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30 Wolf Cut Curly Hair Pictures to Find Your Insta-Worthy Look

Is wolf-cut curly hair on-trend? Can you get a wolf cut with curly hair of different curl types? Should you choose a short crop or leave your locks long? We have a set of fresh pictures from Instagram pages of popular hair stylists to answer these questions and explain how you can join the trend.

Spoiler: the wolf cut is hot in 2024, and all kinds of curls just love it!

1. Beach-y Curly Wolf Cut for Thick Hair. Although made on thick hair, this lovely shag feels absolutely airy and summer-ready with both fluff and highlights incorporated into the style.

2. Curly Wolf Cut with Bangs and Tendrils. This edgy cut happily combines tight and bouncy ringlets with flyaways sticking all around the perimeter to add a volumizing halo to the look.

3. Curly Wavy Wolf Cut in Muted Brown. While layering gives a nice shape to this mane and releases the bounce of the curls, it cannot go unnoticed how seamlessly the curtain bangs melt into the side locks to spotlight the face.

4. Neat Wolf Cut on Curly Hair with Highlights. Here is a tidier version of the shag, which is still beautifully layered but has larger and smoother curls with caramel highlights emphasizing the pattern.

5. Below-the-Shoulders Shag with Fringe Graduation. Although shags look great with short and blunt bangs, a longer fringe with graduation toward the temples allows a smoother transition to face-framing layers.

6. Crossover Mullet Wolf Cut for Curly Hair. Even though the shagginess prevents this style from being “business in the front”, it clearly reminds us of the 80’s mullet craze.

7. Soft Long Curly Wolf Cut. Is a wolf cut good for curly hair with a softer texture? This shag proves that even long locks retain their pattern and the overall haircut structure thanks to proper layering.

8. Thin Curly Wolf Cut with Shadow Roots. This ethereal style gets the most out of shags’ volumizing power but also gains some depth with the dark roots bursting through its blonde.

9. Effortless Curly Wolf Cut with Curtain Bangs. If your hair is more on the wavy side, a set of trendy curtain bangs parted in the middle and hitting the brows will chime well with your shag.

10. Flamingo-Inspired Choppy Curly Wolf Cut. Let alone the eye-popping coral shade, these messy loose waves ooze texture and movement, which are just what fine hair usually lacks.

11. Voluminous Curly Hair Wolf Cut. This head of hair filled with large curls could look bulky and shapeless, but the cut gives the required structure to the locks.

12. Multicolored Wolf Cut for Short Curly Hair. What can be cooler than adding pops of color to playful volumized ringlets? Infusing them with a whole set of pastel hues, of course!

13. Wispy Wolf Cut with Curly Hair. This girl has selected a messier alternative with a piece-y texture and tiny golden strips scattered throughout the curls to illuminate them from the inside.

14. Tapered Wolf Cut for Curly Hair. Masterfully placed layers in this wolf cut let the large curls hug the face softly and retain plenty of their volume but with some flattering elongation on the bottom.

15. Medium Curly Wolf Cut with Face-Framing Highlights. This cute style wins our plaudits for both the springy feel of the curls and the attention-demanding honey-blonde locks around the face.

16. Volume-Boosting Wolf Cut in Curly Hair. This simple medium brown hairstyle features short choppy layers, which remove extra bulk from the thick tresses to give the curls better lift in the front.

17. Frizzy Shoulder-Length Curly Wolf Cut. One of the best things about a wolf cut is that frizz is part of the texture game it encourages, so you don’t need to bother about your disheveled look.

18. Ginger Brown Wolf Cut with Dense Bangs. These wolf-cut curly hair before and after pictures clearly show how the dense curly bangs direct attention to the eyes while the side layers accentuate the cheekbones.

19. Curly Shag with Statement Micro Bangs. If you don’t know how to style wolf-cut curly hair with bangs, go for a bold micro fringe like this and tame it in a blink of an eye with a frizz-control oil.

20. Golden Blonde Curly Wolf Cut with Full Bangs. Bangs and shags are meant to work great together since their combination helps to find a perfect balance between the amount of hair and the share of attention the face should get.

21. Evenly Rounded Curly Shag. While the classic mullet is cropped short on the sides and has longer hair on the bottom, the modern shag can be customized to flatter every female, for example, with stacks of layers forming a round shape.

22. The 70’s Rock Star Curly Mullet. Don’t even hesitate to do a wolf cut on curly hair if you want to own the rock ‘n’ roll vibes sported by many stars, from David Bowie to Rihanna.

23. Mid-Length Wolf Cut with Bangs and Glasses. Full bangs and big glasses can overwhelm a face easily, which is not the case with this mullet toning down the volume on the sides to shift the focus to the bone structure.

24. Copper Wolf Cut with Long Tails. Here we can see how the power of a good cut balances the broad face shape by adding nice elongation toward the bottom.

25. Curly Wolf Cut with Stunning Face Framing. This girl has her curtain bangs elevated with a voguish retro flip and makes sure her face will garner deserved attention thanks to the pops of gold in side layers.

26. Badass Shag with Fancy Undercut. It’s a cool idea to pair a curly texture with a sharply lined undercut and create extra interest with quite an unexpected asymmetry.

27. Chocolate Brown Wolf Cut for Thick Curls. This side view shows how exactly the shorter layers on the sides build the structure for these voluminous curls to pop up.

28. Wolf Cut with Lifted Crown. While wolf cuts are usually chopped shorter on the crown, you can enjoy as much volume as you need to flatter your face shape.

29. No Bangs Auburn Wolf Cut for Curly Hair. This girl prefers to wear her fresh chop center-parted with no fringe covering her forehead, which only confirms the versatility of shag cuts.

30. Vibrant Orange to Yellow Curls. The playful nature of both shags and curls encourages bold experiments with colors, and this fun color scheme can serve as a great inspiration.

So, does a wolf cut look good on curly hair? Definitely, it does, and, moreover, this modern shag works for many curl types. Find a hairdresser well-versed in handling curls, and give wolf-cut curly hair a try with one of our inspirational photos.

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