

16. Fancy Curly Hair with Bangs and Layers. This unicorn-inspired style is all layered to unleash the curls and create loads of volume for the wonderfully shaggy look.

17. Side-Parted Shoulder-Length Curly Hair with Bangs. Here is a great example of curly hair with side bangs, which are flexible enough to sweep them to either side or pull them back from the forehead.

18. Dreamy Medium-Length Curly Hair with Bangs. Can you have bangs with curly hair of medium length? This girl says you can sport them regardless of your hair length and color.

19. Big Auburn Hair with Finger-Coiled Bangs. Either layered or cut straight, finger-coiled spirals are among the easiest types of bangs for curly hair, and they look stunning.

20. Shaggy Pixie with Playful Bangs. A bunch of curls left in the front and around the crown will definitely make your pixie seem fuller, even if your tresses are fine or thin.

21. The ’80s Big Hair with Curly Bangs. 2024 is predicted to be the year of retro styles’ comeback, and this look has both volume and wild curls seen everywhere in the 1980s.

22. Long and Soft Waves with One-Length Bangs. If you refrain from cutting bangs on curly hair because of your face shape, look at how a proper length and texture can diffuse the roundness and add definition.

23. Retro Shaggy Curly Hair with Bangs. This wavy shag with a choppy fringe is yet another blast from the past that is officially back in a big way for 2024.

24. Curly Side Bangs for Layered Crop. Shorter versions of side-swept curly bangs also look fabulous and can be easily switched to a full fringe, thus ensuring versatility in styling.

25. Baby Bangs on Curly Hair. Wolf cuts are all the rage nowadays, but if you want to add drama to the style, a fringe that sits well above the brows is your go-to option.

26. Wispy Curls with Airy Bangs. While some styles use bangs to make an eye-catching accent, this cut gets them to aptly complete the halo feel created by the shape and texture.

27. Blonde Afro with Piece-y Fringe. This bold style combines afro-textured hair with a buttery blonde shade and places several coiled strands down the forehead to spotlight the face.

28. Titian-Red Waves with Eye-Skimming Bangs. Just as red hair chimes with pale skin, so these mussed bangs play well with the overall shagginess of the cut.

29. Massive Locks with Cascading Bangs. This deep fringe is beautifully carved to deliver those weightless curls cascading on the forehead without overshadowing the face.

30. Curly Pixie-Bob with Face-Framing Ringlets. This cute cut is full of volume and texture, and the springy pieces in the front hug the face handsomely and make the look even edgier.

All in all, there are many ways to wear curly hair with bangs in 2024, and the Internet is stuffed with inspiring ideas you can adapt to your face shape, hair type, and lifestyle. Get a sassy pixie chop or rock a curly ponytail with bangs, we’ll be glad to spot your version of curls with a fringe online.

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