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30 Ideas of Face-Framing Layers for Every Face Shape and Hair Texture

Ema Globyte

28. Chic Bouncy 90’s Layers. You will definitely need a good blowout to showcase this voluminous cut that beautifully combines the thinned-out and lightened front layers with the heavy blunt finish on the bottom.

Face-framing layers are cut around your face to create strands of different lengths and refine your facial features or give the hairstyle a new twist. Although sometimes coupled with bangs, the layers work as a game-changer in and of themselves and even provide more versatility in styling and little upkeep when growing out. We have a collection of 30 Instagrammable hairstyles to show all the magic that layers around the face can cast on you.

1. Medium Hair with Face-Framing Layers and Bouncy Blowout. One might think that a good blowout makes a broad face only wider, but it doesn’t. Why? Thanks to the smartly placed layers that soften the jawline.

2. Volumizing Front Layers on Haircut a la Rachel. Of course, the classic style is shorter and flicked outward, but the iconic heavily layered front remains flattering and recognizable.

3. Airy Front Layers with a Romantic Feel. Girls with thick manes can allow plenty of layering and thinning out around the face to get a feathery hairstyle.

4. Sun-Kissed Butterfly Face Frame Haircut. Brunettes can easily incorporate their new and old highlights into the bouncy layers of a butterfly cut to bring the play of light and shadow into the dark hair.

5. Blonde Balayage with Long Face-Framing Layers. If you are after a boho vibe rather than tons of texture, ask your hairdresser to cut face-framing layers with a longer distance between them.

6. Flippy and Textured Face Framing Layers. Girls with narrow faces should keep a round brush close at hand to flip out their face-framing layers for some added width that can be further maximized with blonde highlights.

7. Curtain Bangs with Face Framing Layers. This amazing hairstyle brings together long curtain bangs and feathered layers that hit the chin level to create volume around the face and match the bouncy bottom.

8. Mismatched Face Framing Layers for Round Face. This rooty platinum blonde lob has layers starting just below the chin, which is good for elongation, but it also delivers more angles with the cheekbone-length bangs looking in another direction.

9. Gorgeous Blowout with Short Front Layers. A shorter distance between layers means more disconnection and bounce which are enhanced by texture and then converted into mega volume in this stunning blowout style.

10. Feathery Face Framing Bangs in Sunny Blonde. Lavishly layered and made even more lightweight with feathering, these cheekbone-hitting curtain bangs jazzed up with bright blonde strokes play perfectly well with the fluffy layers on the bottom.

11. Chic Long Face Frame Haircut with Caramel Highlights. This springy style adds soft light brown highlights to the face-framing strands for an illuminating effect and accentuates the lower layers with more splashes of caramel.

12. Shaggy Face Framing Layers with Bangs. Look what a wonderful shape this thick hair gains with short layers going from the cheekbones all the way down and how the cute shaggy bangs command attention to the eyes!

13. Long Face Framing Bangs for Mid-Length Hair. Indeed, face framing works great for different goals, and these textured and highlighted curtain bangs give nice vertical lines to the chubby face and fit well into the bottom layers of the shoulder-length cut.

14. Soft Wolfish Face Frame Haircut. Not all wolf haircuts are created with wild layers, and you can opt for a softer version with wispy bangs in the center and graduated edges that blend into side bits.

15. Shaggy Face-Framing Layers with Bangs. In fact, face-framing haircuts easily accommodate various styles of bangs, starting from a messy full fringe like this one and up to sculptured micro bangs.

16. Two-Color Long Cut with Face-Framing Layers. Certainly, adding a block of a contrasting color aka the ‘skunk stripe’ right to the front requires commitment, but you can also wear the face-framing layers with a side part to soften the look.

17. Long Layers with Face Framing for Smokey Brown Hair. This dreamy hair tinged with an ash blonde balayage doesn’t get the front layers blended with the textured strands on the bottom to deliver distinct volume around the face.

18. Well-Defined Layers on Long Textured Locks. This set of short layers around the face chimes well with the choppy texture carved throughout the hairstyle perimeter.

19. Money Pieces on Dirty Blonde Hair. Face-framing hairstyles are meant to play well with the money piece technique since this combo shapes the face and brightens it up in one go.

20. Mushroom Brown Hair with Long Face Framing Layers. There are many ways of adapting face framing hairstyles to your hair length and texture, for example, by combining long strands near the face with densely layered tresses at the ends.

21. Soft and Blended Layers for Blonde Locks. The best thing about face-framing layers is that they can be customized to create a stunning definition or a softer look.

22. Honey Brown Hair with Wispy Face Framing. This picture shows how face framing haircuts can balance your facial features — the wispy side pieces hide the wide jaw and soften the face, making it look more like an oval shape.

23. Shoulder-Length Face Framing Layers with Graduation. In addition to extremely delicate sparkles of gold peeking out here and there, this brunette hair features ethereal center-parted bangs flowing gradually into the layered strands along the face.

24. Bulk-Removing Face Framing for Thick Hair. This blonde mane full of babylights could have looked rather heavy in the front if it wasn’t for the sliced-out locks that debulk the style and open up the face.

25. Golden Blonde Wolf Cut with Sculptured Bangs. This stunningly textured style couldn’t be any choppier thanks to the sharply outlined curtain bangs stepping down to hit the cheekbones and make them really pop.

26. Long Shaggy Style with Soft Face Framing. Shags don’t always require choppiness around the face, and you can opt for a softer version with toned-down feathering which still plays well with the overall texture.

27. Rhythmic Layers for Butterfly Cut. The color transition of this bombshell bronde style is beautifully emphasized by the disconnected layers cascading down from the eye-grazing fringe to the very tips.

28. Chic Bouncy 90’s Layers. You will definitely need a good blowout to showcase this voluminous cut that beautifully combines the thinned-out and lightened front layers with the heavy blunt finish on the bottom.

29. Bright Red Head Full of Flicks. This glam look is definitely worth some heat styling efforts, as it offers a modern take on the 90’ blowouts.

30. Beige Blonde Hair with Front Layering. The lightweight layers near the face add both movement and texture to these straight strands that are sparingly layered throughout the length to retain most of the body.

Once you see face-framing layers in all their diversity and beauty, you will inevitably give in to the temptation to get one of those inspiring looks. Well, we won’t stop you from experimenting but make sure to discuss your desires with a hairdresser in detail before taking the plunge.